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From the Made in Nagaland Series 2019. So swipe for more. Statement earrings from @gutouch_official 📷 by @pfuneo Posted @withrepost@tetseosisters Some accessories make a statement. Some statements are earrings. But some earrings are best worn by @mercytetseo. TS Earrings @gutouch_official Photographed by @pfuneo Location @dzuleke_nagaland TS |TS x Gutouch Jewellery | Made In Nagaland | Tribal Beads | TS | Kohima | Accessories | Jewels | Girl Squad | Nagas | Support Made In Nagaland #HandmadeJewellery #MadeInNagaland #SupportMadeInNagaland #Chakhesang #Chokri #Nagas #NagaWomen #Naga #TribalQueen #JewelleryDesigner #JewelleryTrends #www
One of my favourite shot from our recent Made in Nagaland Series shoot. Statement Naga beads neck pieces from @runway_nagaland At gorgeous Dzuleke. 📷 @pfuneo #repost Our story has been about celebrating our roots and supporting every good thing that comes out of our land. Cheers to the beautiful beads from Runway Nagaland! Find yours at @runway_nagaland today. TS Made In Nagaland Series @mercytetseo @kuvelutetseo @lulutetseo TS Necklace @runway_nagaland Styled by @tetseosisters Photographed by @Pfuneo #WeWearCulture #CulturalAmbassadors #ForcesOfFashion #TribalQueen #FolkSingers #SahilKoccharDesigns #CulturalAmbassadors #Naganess #WeWearCulture #WeWearHandloom #HandmadeJewellery #Craftsvilla #Chakhesang #Chokri #Nagas #NagaWomen #Naga #TribalQueen #JewelleryDesigner #JewelleryTrends
Throwback to the day I jumped off a plane and yeah dived in the sky and would totally do it again. And right next to the big field where I landed was this giant chess set. See you again Queenstown. #newzealandroadtrip #skydiving #queenstown
Loving this pink delights from @munyehandmade. Just the right pair for a breezy lazy solo brunch or a classy gathering of stylish people.
25th May Saturday. Dimapur people. Students, parents, teachers - encourage your ward or call your friends and do go check out opportunities at Edu Fair. Hotel Acacia. Last chance! Swipe for details to win gift vouchers at the Edu Fair. Win win all the way.
The front view then. Do check out the lovely earrings/Münye. #Repost @kuvelutetseo (@get_repost ) ・・・ Earrings by @munyehandmade @mercytetseo TS |TS x Münyehandmade | Münye | Nagaland | Jewellery | Made In Nagaland | Tribal Beads | TS | Kohima | Accessories | Jewels | Girl Squad | Nagas | Support Made In Nagaland @munyehandmade x @tetseosisters Münye Handmade Kohima by @abeveswuh.1 Münye an Indigenous term for Earrings derived from the Dialect of Chokri-Chakhesang Naga. A Modish and elegant wear which is aesthetically pleasing representing the Naga Attire. It attempts to provide a way of expressing one’s own desire for fashion. #HandmadeJewellery #MadeInNagaland #SupportMadeInNagaland #SupportMadeInMeghalaya #Chakhesang #Chokri #Nagas #NagaWomen #Naga #TribalQueen #JewelleryDesigner #JewelleryTrends #www
#Repost @tetseosisters (@get_repost ) ・・・ Can never go wrong with a pair of denims and a classic white shirt and of course, stylish earrings from @munyehandmade x @tetseosisters TS Earrings @munyehandmade Photographed by @vibeituo_naleo TS |TS x Münyehandmade |Earrings | Jewellery | Made In Nagaland | Tribal Beads | TS | Kohima | Accessories | Jewels | Girl Squad | Nagas | Support Made In Nagaland @munyehandmade x @tetseosisters Münye Handmade Kohima by @abeveswuh.1 Münye, the Chokri Naga term for Earrings, is an aesthetic handmade collection from Abe Veswuh, derived from the Naga Attire as inspiration. New collection available at Abe, Sekho Complex, Top Floor, Kohima, Nagaland. Ships to all India. Find yours today. #HandmadeJewellery #MadeInNagaland #SupportMadeInNagaland #SupportMadeInNE #Chakhesang #Chokri #Nagas #NagaWomen #Naga #TribalQueen #JewelleryDesigner #JewelleryTrends #Thankful &blessed #www
Behind #thescene #guesswhoseback How to slay your new earrings? By pairing it with a backless beaded red dress. Shimmer Mauve bead earrings from @munyehandmade Collection available in Kohima at Abe, Sekho Complex, Top Floor.
Me. Polka dots and statement earrings. Can’t remember where I picked these. They are pretty old and then I pick them from all over. Probably from one of my trips. They make me feel younger and lighter with their whimsical prettiness. Big earrings I mean. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my ever-growing collection. And I’m so glad that I’m spoilt for choice these days from Made in Nagaland brands. So much talent for sure and the creativity is amazing. And I do hope the effort for a signature stamp persists and develop with time. Would love to see more distinctive styles, variety and consistency in quality. Kudos and Cheers! 📷@kuvelutetseo
Must try the wild apple punch at GuTouch Cafe, Kohima. @gutouch_official loved it. Thanks. I had mine without ice. ❤️❤️❤️ These floral curtains. My cosy corner. I'm a sucker for delicate floral prints. Summer and spring and winter and fall. Floral do it for me like animal print and polka too. There is something so romantic, but fresh and homely about floral prints. Maybe because of the many regency romance novels I have read growing up. Lace and flowers and muslin and hmmm.
People comment that I have lost weight when they see me in person as compared to "me" in my pics. Little do they know that I'm struggling with a double chin even as we speak but hey, my jeans seem slightly loose the moment you mention my supposed weight loss. Life is funny. When you are lean you want to be curvy, when you get curves, you want to be back to being slim. My focus is to be just healthy and you - you should focus on your own health and body and not body shame me or others - just as I have never commented on your weight - that's because I don't think about how fat or thin you are ever or judge you on that basis. Only how I feel in your presence matters. And I'm fine really. 5kgs on me here or there or gone doesn't hurt you or me 😏 My favourite earring at the moment by @munyehandmade
Sundays be galho time with family. But this delicious plate was enjoyed on a sunny Monday morning at GuTouch Cafe, Kohima. Almost as nice as the galho my mother makes at home on Sundays.
Forget me not.
Mayhair or Mayhem? Hundred bucks haircut at a men's salon. I love it! Girly trims @600 bucks. So not fair! #shorthairlife #hairdoesntdefineyou #whosaysgirlscanthaveshorthair
This is what I came home to. My bestie made me this delicious meal as soon as I set foot back here in Nagaland. Smoked pork with fermented soyabeans (Axone) and boiled greens, with a savoury Axone chutney on the side. Yummy! Thank you Atokali. #hifive #sümitreat #girlfriendsforever #childhoodfriends #schoolfriendship
Best glass of lime soda ever. Sweet and a hint of spicy masala. Freshly squeezed and no ice. How do you like yours? Moments from a mountain escapade. #hillstation #sattallake #uttarakhand
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