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Can’t believe that just a week ago I was sunbathing in Queenstown and now freezing in Kohima - under three blankets and all things downy and warm. It’s good to be home though. #lifeisbeautiful #countingmyblessings #travelislife #travelislifechanging #constantcompanion
Christmas is almost here. Feeling cold outside but warm at heart. And it’s pouring here in Kohima. #countingmyblessings #lifeisbeautiful #homeforchristmas
Blue haired babydoll on the streets of Christchurch. #hairinspiration #lifeisbeautiful #travellingsisters
NZ hangover. Throwback to last week in Queenstown, NZ. The water was too inviting and I stepped into the lake - the water was freezing. @purenewzealand #travellingsisters #mustdonz #countingmyblessings #lifeisbeautiful #wewearculture @ilovepero @stansmithonline shoes @zara shirt
And they took off their headgears, hung them up and sat down to mugs of warm sweetened maize corn tea and laughter. #wewearculture #travellingsisters #countingmyblessings #hornbillfestival #culture #incrediblenagaland @nagalandtourism @hornbillfestival #chakhesang #naga #kisama
Feels good to be home. Did I mention my relief at the vast improvement in the road conditions between Kohima and Dimapur inspite of the ongoing repairs and road expansion? I am. Having a complimentary hot cup of pika cha aka red tea Naga style at the Lotha Morung at Kisama Naga Heritage Village today after a sumptuous lunch. Thank you. Love my homeland. #proudNaga #travellingsisters #countingmyblessings #lifeisbeautiful
This to me is the essence of Hornbill Festival of Nagaland. Let’s make it a magical experience and not an experimental flash in the pan. Own it! With pride! #Repost @discovernagaland with @get_repost ・・・ Chakesang tribe in their colorful attire at the Hornbill Festival. Photo: NorthEast Explorers. #neexplorers #northeastindia #indiatravel #indiapictures #indiatravel #incredibleindia #incredibleindiaofficial #nagaland #tribalfestival #hornbillfestival2018 #cheksannagas #nagafestival
Santa is already in town and Rudolph too. Christmas vibes @christchurchnz @farmersmarketnz
A town fit for a queen. That’s Queenstown for you. Adventure capital of the world. A city we Nagas can aspire our land to be someday soon. Completely mesmerised by @queenstownnz
The views. What more can I say! Oh New Zealand, your lands are blessed and your people - most beautiful.
November hair on a sunny windy NZ day. With snowcapped peaks of the southern alps in the back and a hot cuppa in my hand. And a pero around my neck to keep me warm. @ilovepero @purenewzealand #mustdonz #travellingsisters #countingmyblessings #lifeisbeautiful #wewearculture #travelling #kiwiexperience
Hello again before I’m gone to my homeland. Good evening Auckland on a Friday night no less. Here comes the seafood! 👀
Aboard the TranzAlpine Train from Greymouth to Christchurch. What a lovely ride through picturesque scenes and breathtaking landscapes! Couldn’t help but hum “how great though art” through out! @kiwirailnz @purenewzealand thank you NZ for a spectacular holiday experience! #travellingsisters #countingmyblessings #lifeisbeautiful #wewearculture #nzmustdo #nz #2018holidays
Curious art of New Zealand. Such a joy finding so many beautiful pieces of art and installations and graffiti around NZ. Especially in Christchurch. Sunny windy afternoon.
Yes. My backyard looks like this. Well, it will some time in the future. I hope.
Unfortunately did not get to see a whale but the crazy boat ride made me face my fear of rough waters as it really pushed me to a brand new level of “adjustment”! So so relieved that I did not get seasick but it was a big case of desperation to get back ashore as soon as possible - and singing Apulio Lizo under my breath really helped me keep my cool in my battle against the waves. Almost a nightmare! Thankfully - no whale means refunds so my pains were a few gains. Thank God for keeping me and my fellow travellers safe! Next time I’m surely taking the chopper option even if it costs more and no refunds on that one. Hmmmm
One item off the bucket list! Jumped off a plane lol skydiving in NZ. Glad to be back on solid ground but yeah! Was literally soaring in the air. Thank you God and my constant companion. Thanks to Mike - for the pics and expert guidance. So blessed.
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