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Spent my Friday night thinking about Louise Lawler and woke up still thinking about the critical subtleties and tiny poetics she is so deft at capturing in this distorted world of ours.
New Yorker on point re: parenting.
Love these artists! Jennifer West, Math Bass, Lauren Davis Fisher, Samara Golden, and Nao Bustamante. Thanks for coming to my talk last night at USC. It was worth the less-than-24-hour trip! 💜 photo by @jasminshokrian
Still feeling pleased with this little home improvement I did over the weekend.
Yes Lari Pittman, YES.
Saw this sign on my way to see the lovely and loving Manny Farber exhibition last night. Termite art is made by artists “hell-bent on following their own path.” Still life, textures of the domestic, tender ways of seeing the world. It’s all there. Bravo @hmolesworth on a beautiful show. (Image 4 is Rodney McMillian’s still life of a lemon, and the video is an installation by Nancy Shaver.)
A little sliver of Cameron Rowland’s show @mocalosangeles. This work is entitled Passport and Social Security Card (2018). “Unregistered citizenship documents are used to evade enforcement of ‘legal status.’ These documents are illegal and operate in resistance to the exclusionary definitions of national citizenship. Citizenship documents that have not been issued by a national government disrupt the registration of citizenship.”
Who doesn’t love an outdoor shower?
When your brilliant colleagues and dear friends are in the @nytimes looking all cool and artsy. Can’t wait to see the exhibition you put together on the inimitable Judson Dance Theater collective! @a_janevski @thomaslax
Rihanna photographed by Deana Lawson ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
This fountain (at my parents’ house on the Jersey shore) is one of the most vivid visual memories of my early childhood. Its on/off “switch” is a rusty pipe sticking out of the ground. Still works!
Building band-aid
This time last year we were in Greece exploring Jason’s roots throughout the Peloponnese. Right now we are moving apartments and are chin deep in boxes. I prefer to remember this moment—driving in the Taygetos mountains listening to local radio with the smell of oregano wafting in the air— instead of accepting my current reality. Happy August, people. Hope you are all enjoying your vacations!
Rain-soaked stuffed roadkill. Poor kid.
Braved the rainy Saturday crowds at MoMA today to see the Toward A Concrete Utopia exhibition about the architecture of former Yugoslavia. Worth it!
Thomas Bayrle @newmuseum
Next week’s New Yorker cover 😔
Sunrise over Manhattan requires no filter.
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