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I will protect this sweet soul with every breath I have ♥️ not sure what I did to deserve him, but I’m so thankful he’s mine! 12 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and I’m back in Copenhagen to help him make the big move to America!! 😍🌎♥️ @robertsandberg I love you so much
I get so many questions about these necklaces that I never take off. Chain is @lanajewelry and custom name necklace is @bychari ♥️
“What is she wearinggggg!?” . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair/Makeup: @texasdelarosa
Degenerate gamblers, OUR DAYS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!! College football Saturday and NFL Sunday are ripe for the picking, and @betmybookie and I are offered you 100% BONUS ON YOUR DEPOSITS when you use code “MIA”. It’s not jus this weekends’ games you can bet on... head to the link in my bio to place future bets, Super Bowl bets, prop bets, even bets on how long Josh Gordon’s sobriety will last (I’m not joking, I forced them to make that an actual bet, go check it out 😂)
I let this wildly talented man do my makeup, and quickly found out his forte is when a knife, not a brush 😂 It’s live on our YouTube channel, the link is in my bio! I love you, @robertsandberg , but you are awful 😂♥️ don’t forget to subscribe so you can get notified whenever we post a new memory! YouTube.com/c/RobertandMia
#tbt to pushing that “stretch” in my denim to the absolute limit 🤰🏽 #NotPregnantJustEatingGood
11 Million followers, holy SHIT!!!!! Thank y’all so much, I love each and every one of you and that was a complete lie because some of y’all are the worst specimens in this universal dimension. But here’s a throwback that perfectly displays my current mood from when I was in Copenhagen with my love @robertsandberg
I’m too old for this festival fuckery #TappingOut #OneDayWasEnough NFL > ACL
🎶 the way that Gucci look on you -amazing 🎶 @bazzi absolutely crushed his first #ACL , good luck at weekend 2 🤘🏼
*20% chance of rain* ...better be prepared just in case #ACL
Got tired of the air conditioning while waiting for Metallica so I stepped out for a bite #FestivalLifeIsHard #DeLyxProblem
Smile never fades when I’m around this one ♥️ @larsjanssonphotography just sent me this candid on our way to the photo shoot we did together and I can’t wait to share the rest with y’all!! He is such an incredible and easy photog to work, you guys are going to DIE over the work he put in for us!! #JävlaFitta
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