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✨ Championing the unapologetic dream chasers. ✉️: hi@mindofmica.com 🎉 Free Side Hustle course below! 👇🏻

✨ Latest discovery: task batching — where you assign one day to one specific task instead of ten million. (Guilty lol.) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Really helps me now that I've got /twenty/ million things to do! Here's what task batching looks like when I work on my blog stuff. 😁 Bonus hack: if you keep your tasks and goals somewhere you can see all the time, like a desktop photo, you're all the more likely to stick to them.
Among countless things I pick up from @gretchenrubin 's books, I always remember the life-changing advice of how trying new things makes us happier. 🌈 Best advice I ever followed tbh, so go!! do!! the thing!! P.S. You're not allowed to be lame by worrying about being "ready" (when are we ever ready anyway??) or getting judged (judgers are lame). So make like a Nike and just do it.
Thanks, UA&P, for all the stories to tell.
My weekend in five emojis: ☕️🍷🌈🤤💯 If you’re down for a road trip, you won’t go wrong at @dwellingblissbnb ❤️❤️ Food is spectacular, coffee is fantastic (and the barista @romeasegurado is cute HAHAHAHAHA 😜)
While walking the Brooklyn Bridge, I kept thinking to myself, “Man, I don’t think we’ll make it halfway lol.” But one step became ten, ten became fifty, and fifty became goodness knows how many. And when I looked back, I realized how far we’d come — all by taking one step at a time. 🌸
I used to not like flowers. Or maybe I never liked the thought of caring for them — they took a lot of work and a lot of time before they could bloom. But then I realized so did I. And now I quite like them. Because they remind me that, with a little work and a little time, maybe I could bloom too.
My jet lag isn’t going away which means only one thing... New York is my real home. 🌆 (Half) kidding!! Also posted something new on the blog re: beating some super bad post-vacation unproductivity (not a real word but tell everyone I coined it). Link in bio! 😁
If there’s one thing I miss from Evanston, it’s gotta be that Panera at the corner of our street. 😋
When mornings were lazy ☀️😴
Because a foggy city makes a great dramatic background 🏙
🎶 I’m on top of the world, eh 🎶 103 floors above the city, insaaaaaane!
Before this trip, I knew absolutely zilch about Chicago — other than the musical, at least haha. 💃🏻 So it’s been nothing but cool to learn about such a culture-rich city the past few days!! 🤯😋 (Photos are just a few of my favorites from the exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center)
If they only knew.
Let’s (Chica)go. ✨
I believe this more and more every day.
I find it hard to believe that any one person who‘s already given me the world can still keep on giving. Happy Mother’s Day to my super mom ❤️
Timely reminder from my weekly planner for this month 🌈 Now that we’re on to a new month, it’s back to the drawing board. ✏️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ P.S. If you want to know how April went for my blog, there’s a link to my first blogging update in my bio. Spoiler alert: I talk about a 2,275% subscriber growth, how my month-old blog actually made me money (not from ads, I swear, I can never figure that out haha!), plus all my huge fails along the way. 🍾 🍷 (So much for leaving room for mystery.)
They say every girl’s first love is her father, so here’s mine. ❤️ Happy birthday to person who gave me 50% of his genes!! I’m especially grateful you gave me eyebrows and that you always tell me not to touch them na 😂 (P.S. Do I look like my dad?? I get mixed comments, so let’s settle it once and for all!)
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