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I'm writing this as I watch @brielarson 's Unicorn Store πŸ¦„ and I just want to say, here's to all the unicorns of the world!!! 😭β™₯️ To everyone out there living their best wholehearted lives (yes, I'm using @brenebrown 's words), you inspire me every day to be the same. 😒
Here's to friendships where the only expectation is showing up, exactly as you are (Asian-looking Mexican, Mexican-looking Asian, or otherwise).
Meet Ana (aka Bachata β€” named for the dance she loves and taught me in our shared-home-for-few-months that is Pamplona). Have we been best friends for a long time? No. Do we get to travel together a lot? Also no. But do we believe with all the certainty in the Universe that we will see each other again? Absolutely yes.
Always a lovely time at this one's cafΓ©. β™₯️
Sometimes I work best in silence β€” so no distractions, even in the form of people chatting in the background. πŸ™Š . But other times I work best with ambient noises in the background (anyone else here who looooves co-working space and/or cafes? β˜•οΈ). I actually use a Mac app called Noizio for all my ambient noises. Oddly makes me super focused or super relaxed, depending on what outcome I'm after haha! . So that's today's sorta-strange get-things-done hack. Didn't think it'd work so well but it does with me! πŸ˜› . Let me know in case you have some interesting life hacks, I loooove trying any and everything!
This is the probably the only photo I'm sharing from this trip because here's the reason I even went β™₯️ Some friendships are worth crossing oceans for (quite literally).
Been using weekends lately to just cool down and reset, and sheet masks are just such little things that bring a LOT of joy 🌈✨😭 Recommend some R&R stuff to me anytime, I'm always down to spice up my (almost non-existent, lol) weekend routine.
My 2019 reading list (so far πŸ˜‰). β €β € I want to reignite my love for books this year, so hit me up with some recommendations, okay?
✨ Latest discovery: task batching β€” where you assign one day to one specific task instead of ten million. (Guilty lol.) πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Really helps me now that I've got /twenty/ million things to do! Here's what task batching looks like when I work on my blog stuff. 😁 Bonus hack: if you keep your tasks and goals somewhere you can see all the time, like a desktop photo, you're all the more likely to stick to them.
Among countless things I pick up from @gretchenrubin 's books, I always remember the life-changing advice of how trying new things makes us happier. 🌈 Best advice I ever followed tbh, so go!! do!! the thing!! P.S. You're not allowed to be lame by worrying about being "ready" (when are we ever ready anyway??) or getting judged (judgers are lame). So make like a Nike and just do it.
Thanks, UA&P, for all the stories to tell.
My weekend in five emojis: β˜•οΈπŸ·πŸŒˆπŸ€€πŸ’― If you’re down for a road trip, you won’t go wrong at @dwellingblissbnb ❀️❀️ Food is spectacular, coffee is fantastic (and the barista @romeasegurado is cute HAHAHAHAHA 😜)
While walking the Brooklyn Bridge, I kept thinking to myself, β€œMan, I don’t think we’ll make it halfway lol.” But one step became ten, ten became fifty, and fifty became goodness knows how many. And when I looked back, I realized how far we’d come β€” all by taking one step at a time. 🌸
I used to not like flowers. Or maybe I never liked the thought of caring for them β€” they took a lot of work and a lot of time before they could bloom. But then I realized so did I. And now I quite like them. Because they remind me that, with a little work and a little time, maybe I could bloom too.
My jet lag isn’t going away which means only one thing... New York is my real home. πŸŒ† (Half) kidding!! Also posted something new on the blog re: beating some super bad post-vacation unproductivity (not a real word but tell everyone I coined it). Link in bio! 😁
If there’s one thing I miss from Evanston, it’s gotta be that Panera at the corner of our street. πŸ˜‹
When mornings were lazy β˜€οΈπŸ˜΄
Because a foggy city makes a great dramatic background πŸ™
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