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#MH_STORIES / AS FAR AS I COULD SEE ↓ It was a day filled with excitement, adrenaline and memories that I would never forget. But now it was time to go. I was delighted that I had arctic glasses with me on this adventure, because it was so bright on the glacier. I looked around one last time to soak in the environment, around me. I had a telephoto lens on my camera, so I decided to zoom all the way in and look as far as I could on each side. Clouds enshrouded an ice capped mountain range off into the distance. The blues of the glacier ice in the foreground caught my eye. I thought to myself, “I don’t care if I end up with duplicates, I’ll take photos of this place as much as I can until the frames are etched in my memory.” I often get nostalgic thoughts like this before I even leave a location. Not many people get to see sights like this. It was my duty to show it to them. How far I could see in the past, was limited. I needed to be more mature. Making mistakes early enough, to see what the effects would be if I continued in my ignorance. I could only see as far as my current comfort zone. Not really thinking of the bigger picture. I can see more now. I see a little more each day. . . . Tags: #bealpha #sonyalpha #alphacollective #yourshotphotographer #theweekoninstagram #iamatraveler #tlpicks @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel @natgeoyourshot @travelandleisure @cntraveler @bbcearth @lonelyplanet @adobe @lightroom @bbctravel #lppathfinders #bbctravel #moodygrams @moodygrams #lovetheworld #earthcapture #lifeofadventure #alaska #knikglacier #glacier #beautifuldestinations #aicdoesalaska #roam #roam247 @roam #adobe_getaway #optoutside #choosemountains #adventure #getoutstayout
#MH_STORIES / THE KID IN ME ↓ As a kids growing up me and my brother @merrickhay were obsessed with animals. We spent most of our childhood raised in the countryside of Lake City, Florida. I remember mom taking me to the library, so I could rent a VHS for the weekend. I remember being so excited to watch a new @natgeo or @bbcearth documentary on a specific species of animal. Nowadays you can just watch anything via the internet, but I still remember how hard the choices were as I browsed the shelves of our library. I must have been 6 or 7 at the time. There was so much to choose from, and I wanted to see it all. I remember how I shook with excitement, as I slid the tape into the VCR, and jumped into the couch to enjoy the show. I learned all sorts of animal species like, bears, sharks, snakes, birds etc. Jaws totally freaked me out as a kid, but for some reason I thought sharks were the coolest ever! Storytellers I was born in 1993, and as I grew older these pictures and films felt like movies to me. No way people actually got to see these animals in real life! I idolized @janegoodallinst , Steve Irwin, and The Kratt Brothers, and Sir David Attenborough to name a few of the people who allowed me to dream. To dream of one day seeing and documenting my experiences with animals as they did. My nostalgia of those times knows no end, so I spare some of these memories for another time. I took this photo in 2017 while exploring Alaska with the @sonyalpha #alphacollective . The kid in me still gets excited when I remember that I took these images. I actually sat there in a boat across from this big beautiful bear, as she hunted for her cubs next meal. I actually had this story to tell. #BeAlpha . . . . Tags: #sonyalpha #yourshotphotographer #theweekoninstagram @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel @natgeoyourshot @sealegacy @lonelyplanet @adobe @lightroom @bbctravel #lppathfinders #moodygrams @moodygrams #earthcapture #lifeofadventure #bear #bears #brownbear #wildlife #alaska #lakeclarknationalpark #lakeclark #worthmorealive #lakeclarkalaska #aicdoesalaska #turningthetide #sealegacy #grizzlybear #adobe_getaway
Hey storytellers, have you heard the news? @sonyalpha recently hit the 1 million followers milestone for the #SonyAlpha community. @sony has just launched the historical #BeAlpha campaign to celebrate taking over as no.1 in U.S. Full-frame cameras! #Sony also announced the creation of their Alpha Female program! I am so proud as a member of the #AlphaCollective , to be apart of this amazing movement. There is so much to keep up with in the upcoming days. I recommend that you stay tuned to alphauniverse.com for more details and how you can be involved. Are you ready to Be Alpha?
#MH_STORIES / MY NORWEGIAN CRUISE ↓ I stood on the back of the largest boat I had ever been on, gazing at the vibrant panoramic view around me. We smoothly sailed down Norway’s deepest and longest fjord. The crisp cool air embraced my exposed skin. One of the best scenic train rides in the world had led to this moment. The waterfalls that I had photographed before, all poured their clear freshwater into the fjord. It was my first trip to Europe. Norway was always the place I wanted it to be in, and it fully lived up to my expectations. Despite the ridiculous prices for things, I felt the happiest I have ever been in a foreign country there. The mountains reminded me of scenes from some of my favorite adventure movies, like Skull Island and Jurassic World. As I photographed and observed the slowly fleeting sights in front of me, I thought of the love I felt in streets of Oslo. We assimilated with the locals for their 17 of Mai, Independence Day celebration. We were now only minutes from Bergen, and this amazing cruise was almost over. This photo was the last I took on the fjord. Spending the rest of the cruise savoring the moment. I knew that my life would never be the same again. I knew that I would have stories to tell. . . . Tags: #yourshotphotographer #theweekoninstagram #iamatraveler #tlpicks @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel @yourshotphotographer @travelandleisure @cntraveler @bbcearth @lonelyplanet @adobe @lightroom @bbctravel #bbctravel #moodygrams @moodygrams #lovetheworld #sonyalpha #earthcapture #bealpha #beautifuldestinations #earthfocus @earthfocus #lifeofadventure #neverstopexploring #flam #flåm #sognefjorden #fjord #mittnorge #norway #bergen #bergennorway @mittnorge #visitnorway #norge #vg #yrbuilder #tv2 #fjords
#MH_STORIES / MY BROOKLYN ADVENTURES ↓ It’s not very common for me to get excited about clouds covering a NYC summer sunset. This is what I like about art. How one can spontaneously create a story with any situation put in. I crashed my drone a few months ago, and the purpose of my trip from Brooklyn to Manhattan was to drop it of for repairs. I often use the trip to wander to a new part of the city. Every time I see something new. It was a cloudy and gloomy day, with rain spontaneously falling. A difference from the hot summer days most New Yorker’s prefer. As I have gained more experiences a a photographer, I have learned that this is when unique moments occur. So I headed straight to dumbo after my trip to @djiglobal. I found the “Dumbo Instagram spot” extremely crowded, so I decided to walk on the Brooklyn bridge. The dark clouds enshrouded the citrus colors the sun painted on the horizon. Just enough was peaking out below the curtain of clouds, that caused them to illuminate blue and purple. I immediately rushed up the stairs on Washington Street. As I emerged at the top of the stairway, my camera went to my eye. I began photographing the city skyline with the colors and bridge in the frame. I thought it was interesting that most people were walking in the opposite direction. Some of them looked at me weird. Some would turn around to see why I stood motionless in the middle of the boardwalk. They pulled out their phones, and joined me in documenting the tranquil scene. . . . Tags: #yourshotphotographer #theweekoninstagram #iamatraveler #tlpicks @natgeotravel @yourshotphotographer @travelandleisure @cntraveler @lensbible @adobe @lightroom @bbctravel #bbctravel #moodygrams @moodygrams #lovetheworld #sonyalpha #beautifuldestinations #alphacollective #manhattan #newyork #summertime #summerinnyc #dumbobrooklyn #streetsofnewyork #nyc #what_i_saw_in_nyc #ig_color #streetsofnyc #empire #seeyourcity #newyorkstream #newyorker #brooklynbridge #sunset #newyorkcity #manhattanbridge #brooklyn
#MH_STORIES / MY FIRST SEAPLANE EXPERIENCE ↓ I watched the Lake Hood water ripple as the plane began to pick up speed. Excitement escaped through my veins into my heart as I began to comprehend this experience. I didn’t know what it would feel like to land on water, but I now knew what it felt like to take off on it. We were in a four person plane. My buddy @starvingphotographer sat next to me as we embarked on our last adventure with the @sonyalpha #alphacollective in Alaska. Our pilot began to tell us about some of the views we were seeing below. I was particularly attentive, when he told us to look out for beluga whales in the water below us. I soon saw a few white specks in the water that confirmed his words. There’s a lot I want to tell you about this flight, so let me fast forward to the point at which this photo was taken. I was shaking in my seat at this point. We just flew over ice capes peaks with the most amazing blue pools embedded in the rocks. Glaciers gleaming as we flew over them. We finally leveled out as we approached Crescent Lake. I saw the lodge on the bank of the lake. The water looked even better than on Instagram. This was real life. This is what happens when you don’t just dream. You pick up the tools of your trade, and you get to work. Many aspects of this #aicdoesalaska trip, had a much deeper impact on me, than just the amazing sights. I am a sponge for information, constantly observing and learning. I am fully focused on creating the best visuals and written stories I can, to make this my full-time hustle. I have learned so much recently about myself, and what I want to do with my life. I am happier. I am driven. I am ready for whats next. . . . Tags: #yourshotphotographer #theweekoninstagram #iamatraveler #tlpicks @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel @yourshotphotographer @travelandleisure @cntraveler @bbcearth @lonelyplanet @adobe @lightroom @bbctravel #lppathfinders #bbctravel #sonyimages #moodygrams @moodygrams #lovetheworld #sonyalpha #earthcapture #beautifuldestinations #earthfocus @earthfocus #adventureculture #lifeofadventure #neverstopexploring #alaska #lakeclark #lakeclarkalaska #iflyalska #adobe_getaway
#MH_STORIES / EXPLORE WHERE YOU CAN ↓ When I first started writing these narratives, I spoke a lot about exploring where you are. This has definitely been the best year of my life. I have had so many opportunities to travel, and tell the best stories I have ever told. I want to refresh my thoughts on this topic today. Although I had the time of my life on these far adventures, I want to remind you that stories are everywhere. It’s just up to you to tell them. When I wrote this narrative a and a half ago year ago, I did so not just to encourage you. I also needed to encourage myself. It’s a thought I have to constantly keep in the forefront of my brain. I get it. You see everyone traveling and taking photos in dream locations. I will be honest. When I first started this made me feel like the stories I told locally, were somehow inferior. I was so wrong. I have learned and grown so much. Hopefully if you have followed my journey long enough, you can see proof of that. A story has as much value, as you allow it to. If you feel so inclined, start documenting your journey. Explore where you can. . . . . Tags: #newyork #upstateny #upstatenewyork #iloveny #ispyny #catskills #nys #newyorkexplored #visitcatskills #adobe_getaway #yourshotphotographer #otvadventures #theweekoninstagram #iamatraveler #tlpicks @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel @yourshotphotographer @cntraveler @bbcearth @lonelyplanet @adobe @lightroom @bbctravel #lppathfinders #bbctravel #sonyimages #moodygrams @moodygrams #lovetheworld #sonyalpha #earthcapture #beautifuldestinations
#MH_STORIES / I MADE FRIENDS WITH WOLVES ↓ I took this photo during the first #sonykandotrip ever, in Santa Barbara, California. @sony had a lot planed for us, and it was an amazing experience meeting most of the #alphacollective and #sonyartisan members for the first time. There was talk of two wolves that were at the event. Wolves! I learned that their names were Damu and Cael, and belonged to @projectwildsong. They seemed to be everywhere as the event went on, but in front of my camera. I was determined to change that. I first heard Cael's story, from his trainer, after a sound bath experience in one of the tents at the Kando site. I lingered after the experience in the corner, of the tent, with @andyto , hoping to get close to them. I was standing 6 foot 4 inches over his golden stare, when the trainer advised me get low. She told us the story, of how at a young age, Cael was mistreated by a male vet, near the end of his socialization window. This caused him to live in fear of men. To allow him to feel “bigger” and comfortable in our presences, we had to sit on the floor. Such a sad thing to hear of animal cruelty. Thankfully the work the trainers have been doing with him seemed to pay off, because he actually allowed me to pet him! After that experience I had other activities for the day to attend to. I ended up waiting until the last day to get a proper photo shoot with my new furry friend. At 5:30am my group and I summited the hill where the final meeting would take place, with the soft California sun erasing the night. I had the Sony A7Rii and the @sonyalpha 24-70mm f2.8 GM at the time. Patience was key, and using burst mode I left satisfied with my documentation of the morning.
#MH_STORYTELLERTIP / A PHOTOG MUST HAVE! ↓ While exploring the Grand Canyon earlier this year, I used one camera and one lens the entire trip. Despite this calm frame I captured, the wind constantly blew sand everywhere! Have you ever had an issue with dust specs appearing in your photos and videos after a trip? It is honestly my worst fear, and on this trip I decided to stick with a simple setup, to minimize the chance of This happening. I actually wrote an article about it for @sonyalpha alphauniverse.com, which you can find on my website micanthonyhay.com/about/how a photographer simplified his camera gear for success. But what about those times when you do have to switch lenses? I recommend that you invest a couple bucks on a rocket blower from amazon or your local camera store. I use one the night before, and after a day of documenting stories. Although their are ways to remove them in post, I would personally prefer to prevent the issue all together! #aicdoesarizona
Hey storytellers! @flynyon is currently offering 40% off as part of their partnership with @pilotsnpaws ! Use code “PAWS” . Book your flight with them and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to their organization! I had a epic time flying yesterday with: @cheatdayeats @gmp3 @beholdingeye @jasonapuma 🤙🏾
#MH_QUESTIONS / IF YOU COULD ONLY USE ONE LENS FOR A YEAR, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE ? Type your answer below mine in the comments ↓
#MH_STORIES / MY DREAM JOB ↓ I took this photo in 2015. It remember that summer vividly, because i decided to actually do something about how I felt. How did I feel? I felt tired of replying to the question “What so you want to do in life,” with I do t know. I kept putting 20% into an idea, and then giving up. I had my first filmmaking gig that summer, and it was to creat a series of how-to videos for a company. When I had to travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I would always do the same thing. I would go to @bhphoto and look at the cameras I dreamed of owning. Then I would go to @caseyneistat ’s office which was Beme at the time in hopes of meeting him. It was a short walk to battery park from broadway, so I always ended up here at dusk. The sun painted amazing sunsets each time. I looked into them hoping they would be a reflections my future. Eventually I stopped watching videos on YouTube, and began to work on any project I could find. I would eventually get a job @oswegocampusrec at my new school @sunyoswego. I stoped coming to this spot, because I realized if I wanted to improve my situation I needed to start doing something. Even if I couldn’t zero in on it yet. I just needed to do something. Dreaming and feeling “unlucky” just wasn’t cutting it any more. I made a few terrible vlogs that you should never watch on my channel, but I learned from my mistakes. I never took classes in cinematography or filmmaking. I just used what I had at the time. I had a lot of time, so I just spent it on YouTube watching tutorials. When the summer ended, I started the semester a few days early. I started working as a photographer and filmmaker on campus the first day I arrived. Storytellers I am looking at this view right now. I just left my first storyboard meeting for my upcoming documentary with @julietagiglio. If you asked me in 2015 if I could film and edit an entire documentary I would have said, “ thats my dream job”! Read press about the biggest project of my career so far in my bio. Thank goodness I stopped dreaming. Wake up and get to work.
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