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Multimedia Storyteller. Traveling New Yorker 🇺🇸 Raised in Jamaica 🇯🇲 Ambassador @sonyalpha. Let’s tell stories: hello@micanthonyhay.com

#MH_Stories / 12 hours in Iceland. ↓ The plan was to travel to Norway with a group of students from my university. However, to get there we had to transfer flights in Iceland. After our time in Oslo and Bergen, the plan was to arrive in Iceland the day before our flight back to New York. After a short flight from Bergen’s airport, we landed in Reykjavik. Blue Lagoon was next on the itinerary, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It was pretty cold outside, and I couldn’t wait to wade in that warm blue water. It was an interesting process to swap our clothes for the soft white robes and flip-flops they gave us. I dipped my toes in to find out that it wasn’t warm. It was pretty freaking hot! It’s incredible to think how this water naturally springs up from the earth. I took photos for the group, grabbed refreshments, and shared smiles with strangers. I even had a mud mask applied to my face! It was one of those experiences that you really have to see and feel in person to understand it’s uniqueness. I put the camera away after taking photos for 30 minutes. I reminded myself that this might be the only time in my life that I would ever wade in these waters. You never know. So I used the rest of our session to soak up every drop of this experience. @tylertravelstons took this photo for me. #whpwanderlust
#MH_Moments / Airborne ↓
#MH_Stories / How I got here. ↓ Is this even real life? I questioned myself as I looked down at my city below me. Everything I’d ever done in my life so far seemed to have a limit of some sort. Let me explain. I was born in Queens, New York in 1993, and my family moved about a lot. I returned to NYC in 2012, an 18 year old confused and broken because of parent issues. Escaping my father’s home was the first limit I broke, that allowed me to grow again. Because of NY out of state tuition and money issues, when I moved back from Georgia in 2012 I had to miss a year of school. I worked at a nursing home as a dietary aide in Queens but had a lot of free time on the weekends. This was my city, but I knew nothing about it. So before I went home after work every day, ( I sometimes worked weekends) I would wander around the city. I would walk for hours from Dumbo, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, all the way up to Central Park. I walked everywhere I went and I loved it. Sometimes after playing soccer at Pier 40 I would walk under some of these skyscrapers and look up. I always wondered if I would ever get a chance to see the view of the city from one of them. As time passed in college I got fed up of wishing for things. Sick of inspiration with no action. Using YouTube I gained knowledge to create and made time to work on improving. I went on as many local trips as I could to practice. As I hovered over the tallest buildings in NYC I felt overwhelmed with emotion. Stories of the past flashed through my head. Over the course of this flight I finally saw the bigger picture All the roads I waked, and perspectives I had seen from the ground, curated the best panoramic view I had ever seen in my life.
#MH_Questions / Do you like being out and about in the snow? Word on the street says that New Yorker’s will finally get some winter magic this weekend!
#MH_Stories / Oh Norway! ↓ This wasn’t our final stop, but I sure wish it was for me. After a five hour train ride from Oslo to the edge of the Fjords, I boarded a small cruise ship en route to Bergen. It was a perfect day, and I spent most of the cruise on the balcony. The cold wind nullified the warmth of the sun, but I wanted a clear view of the landscape. The sky was bright blue, and the greens of the mountain shining with vibrancy. This was one of our stops, and as we pulled away from the dock, I took this photo. I wondered what it would be like to live in this small village in the middle of such a beautiful location. I looked in wonder as we sped away, hoping that one day I would find out.
#MH_Questions / Do you believe in love?
#MH_BehindTheShot / The motion of Brooklyn. ↓ I noticed the sunset as I exited the subway. It was just a sliver of warm colors hidden beneath a blanket of cool clouds. I knew I wanted to create an image that really represented NYC. A city of motion. I took my @sonyalpha a7riii with my @sony 28mm f/2 prime lens, and just stood in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. I just stood there looking through the electronic viewfinder, framing my shot. It was already pretty dark out, but needed to use a high shutter speed to freeze the motion around me. But maybe I didn’t. Sometimes a little blur adds to that sense of motion in your photo. I wanted the buildings in background as sharp as possible, but my aperture of f/5.6 made it too dark. I lowered the shutter speed to 1/160 sec, and trusted the image stabilizer in the camera to give me a sharp shot with just a little blur. This allowed me to keep my ISO at 125 minimizing grain in the image. Sometimes we must make these compromises to get the shot. I’ve learnt so much by learning the rules, and breaking them just a little bit. Make use of what you have and always enjoy the process.
#MH_Moments / Alaska ↓
#MH_BehindTheShot / My viewfinder rocks! ↓ When I took this photo, the wild winter winds of Alaska flowed through the open doors of the helicopter making made my eyes water. When shooting from moving objects I always try to use the highest shutter speed possible to freeze the action. I kept one eye glued to the EVF of the Sony A9 I used on that day, so I could remain calm and focused to document the glacier below. For this shot, I used a @sonyalpha A9 camera paired with a @sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM lens. Check out the settings I used below and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments! Shutter Speed: 1/800 Aperture: f/6.3 ISO: 200 #bealpha #alphacollective #sonyalpha
#MH_Stories / The Norwegian Express. ↓ I experienced my first scenic train ride in Norway last year. It was during the sweet spot of spring and summer, so although it was a little humid out the wind was cool. The colors so vibrant. As soon as I boarded this green vintage looking train, I made my way to one of the in-demand window seats. I fantasized about the views we would see along the way, and how I planned to document them. I also enjoyed just hanging my head out of the window. It reminded me of the memories I had, riding on the back of my dad’s Land Rover with @merrickhay as he cruised down rural Jamaican roads. With the wind blowing into my eyes as the train chugged along, I may have shed a tear or two. Certainly tears of joy.
#MH_Stories / Memories from Bergen. ↓ As I wandered down the clean stone streets of Bergen, I admired the simple homes that were constructed closely together. I felt a real sense of community here, with the only odd stares coming from black cats with yellow eyes. They were everywhere and after noticing me, stopped dead in their tracks until I passed. Most of the locals on the other hand offered smiles. I noticed a soccer game on a television in one of the homes. It was located in the basement and its windows were placed flush with the street level. It was my favorite team, @manchesterunited , so I stooped down to take a peak at the score. Someone sitting down there saw me and I immediately jumped up as if I were guilty of something. Maybe I was being a bit of a nosey tourist, but the person simple smiled and waved at me. I smiled back, and continued on my way back to the hotel. I asked myself if the situation would’ve played out the same way if i were in America.
#MH_Questions / Where are you from?
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