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#MH_STORIES / TAKING PHOTOS FROM A HELI It was my second helicopter flight, and by now I had the hang of taking photos from a helicopter. I took this photo as we flew back from an adventure on Knik Glacier. I tried to scoot as close to @starvingphotographer as I could, so my long legs would not interfere with our pilot’s controls. I looked over at him with a curious stare, to make sure everything was okay. He wore a thick brown leather cap that protected him from the cold glacier winds. Of course he also wore vintage aviator sunglasses. He was a man of few words, but gave off a confidence that cured my temporary nervousness. I am always under the impression that one can never be too careful. He smiled and assured me that my seating position was just fine. I moved my headset on my head, to make sure I could listen to any future instructions he had for us. As you storytellers know I shoot both video and photo, so i frantically switched between both during our flight. I wanted to make sure I documented every fleeting moment, as it rushed by below me like a river of time. We were flying strictly for transportation purposes despite the doors being off. We were going at a pretty decent speed. I made sure my shutter was at 1/1000, but allowed a little blur here and there to offer a sense of motion. Tags: #sonyalpha #alphacollective #loweprostorytellers #sonya7riii #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #iamatraveler #tlpicks #bbctravel #yourshotphotographer #lonelyplanet #theweekoninstagram
#MH_STORIES / MY FIRST TRIP TO EUROPE ↓ We cruised from Oslo to Bergen, through what seemed to be jurassic world. I had never felt more alive, than in this moment. I saw a deeper narrative than those taking pictures around me. Now a 25 year old man, with a deeper perspective on life. I reflected on those years before this moment. I felt content in my soul, of all the decisions I had made in my life up to now. At times I would forget that I was really there. Finally in Europe. The Norwegian flag was the waving reminder, that gave me a sense of place. I knew we were headed somewhere, but I wished we would never make it. I was already missing an experience, that I was in the process of experiencing. I took this photo and felt better. It would be my moment to keep for years to come. I thought of what I would say to you, to convey how much this moment meant to me. The truth is I haven’t quite processed it yet. I lay in my bed in Brooklyn, still in awe of the excursion. Thankfully we have time on our side. In the coming weeks I have many stories to tell you. I want to thank @sunyoswego @oswegostudyabroad for this amazing opportunity. They has given me the opportunity to learn what it means to travel to continents i dreamed of visiting for years. For many #sunyoswego students, it will be your best chance at traveling. If you are a student, I advise you to take your opportunities in what ever way they come. You will have life changing stories to tell. Tags: #sonyalpha #alphacollective #loweprostorytellers #sonya7riii #passionpassport #iamatraveler #tlpicks #bbctravel #yourshotphotographer #lonelyplanet #theweekoninstgram
#MH_STORIES / THANK YOU STORYTELLERS ↓ I write this too you, as I watch the sunrise over Oslo, Norway. I just wanted to take the time today to thank all of my followers, for the amazing community you contribute to on my account. The positivity, motivation and kindness is contagious, and has helped me through so many daily struggles. @nateinthewild captured me, doing my signature move on the @sonyalpha #aicdoesarizona trip a few weeks ago. The first time I ever took a photo like this, was a moment I shared with my mother on a beach in Kingston, Jamaica. It reminds me to stay true to my passion. Ready for any challenges the day might throw at me. But also happy for creative freedom. I captured so many incredible visual stories with the Sony team in Arizona. I even celebrated my 25th birthday with @mrhollender ! It was a trip that challenged me in new ways creatively. Most importantly, getting to know, even more of the insanely talented #alphacolletive team. It’s really been a year to remember so far, and it will also make the end of my college journey. I am so excited to evolve my hustle, and continue chasing my goal of telling stories for a living. You are a huge part of that. I am considering adding more street + travel + personal visual and written stories to my feed. Give me your honest opinion on this, and let me know if you would be excited to engage in these images, or want me to keep things the way they are. After all we can find stories to tell everywhere! I just want to make sure you get the most value I can offer, from my page. Thank you storytellers! Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @cntraveler #iamatraveler @travelandleisure #tlpicks @bbc_travel #bbctravel @lightroom #lr_people
#MH_STORIES / I FELT PURE BLISS ↓ When I first saw the green flicking on the wall of our cabin, I knew this night would be special. You never get to experience that feeling again... you know. Experiencing something special for the first time. I dreamed of this night, scrolling through my Instagram feed hoping to see the northern lights one day. It was not a bright as I thought it would be, but the faint flickering colors would be enough tonight. It would be enough for me to be thankful of finally crossing this off my bucket list. I wanted to call my mom and describe it to her. I always call her when something special occurs in my life. But words! I was lost for words, surly a photo would do. At this point I was overwhelmed and took at least five long exposure photos. I wanted to document it with video, but the moon peaked over the mountains. The darkness that allowed the lights to shine, vanished in it’s halo. I returned to my cabin feeling pure bliss. It was another night, another photo, another story I could tell. Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #lowepro #loweprostorytellers @cntraveler #iamatraveler #tlpicks @travelandleisure @bbc_travel #bbctravel @lightroom
#MH_STORYTELLERTIP / LITTLE PEOPLE IN A BIG WORLD ↓ Hey storytellers, today I have another tip for you to spice up your landscape photos! Two weeks ago I was with the @sonyalpha #alphacollective on our #aicdoesarizona excursion. We woke up pretty early on the day, and patiently watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. This was our second stop of the day, and by now the sun had painted light all over the rocks in front of us. There were only a few shadows left, that were creeping to the crevices. I saw Michelle walk out on this cliff, and I immediately asked @humzadeas If I could borrow his telephoto lens. It was a @sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM lens. It was such a vast landscape, but I wanted my final image to focus on her corner of the canyon. It’s something I am always looking to capture in my adventure photos. She adds this incredible scale, that allows you to stand there with me and admire her confidence and bravery. It’s also a faceless portrait, that allows you to insert yourself into the narrative if you want to. When you do this in your photos, you allow your audience to relate to your visual stories in a different way. It motivates them to get out there and take on the challenge of their day. With confidence and peace in their souls, because they see the bigger picture. Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #lowepro #loweprostorytellers @cntraveler #iamatraveler #tlpicks @travelandleisure @bbc_travel #bbctravel
/#MH_STORIES / EYE CONTACT WITH JAX↓ A lush garden of lavender attempted to separate me from Jax the husky. For a second as I looked through the viewfinder of my camera, we made a connection. A connection with our eyes. It amazed me that an organ so small, could convey such strong emotional messages. He seemed curious, as to why so many cameras were clicking away in front of him. For a second he looked at me, and I was prepared for the window of opportunity. Only a few moments earlier, I had set my camera in burst mode. I immediately squeezed my shutter button, and held it down wishfully. This photo was one of the 10 frames I captured, before our connection was disconnected. His trainer and a few other photographers were behind me, also bidding for his attention. Maybe it was the focus indicator on my camera, that caught his attention. Now imagine that. Jax was focused on my focus indicator! When I look at it, I am constantly drawn to his sincere stare. Would you agree? In his baby blue eyes i still saw the playful pup who was running around just moments before. Have you ever seen someone you might not know that well, and before you can make eye contact you look away? I am guilty. But I have been trying to work on this, and being more comfortable connecting with new people. Your fear of acceptance only holds you back from making these amazing connections. Stop looking down at your phone as an excuse. Share a smile instead as you pass by. It’s something I will continue to work on, and I would encourage you Storytellers to do the same! Focus on making those genuine connections. Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #lowepro #loweprostorytellers @cntraveler #iamatraveler #tlpicks @travelandleisure @bbc_travel #bbctravel @ig_color
#MH_STORIES / THE KANDO EXPERIENCE ↓ Good morning Storytellers! It has been such an incredible experience so far at the @sonyalpha #sonykandotrip . As I stood here and watched the waves paint and erase patterns in the sand, I wanted to figure out the best way to describe how I felt. A cool breeze was in the air. The occasional seagull would hover above, occasionally cheering us on. The sound of water hitting the rocks was the sound bath, that complimented the evening perfectly. I looked along the landscape, and observed the other visual storytellers enjoying creative freedom. They were all apart of the community that contributed to how warm I felt inside. Collectively hypnotized by the sounds of the waves, but each telling stories in their own ways. I saw people I exchanged comments with online, face to face for the first time. I met the people who have elevated my passion to learn and create more. By being inspired by their story, and the stories they that they tell. They took the time to speak to me. To tell me stories. The gratitude i felt in this moment, is one like no other. Because it’s not just about the gear we use, and the beautiful locations we photograph. It’s about the community. It’s the people like you who interact with my visual and written stories. Including all of the other storytellers out there that make this community what it is. It has been another Kando Trip experience, that I will never forget. What an incredible job @Sony has done, allowing the Kando community to exist! Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #stayandwander @stayandwander #loweprostorytellers #iamatraveler #tlpicks
#MH_STORIES / SNAKES AND LADDERS ↓ Our first @sonyalpha #aicdoesarizona adventure of the day was at Rattlesnake Canyon, and I was preparing to have my mind blown. We boarded a tour truck after a quick briefing, and assembled at the entrance of the canyon. Our guide said it’s called Rattlesnake Canyon, because snakes fall in from the top. He was joking. I experienced a nervous shiver in my stomach nevertheless. The game “Snakes and Ladders” came to mind. I was used to seeing Rattlesnakes, having spent a portion in my childhood in Florida. Our guide reassured us that it was still too cool for them to come out. We began the journey through various rock obstacles before we got to the first ladder. As I ascended I stoped to take this photo, because although it was a natural composition of rock, it felt so perfect. The ladders added to what almost seemed like a man made experience. The more we progressed, the more amazed I became. It also reminded me just how much I have loved my process and hustle for the past year. Sometimes you really need to stop, and reevaluate what your goals are. I keep them on the horizon, but I am just so in love with the day to day grind. Everyday there is something new to learn, and a new story to tell. Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #stayandwander @stayandwander #lowepro #loweprostorytellers
#MH_STORIES / THE BLUE LAGOON ADVENTURE ↓ Of the many things planned for our trip to Portland, I was really looking forward to the blue lagoon. The 200+ foot deep paradise pool. We exited my brother, @merrickhay ‘s car, only to be bombarded by boat operators trying to hustle their salaries for the day. My brother knew a guy though so I just nodded and kept walking as we made our way to the water. We spent a great deal of our teenage years in Portland, but never did things like this while we lived here. Maybe it’s a great time to remind you that no matter how boring your hometown may seem, enjoy it as much as you can! We met two tourists on the boardwalk where we would board our boat. A very friendly couple from Texas I believe, and they were lucky enough to be dressed to swim. “Ask dem fi tek a pickcha nuh,” my brother said in subtle Jamaican patois. So we got the husband to dive off of a nearby fishing boat at the dock. I was confident my camera could capture the action with burst shots, so i choose this frame from the series. I love meeting interesting people while on adventures. So far I only have positive encounters to talk about! Some times the shots you don’t plan to take end up being the dearest moments of your adventure. I get a few of them per trip and smile when going through @lightroom saying, thank goodness I had my camera! Have a good evening storytellers! Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #stayandwander @stayandwander #jamaica #bluelagoonjamaica #carribean
I took many photos in Grand Canyon National Park, on the recent #aicdoesarizona trip with the @sonyalpha #alphacollective . For this one, I wanted to zoom in, so I could isolate some of the layers in the landscape. It was one of the few times I changed from a 16-35mm lens to use a zoom, with my A7Riii. Below you will find the gear, and settings I used! CAMERA: Sony A7Riii LENS: Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS SHUTTER SPEED: 1/500 ISO: 100 APERTURE: f / 4.5 . . Tags: #sonyalpha #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations @beautifuldestinations #livebravely @bbcearth #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot #stayandwander @stayandwander
#MH_STORYTELLERTIP / LAYERS ↓ Hey Storytellers, I hope you had a great day! Pay attention to the layers that make up your composition. The more layers that make up your photo, the more interesting it becomes. Look at this image I took on my trip to Alaska with @sonyalpha last year. Now take the float plane away. Then take away the shore. Now remove the trees. If I were to aim my lens just at the lake, with the mountains in the background I am left with only three layers. Zoom in on the peak? Then I would just have two layers. I know I am guilty of this because of my addiction to minimalism at times, but knowing the fundamentals will give you a strong foundation to start telling better visual stories. I am constantly experimenting and consuming content everyday to learn more, and I advise you to do the same. If this post brought you value today please leave a like and talk to me in the comments. Tags: #alphacollective #sonyalpha #tlpicks #passionpassport #lppathfinders #lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations #livebravely #loweprostorytellers #earthcapture #earthonlocation #yourshotphotographer
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