Michaela Kriewall


“Hey babe I finally found something that’s more pale than you” He’s a keeper
This is horrifying for how accurate this is
Easy like Sunday morning
Thanks for spending the last 96 hours with me, it was the best birthday weekend yet ☺️
Birthday babe
deep blue
I found paradise . . . . . . This was my first time ever at red rocks I. Am. Speechless. I will never forget the feeling of being consumed by so much love for music and life. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to experience it with #JJ
Happy birthday to my day 1 💛 I know we always have each others backs no matter how much time or distance gets in between
Finals week is coming up so I am doing as much as possible to avoid the thought of it
An elephant never forgets
Wow I can’t believe you’re 18 lil bro, love ya, I can’t wait to come home and chill with you 😛
These waves were deadly 🌊
Im a sucker for neon
Got that travel bug pc: @alyssadwyerphotography
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