Michael J.P. Hall

Commercial, lifestyle and portrait photographer. Permit ICG 669 🎬 Member IATSE 891 🎥

Horse herders, Burkhan Valley Kyrgyzstan, 2018. Met these two men during our two-day, 1000m + descent through the Burkhan valley. Largely empty save for the occasional hurt and herds of horses and sheep.
Image created for the Saul Good Gift Co. annual holiday gift guide. Lighting, curation of surfaces and select decor tell the story of each gift in the guide. Saul Good Gift Co curates unique, artisanal, locally produced gifts. Great holiday gifts too. Based in Vancouver and Toronto. @saulgoodgiftco
Exploring the rich array of sea-life at low-tide. Copeland Islands Marine Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.
Boy poses with his bike outside At-Bashi Kyrgyzstan, 2018.
Justin Barnes @corona_anti_corona takes in the view before the climb to M.E.L.S. pass( Marx Engels Lenin Stalin), Kyrgyzstan, 2018
Osh, Kyrgyzstan.
Arabel Pass, Kyrgyzstan.
Arabel Pass, Kyrgyzstan (арабель). We biked up the Djuku valley for several days leapfrogging with this team of horse and sheep herders. We crossed paths again at the summit of our first leg. Nice moment here with the youngest of the 3 men.
The Nest, from the series Entanglement, 2013. Costumes and garments created from reclaimed plastics.
Approaching the summit of Mt. Tszil. Joffre Provincial Park, British Columbia Canada.
Singer and songwriter Bob Sumner of The Sumner Brothers.
Just Divorced! Profoto 7B into umbrella, bare profoto head rim light flagged by models, pola, confetti cannon, assistants lobbing rice and jellybeans into the air, models taking air in heels. Take 3 - models nailed it!
Skier and Squamish resident Joel Beckmann approaches the summit of Mt. Tszil, Joffre Provincial Park on a windy day.
One of my favourite captures. Taken in Cambodia in 2006 travelling along the Battambang River.
Approaching the Cascade Saddle via the Rees-Dart Track. South Island, New Zealand.
Kent Street Apparel founder and shopkeeper Glyn Lewis @galewis44 rides the seawall for an autumn lookbook shoot. Glyn's online shop @kentstreetapparel is an independent men's apparel shop curating classic, timeless, and forward-thinking style. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Putting in for an evening paddle. North Copeland Island, Copeland Islands Marine Provincial Park, BC, Canada.
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