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Cue the Jurassic Park music. Flying by this waterfall and over the Big Island of Hawaii seriously felt more like I was in a movie than real life. The scale of it all was hard to capture but just know that this waterfall is 2600 feet tall. That is equal to about 2 Empire State Buildings! More from this awesome waterfall and flight with @BlueHawaiianHelicopters in my story. #BlueHawaiianHelicopters #FlyBlueHawaiian #BigIsland #IslandOfHawaii
I’m here on the Big Island of Hawaii for the first time and excited to be exploring around the island for a few days. This was last night’s sunset over the beautiful beach in front of @MaunaKeaHotel. Check out my stories to see our experience on the boat you see down there. #IslandofHawaii #BigIsland #MaunaKeaMoments #Hawaii
One of those peaceful places… where time seems to slow down and you’re free to just be… to breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. - #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
Tucked away among the towering peaks, this little lookout is the perfect place to call home for a night. - 🌤🏔🏠🏔 - #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
It’s been really sunny here in Seattle recently so I was excited when yesterday’s forecast called for rain and clouds. I decided to head up to Snoqualmie Pass and spent the day driving around and chasing fog with @emilyharyphotography. These are some highlights from the day. - 🌲☁️🌲☁️🌲 - Also, I’m really looking forward to fall and cooler weather like this 😊 - #SnoqualmiePass #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
Sunset view from the recent lookout adventure with @vagabondhearts and @carriemeonmyway. I love how many of these little structures there are here in Washington 😊 #MountBaker #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
I did a #ToastToHeroes with @JoshCellars to my hero, my sister, while camping here in Washington. My sister is my hero because she is an inspiration with her work and care as a nurse and as a mother to my niece, Emma. Post a public #ToastToHeroes image to Instagram before August 31, 2018, paying tribute to a hero in your own life. For each #ToastToHeroes  post, Josh Cellars will donate $1 to the National Volunteer Fire Council and Operation Gratitude collectively (up to $25,000 for each charity). #ad
Summers in Washington are my favorite, especially when friends come and visit 😊 This was from last night’s backpacking trip near the North Cascades with @chelseakauai , @christianschaffer , and @carriemeonmyway. More in my story ✌️ #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
We live in a busy world, always striving to do more, but sometimes doing less, and a little rest, is actually what we need. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend 😊 #PNW #Washington #PNWonderland
First light on 3 of Washington’s most iconic peaks... Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Glacier Peak. 🏔🏔🏔 Have any of you climbed all 3? I’m yet to do any of them but hopefully someday I stand on all their summits. #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
A home among the stars ✨🌌 - Not a bad place to spend the night, that’s for sure 😊 #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland
My brother, @JoshMatti , taking in those Mount Rainier views. 🏔 - In @JoshMatti fashion, here are some fun facts about Mount Rainier: - - At 14,411 feet, it is the 5th tallest peak in the lower 48. - With 26 major glaciers, it is the most heavily glaciated peak in the lower 48. - It has been a National Park since March 2, 1899, the 5th in the US. - It is considered an active volcano but hasn’t erupted since 1894. - #MountRainier #Washington #PNWonderland #PNW
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