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Sorry to disappoint you nutjobs, Bert & Ernie are puppets & only puppets. New @iamrapaport is live. #DisRupTiveBeHavior #Bert #Ernie
The Great Howard Cosell is kicking & screaming in his grave. This is Monday Night Football?
The Fonz won an Emmy! Henry Winkler congratulations!!! #Fonzie Fab-A-Mundo
Maury Maury Maury!!! The iconic @officialmauryshow is with me on the @iamrapaport talking about his best guests & 21 years of one TV’s most successful shows. New #MAURY @iamrapaport is Live Now!!!
LiL Don!!! One is quitting music, will the other quit America? Art-Dezign by @mistermorris55 ◀️
Remixed & ReImagined by @oldschoolcat ◀️ #Respect
One of my most disgusting & unredeemable rivals @siriusjay is in for a nice game of Fantasy Football today in @sternshow FF. The Unfriendly Elephant will be destroyed today 🐘🏈🐘🏈 #SternShow #FantasyFootball
Soul Brother Joe May & Jackie Verdell. Sunday Soul!!! Soul Brother @mrchuckd_pe got me on this today!
A T Y P I C A L @atypicalnetflix Season 2 Streaming On @netflix now! #ATYPICAL @keirgilchristofficial @briiiiiiiiiig @grahambamthankyoumam 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧
Rule #4080 why I don’t fuck with cats.
ATYPICAL in NYC!!! This is crazy🐧🐧 @atypicalnetflix season 2 on @netflix now! @keirgilchristofficial @briiiiiiiiiig @grahambamthankyoumam #ATYPICAL
The Dumb Fux Brothers Eric & Donald Jr aka Dix Stain Jr #DisRupTiveBEHAVIOR @iamrapaport
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