Michael Tornato

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6.9.18|London|The Strand (Some of the women at LFWM)
6.10.18|London|Shoreditch (Some of the women at LFWM)
6.11.18|London|The Strand (Some of the women at LFWM)
6.11.18|London|The Strand (Some of the women at LFWM)
6.9.18|London|The Strand (Some of the women at LFWM)
6.11.18|London|The Strand (Some of the women at LFWM)
6.12.18|London|Touristy Locations (Last pics of me for a while...)
6.11.18|London|Somerset House (📸: @paulvickery_ )
6.7.18|London|Kings Cross (Had to take a blatantly ignorant photo in London with the only 20 quid I have here)
5.19.18|Massart Fashion Show|BTS (Huge thank you to @misael.jpeg for shooting my backstage images of my thesis while I was getting the models ready. Wouldn’t trust anyone with this but Jerry. I am in the process of updating my website with all of my thesis work along with recent photo work. These images and way more that Jerry shot backstage can be seen on my website. Link in bio.)
5.14.18|Massart|Thesis Installation (Michael Tornato b. 1993; Louisville KY TORNATO: Black Is Beautiful Muslin, recycled shipping pallets, clothesline, mirror, spray paint, house door In this installation, Michael Tornato addresses the history of housing instability experienced by black and brown bodies in 2017. The installation is comprised of white muslins dangling on clothesline abutted by used industrial furniture pallets and a mirror unapologetically asserting that Black is Beautiful. Indeed, the text feature on the mirror and the work’s title refers to abolitionist John Rock’s coinage for a movement to dispel the notion that Black Peoples natural features are inherently ugly. The muslins (which form the basis of Tornato’s thesis collection) are inspired by contemporary military technology. Their placement on a clothesline tie them back to poor black and brown communities, allowing them to clothe themselves reclaiming a power of a military and society which excluded them / declared equality. Long interested in revealing relationships of power, Tornato here uses the recycled furniture pallets from discount furniture stores to posit a link between American capitalist society and the instability which Black and Brown residents face, under the name of corporate profits.)
5.19.18|Massart Fashion Show|BTS (📸: @veronicapedrosa )
TORNATO: “Black Is Beautiful”|LOOK 5 (📸: @orbisphotography )
TORNATO: “Black Is Beautiful”|LOOK 4 (📸: @orbisphotography )
TORNATO: “Black Is Beautiful”|LOOK 3 (📸: @orbisphotography )
TORNATO: “Black Is Beautiful”|LOOK 2 (📸: @orbisphotography )
TORNATO: “Black Is Beautiful”|LOOK 1 (📸: @orbisphotography )
5.19.18|Massart Fashion Show|Backstage Thesis Collection Cyber Goth Dance Shenanigans (video edit: @kumar_sutra )
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