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This going to be an interesting summer! #miata #new #shop #lift
500 SUBSCRiBERS!!! So grateful to everyone who supports the channel and checks out our videos. In appreciation, we’re doing a FREE sticker giveaway!!!! Let us know if you want a sticker, and thanks again !! 🙏 link to latest video in desc
I know this looks really bad for us miata people but we all have to agree that this photo by @photosbytrj is pretty darn good. This was taken during the cruising session during powercruise in Brainerd this year. I won’t make excuses why my car is behind but it’s not what it looks like!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR
Good enough! #mazda #miata #turbo
Here is a picture of my face if anyone cares... this was taken on day 2 of powercruise. By far the highlight of my summer. #miata #drift #turbo #keepdriftingfun
I finally got some lights set up in my new shop. If you are need of some more lighting in your garage, check out the video in my page description.This isn’t sponsored, I just like them that much.
Finally got the garage set up!! I haven’t been able to work on this car for a minute. Spent all day setting this up. #thankful #miata #garage #car #mazda #project
Ready to send it. #miata #turbo #drift #clean
I managed to crack my turbo manifold on the track. It was only the first day of power cruise so we tore it out, welded it up, and had the car back on the track by 9am the next morning. Thankful for everyone that helped make it go smoothly! #buildit #breakit #miata #turbo #drift
So I really miss driving this thing, I don’t think I can wait all winter... studded winter tires?? 😏
Mostly factory interior. Should I keep it like this or should I start changing it? I personally love the stock look and feel but kind of want to try something new. Thoughts?
NEW GARRETT GT2560R Turbo unboxing video in my page description! I finally got around to making some stickers, want one? Like, comment, subscribe to channel... blah blah blah... and I’ll send one your way! I have lots of videos but I get lazy and don’t have the motivation to edit. Would you like to see more videos? If so let me know!!
SMAASHING the limiter in this turn! Drift sesh from #powercruise this summer. New YouTube video soon! #miatanation #drifting #miata #turbo #sliding #mx5 #miataclub #miatadrift
#tbt to late night summer runs, I’m going to miss this thing now that #winteriscoming #miata #cruising #skyline #turbo
In bought this thing for $900, fixed up the problems, got a paint job, threw on a set of wheels and then it turned into this. It wasn't fast enough, so I put a turbo in it. Now here we are. Although it breaks every two weeks, I am still proud of it. You can watch the process from the beginning on the channel in my description #midwestmods #miata #mazda #turbo #daily
Supercharged s4 + Turbo Miata
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