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Writer and comedian

Seeing Hootie and the Blowfish and Darius Rucker’s voice is unreal. And yes this is a photo of the screen because I have a cracked rear view of the concert.
Really, I’m just paying for the purple bandana and the haircut and bath are extras
Had a good time at Clustefest with these folks and roast battled the amazingly hilarious @jamar_neighbors. And yes, I refused to put down the soda and have the body to prove it.
Forky feels like he was created on a dare. “I bet we can get kids to buy any toy no matter how dumb it is”
Don’t have a kid yet but already emotionally preparing for when they don’t like the Critic as much as I want them to
Tom Hardy should’ve said this in the movie
I think Keanu Reeves should play Dr. Doom. You'd be invested in his whole arc and it would mean something when that beautiful face gets scarred.
Me and @adinasauuur at my sister’s wedding. I love this woman and this photo so much
My dad would take me to the arcade, comic book shops, and WWF shows. We watched I’m Gonna Git You Sucka and Spaceballs when they came out. We’d listen to Carlin specials and play Sega Genesis together. Sunday nights were for Simpson’s and Batman the Animated Series. He was my gateway to so much of the cool stuff I still love now and realize how lucky I am for that.
Me after Dark Phoenix
If someone read this and said “stick to comic books” I would not argue with them
‎I always knew Canadians were great at basketball ⁦‪#nbafinal ٍs‬⁩
Ray Parker Jr came out last night at a Ghostbusters convention and said "We could do a normal concert where we play four or five songs and make you wait for Ghostbusters. How about we just do it now. And let's do it again later!!" Biggest applause I ever heard. Guy gets it.
I am fine with this typo and sentiment
Me and the ghost version of myself
‪Dark Phoenix is a movie where the people who had to wear makeup wear the makeup as little as possible and honestly that sums up the whole experience. It feels uncomfortable watching unhappy talented people make something just to fulfill a contract. ‬
I have seen every X-Men movie and all related spinoffs in the theater on opening weekend for the last 19 years and that’s the kind of commitment I try to bring as a husband. #RealVows
What it feels like to work out after not working out for a long long time.
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