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Mega Man Child, new album out October 26th

I could do a whole list of my favorite things this year (and there were a lot) but really it’s just Ellie, my wife Adina, all the great comic book movies that came out, the Spider-man game and Paddington 2.
Did anyone have a better year than Kingpin? 3 distinct portrayals in movies, TV, and video-games, two of which he was the main villain. And he’s great in all 3. He’s a giant man corrupt man baby in a business suit that owns his own tower in New York. In our world we made that guy president but thankfully in the Marvel Universe you get to watch him get his ass kicked.
‪I loved Into the Spider-Verse. Most joyful Spider-Man movie yet. Lord and Miller and co know what universally works in a superhero story in that same fun way the Batman animated folks did where there’s equal heart, humor, and action. ‬
‪It’s a Wonderful Life is such an oddly paced movie. There’s an hour and a half of set up before the actual main story takes place and the villain gets no comeuppance and the resolution is literally mailed in and feels rushed. It’s all very enjoyable but so weird too. ‬
‪Watching It’s a Wonderul Life for the first time (I know, I know...) and it’s amazing that there’s just two minutes of a still photograph and voiceover that grabs the imagination more than most huge CGI spectacles. ‬
It was an honor and joy to contribute jokes to the brilliant @jimmycarr for his new Netflix show the Fix, which is now available to stream.
There are so many comic book movies that I honestly no longer can have the same amount of enthusiasm for all of them (hey Aquaman, how you doing). That said, I am extremely excited for Into the Spider-Verse for many reasons.
I love the dog park because it looks like Ellie’s on the set of a vintage Power Wheels commercial
The Avengers:Endgame trailer is absolutely perfect and the only footage needed to promote the film
Dynamite Kid passed away today. He had been sick and in terrible condition for a very long time. His greatest rival Tiger Mask sent a video a few years ago where he put on his old mask and tried to reach out to his former foe and inspire him to get out of bed so they could fight again . It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.
The new Lion King is a lot like God. We can spend our whole lives questioning what it is and what it isn’t or just let it comfort us in these dark times.
Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Window Shopping Wednesday or Sell Your Kidney to Buy More Stuff Sunday my album available on ITunes and makes a great gift.
We could actually save millions of poor people if we stole all the money used to make this unnecessary Robin Hood movie
NXT Wargames was the best wrestling show I’ve seen live from front to back. All the stories made sense, the wrestling was great , and some of the spots were insane. This is wrestling done right. Loved it.
RIP William Goldman, one of the best ever and that’s even if he only ever did the Princess Bride.
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