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Montréal QC I wanna make everything cinematic cuz the real world bores me to death -@gur1sdru1e

👽🛸 Editorial « Yellow Glow » for @ferocemagazine Vol. 1 June 2019 Photographer: @richywarhol MUA: @coeur_mua
« The air issue » Photographer: @gur1sdru1e Make up: @___dal__i____ First time meeting with this amazing Aquarian ❤️
Because apparently I don’t smile enough in my pictures 💕 With my favorite libras ⚖️ Photographer: @fmjpx MUA: @nathan.mua
🗝⚜️🕯 Par la talentueuse et gentille @cimmerian.co 💖
Publish in @salysemagazine , vol 5 -no 18 Photographer: @bencksphoto MUA & Hairstyle: @samaara_makeup
✨🍒 Photographer: @gebelanger MUA& Hairstylist: @patimamakeup
Snake charmer 🐍🐍🐍 With the lovely @d6rkangel ❤️ #postmypicsticks
Sending good vybes to you @borishalas x @charleybouley ❤️
Editorial : Believe in beauty ~ for @flanellemagazine with the kind soul of @aiesharobinson_ ✨❤️ http://flanellemag.com Photographer : @yanique_fillion_photographie_ MUA: @chromartistry Clothing : @mikelitaaaz
Ñoooooo la candeloski asere 💕 Photographer: @gebelanger Hair & makeup: @patimamakeup Merci à ces femmes fantastiques , vous êtes les bests ❤️❤️✨
With two angels, living my french fantasy ✨🦋 Photographer: @lowemallory MUA: @dontforgettotakeyourpills Clothing : @elizafaulkner Head piece : @heirloomhats
Editorial : 70's thriftin is out on @volant_magazine issue 12 fashion ❤️👼🏻 Featured photographer : @fmjpx MUA/ Hairstylist : @dontforgettotakeyourpills Clothing : Coat from @local23montreal Top: @rightfulowner Bottom : @rightfulowner
♎🦋 Photographe : @emihebert MUA: @emiliemahglam
Éditorial : Réflexion Publié : @bringmemag Issue 14/ December 2018 Photographe : @yanique_fillion_photographie_ Assistante photographe: @samiaxjannat Bouquets des fleurs : @laurieanne_atelierfleur Models : Laurianne Chalifoux @montagemodels Marie-Claire Perrault @montagemodels @mikelitaaaz Styliste : @mikelitaaaz MUA: @_sphili Hair stylist: @steph_bourgault
🌸🏮 Avec l'équipe de feu 🔥 Photographe : @emihebert MUA: @emiliemahglam
Editorial publish in @pictonmag December 2018 n.5 Photographer: @yanique_fillion_photographie_ Photographer assistant : @samiaxjannat Models: @n.oecharest & @mikelitaaaz Mua: @glamwithpatricia Stylist: @mikelitaaaz Un grand merci à "La vie en alpaga" de nous avoir si bien accueilli ❤️
We all go a little mad sometimes, isn't that true M.Bates? Photograph : @alfredoziano
Tout doux , le saule pleureur 🌿 Photographe : @blurthemind
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