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Good morning to everyone except crunchy lashes 😴 - Get your lashes high and right with our NEWEST dynammic duo: #kushprimer and #kushwaterproof - Available on 4/20 at,, and + 4/23 for @cultbeauty - 🌿#countdowntokush : 2 days🌿
We don't like to pick favorites but... #kushmascara is that b*tch 💁🏻‍♀️ Leave a 💚 if you agree! 👇🏽 - OG kush mascara on our girl @just_dezzi from the Kush Casting Call 😍 - 🌿#countdowntokush : 3 days🌿
For all seasons and emotions, #kushwaterproof is here to stay. (& BC U GUYS ASKED FOR IT) - Formulated just like the OG #kushmascara but waterproof 💦 💚HIIIGH VOLUME: thickening heart-shaped fibers provide long-lasting volume, length, and curl. 💚NATURALLY LIT: hemp-derived cannabis seed oil conditions for healthier-looking, flake-free lashes in one hit. 💚SEAL THE DEAL: waterproof, intense black formula locks onto lashes for a smudge-free, transfer-proof finish. - Available on 4/20 at and and Sephora stores and 4/23 at @cultbeauty 🌿#countdowntokush : 3 days🌿
Heavy hitter #kushprimer makes sure you make all your shots - DIRECTIONS: ⚡️Wiggle the cone-shaped spiral brush from root to tip, using the brush head to coat each lash. ⚡️Layer #kushmascara on top for a double hit of volume 💥 - Get this banger 4/20 on +, and @sephora stores, and 4/23 @cultbeauty - 🌿#countdowntokush : 4 days🌿
It's prime time with our ❗️NEW❗️ #KUSHPRIMER , engineered to give you a double dose of volume - This lash volumizing lash primer is the appetizer to your main course, #kushmascara : 💚HIIIIGH VOLUME: thickening heart-shaped fibers prime with a layer of weightless volume to take ur lashes even higher 💚NATURALLY LIT: hemp-derived cannabis seed oil conditions lashes in one hit 💚PUFF PUFF PRIME: molded, cone-shaped spiral brush defines, separates, and coats each lash - Take a hit on, and sephora stores on 4/20👌🏽💨 Also hitting @cultbeauty on 4/23 - 🌿#countdowntokush : 4 days🌿
HIGH TIDES WITH OUR ❗️NEWEST❗️ ADDITIONS TO #KUSHFAM - Let's break it down 👇🏽 💚#KUSHWATERPROOF $24 (woo finally!) high volume, waterproof mascara with volumizing heart-shaped fibers, conditioning, hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, and pure pigments for a transfer-proof, flake-free, intense black finish. 💚#KUSHPRIMER $24 high volume lash primer with volumizing heart-shaped fibers, conditioning, hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, and a weightless plumping formula that pairs perfectly with our OG #kushmascara for an extra high volume. 💚#KUSHBROW SHADE EXTENSIONS $18 same tinted, thickening heart-shaped fibers that create natural-looking fulleness, shape, and definition OR naturally defined brows while hemp-derived cannabis seed oil conditions now in ❗️FIVE NEW SHADES 😱 - Catch these babies 4/20 on +, + @sephora stores, and 4/23 at @cultbeauty - 🌿#countdowntokush : 5 days🌿
Something dank is about to drop... What do y'all think it is 👀👇🏽 - Check back at 4:20PM EST for the R E V E A L - 🌿#countdowntokush : 5 days🌿
This is like the ride up the roller coaster ride just before the drop... we are revealing our ❗️BIGGEST❗️ kush launch TMRW. Buckle up fam ✌🏽 - 🌿#countdowntokush : 6 days🌿
BLUE or GREEN — which one do you see? 🧐👇🏽 - #hydrogrip primer is packed with 🌱blue agave extract for long-lasting grip and 🌿hemp-derived cannabis extract for all day hydration. AKA she's pretty great 😋 - 🌿#countdowntokush : 6 days🌿 @sephora
Headlining for coachella with #facegloss 🍭 - #regram @debramacki - 🌿#countdowntokush : 7 days🌿
The one that started it all.... #kushmascara - Who's ready for new KUSH? 4/20 otw 💨 - 🌿#countdowntokush : 7 days🌿 @sephora
You already know the vibes — Festival Season has officially arrived ✌🏽 - Don't get tripped out when you can't find your friends, get tripped up with: ⚡️#hydrogrip ⚡️#eyepigment in Rave + After Party ⚡️#lipcolor in Hype ⚡️#lipandcheek in Rally ⚡️#tattoostamp in ⭐️ - 🌿#countdowntokush : 9 days🌿 @sephora
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