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Keep this 2 facts about success.. . 1. You don't only dream about success, you , just work for success or you will never experience it. 2. There are no overnight success but OVERTIME success. .
The best BRAND you could BUILD is your LIFE, make it an excellent BRAND.
Our End of Year Elite's Hangout Was A Blast. . What we need today is excellent mental structures, if a man could have an excellent financial mental structure he will be rich, irrespective if he is an employee or an entrepreneur. This is the need that gave birth to the vision Mind And Cash. Mind And Cash is committed to helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals, through coaching and mentoring.. . Presently Mind And Cash has a Team made of professionals from about 5 countries. These people are so wonderful and great, they believe in the vision and i am grateful for each and everyone of them.
The Birth Of A Vision, but there is a great Team Behind this vision, thank you so much, i will be introducing this Amazing Team in the coming Days.. . .
No matter how much you make, financial education is the requirement for creating wealth.. . The first edition of "Elites' End Of Year Hangout" . Is not a matter of what you have only, but a matter of who you know. .
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A marketing funnel can be defined as a model which illustrates the proposed journey of a buyer from their first awareness of your business towards the purchase of a product or service.. . . It has multiple stages, the stages includes: . 1. Awareness. . 2. Interest. . 3. Action. . 4. Loyalty. . 5. And advocacy. . As an entrepreneur or internet marketer your job is to move them through the stages as quickly and easily as possible. . The Great thing about funnels is that they work well for virtually any type of business  whether you’re a brick and mortar store or strictly operating online. . There are many different types of funnels you can use like 1.  Email funnel 2.  social media funnel 3.  survey funnel 4.  podcast funnel 5.  video funnels.  Do you have a funnel for your business already? Was this post helpful? . Like, comment, share, contribute so we could learn also. . Tag a friend that needs this. .
WHO ARE YOU THANKING?.. . I think i can feel him, i know what it means to walk into victories alone,💪💪💪💪 but i thank God and me..🤣🤣🤣.. . Video from @fearlessmotivationofficial
There are 3 different mindset i have notice that are behind the reason different entrepreneurs went into online business.. . 2 of these mindset could kill your success or make an entrepreneur go broke all his life.. . 1. The Mindset of "Just concern about making money in the internet" . 2. The mindset of "You want to Make Money From Online Business".. . 3. The mindset of "You want to build an online business".. . Most people are focusing on the wrong 2, is it wrong to make money as an entrepreneur? No of course, every business is there to generate income, but this the point, the first 2 mindset could make you unstable without focus. Today you are trying to trade forex, tomorrow you are trying out real estate and another day you are blogging the list could go on, you are too concern about yourself and making money that you don't care about the need of the market. . What you want is completely irrelevant to the 4.2 billion community of internet users, they don't care about you or what you want because they all got their own problems to deal with and a stranger on the internet from the other side searching to MAKE MONEY, giving him their money is the last thing on their mind, even if your reasons are genuine. YOU ARE SUCK UNLESS YOU FOCUS ON OPTION 3.. . OPTION 3 MINDSET . Unless you Build a real business that GIVES VALUE, MEET A NEED IN THE MARKET OR SOLVES PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS you may have to forget all about internet business, because you will never make money until you give value. . Building 7 figure is a dream that will never be fulfil unless you focus your efforts on building a real business, and these will take time just like any other business to hit millions of dollars, but the rewards are far beyond expectations. And is alot much easier to do if you have a strategy, discipline and the tenacity to stick consistently. . Remember this: online marketing in it's self doesn't make money. Online marketing is simply a way to get targeted clients or prospects to solve their problems or meet their needs by buying the solution your product or service offers. . Hope you got something from this. Like, comment follow. . Tag someone who need to read this.
When things didn't work out the way you thought they should, what do you call that SETBACK? . When you failed and seems to have lost time, what do you call that? SETBACK? . When you lost a thing so dear, and it appeared you are starting all over, what do you call that? SETBACK?. . Hold on, DON'T give up, you have not lost time, you have not lost a thing, you were pulled backward to travel faster and farther than you should have gone with all those things.. . See what you should do.. . 1. Review what you have or where you are presently, in business, career, relationship or life. . 2. Make up your mind where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.. . 3. List everything that poses to be obstacle to you achieving number 2. . 4. Make a list of what skills or knowledge you must need to achieve number 2.. . 5. Make a list of possible steps to deal with number 3, and a list of steps to achieve number 4. . 6. Break the list in number 5, into smaller daily list. . 7. Become focus and determine to follow this daily list with all tenacity, fuel your passion by remembering how you felt when you were in that situations, how you were perceived by people, and how hitting your list 2 will be in your life, what place hitting your number 2 list could put you in life. . Every morning remember how hitting the number 2 list will be, the feeling, the joy, the satisfaction it will bring, the change it will cause in your life, the things you could do differently as a result of hitting those goals, and rehearse all these to yourself daily, as you ensure you complete your daily task. . In 30 days you will be so amazed of what your life have turn into, a SUCCESS.. . I have used this simple rule to turn my life around in just 3 months. . . Comment, like, follow
Setting up a schedule, and sticking to it.. . As we well know, one of the main attractions of starting a business online is the freedom that comes with it. When you’re self-employed the dream is that there will be no time clock, no time sheets, and no one but yourself to be accountable to. It’s an attractive proposition, but like so many wonderful dreams there is a downside, especially if you find yourself falling short of reaching your goals.. . If you are constantly running behind then you are likely wasting time on tasks that are unnecessary or could be accomplished more efficiently with proper time management. If you want your home business to be successful, it's important to set a schedule and do your best to stick to it. This way you can avoid wasting time, stay on track and accomplish your goals more efficiently.. . Here are 6 good reasons why you should set up a schedule and stick to it:. . 1.  It makes it easier to prioritize. 2.  It helps avoid wasting time on non-priority tasks. 3.  It keeps you from getting sidetracked or distracted. 4.  It helps you stay organized and on track. 5.  It prevents work from bleeding into family time and vice a versa. 6.  It increases concentration and productivity.. . As I've mentioned before a simple to do list will often do the trick, but if you have a lot of projects on the table and tasks that need to be completed creating a spreadsheet will work even better. Having an agenda to follow can help improve your productivity and reduced your stress greatly.. . When it comes to proper time management, the best way to get something done is by keeping it simple. This holds true for creating your daily and weekly schedule as well. Breakdown larger projects into smaller, easily accomplished tasks and allow plenty of time to complete them. Putting a simple plan in motion will help the work that needs to be done go smoothly and more efficiently.. . If you don't want to use a spreadsheet or aren't sure how to set one up, don't be afraid to ask for help. DM US FOR A FREE DAILY GOALS & ACTION PLAN WORKBOOK.. . LIKE, COMMENT AND FOLLOW US FOR MORE ON INTERNET BUSINESS
YOU MUST HEAR THIS: . If you have not be able to find your place in the world of entrepreneurship DON'T be discourage, DON'T allow people talk you down or talk you out, keep fine tuning your value, when you hit it, the money will follow. .
Success don't just happen they are created by passionate people who work hard and refuse to give up. So go for your dreams don't give up or choose any thing less. . .
As you begin a new week, never accept the word impossible, if you have to learn some more do, success always await the one who refuses to give up. .
All great achievements started in the mind, your mind will determine wheather you will achieve that goal or not, great talent with a faint heart will fail, but a courageous heart with a little talent and a will to act and not give up will become great.. . What is the point am making stay away from pages in social media, things or people who try to talk you down or talk you out or who don't respect your person and you will fly.. . In 2019 plan your route and take your route, no more instability. . . .
I have always known this secret, even as an employee i had a dream i was living for, saving for and today am fulfilling that dream. . Build your dream life.
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