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Let's take a deep dive into how swimming animations look in Minecraft - before and after the Update Aquatic!
This little chum proves that looks can be deceiving! The Pufferfish will do everything in its power to defend itself – including becoming twice as big by filling its elastic belly with water. Watch out for its poisonous tags! Unless you like getting poisoned? Er, you do you, pal.
Is it a table? Is it a book? Or is it a glorious mystical hybrid designed for all your magical needs? Probably the last one.
Dirt, gravel, clay or sand – all bothersome blocks that can be tricky to handle. But no obstacle is too great with the right tool for the job, so grab yourself a shovel! Not good enough for you? Try enchanting it with Efficiency V and you can dig yourself to China in no time.
Searching for the perfect shoulder buddy? Or just trying to complete your pirate cosplay? Look no feather! The jungle-dwelling parrot is the perfect birdy-buddy. If in need, feed it with a seed, but whatever it says, Polly does NOT want a cookie!
The hardest substance around, naturally, everyone wants to have a diamond pickaxe. You can pick the world apart with this hardy material and reap the benefits for adventures yet to come. Also; shiny!
Ever tried jumping on slime in real life? Wow, you're pretty grim. Do it in Minecraft instead, by falling on the slime block, and you'll bounce to fun new heights!
Tossing TNT in the sea is never going to work, you dope – so invest in a fine fishing rod to reel in all the ocean life you can eat! But don't try to catch dolphins. You're better than that.
Best avoided, if you don't want it to lob its powerful potions at you. But if you're brave enough to battle it, you could be rewarded with drops like glowstone dust, gunpowder, glass bottles, spider eyes, sugar or redstone! But it's more likely to drop sticks. Oh. Great. Thanks.
Too smelly and unpopular to convince passive mobs to follow you of their own free will? Invest in a lead, and then they'll HAVE to hang around with you. Perfect!
A wonderfully woolly creature that roams the overworld, gladly spitting at anyone it takes a disliking to. Try not to be jealous of it pulling off that audacious purple-pink outfit (with gleaming gold accessories!) better than you can.
A shining example of a mineral worth mining for!
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