A game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Create! Explore! Survive! And follow us for a few tips on how to go about it!

You know you’re becoming a real adventurer when you discard your wooden playthings in favour of an iron sword. It might not be pretty, but it’ll save your life.
Not as tough as a wolf or warm as a sheep, the chirpy chicken is often overlooked. An endless supply of eggs makes for a conveniently sustainable source of breakfast, though, and their happy hops and cheerful chirps make for pleasant company.
A fistful of frost will send most mobs staggering, but it's the absolute bane of blazes - so pocket some of these icy missiles when heading into the Nether!
Mean, green and full of nitroglycerin, creepers are happy enough to sacrifice themselves, so long as they ruin your day, too. What jerks! Even worse when electrified.
’Cause I’m T.N.T. I’m dynamite. T.N.T. You can set me alight. T.N.T. I make a powerful ’splode. T.N.T. Make sure that ’splode is controoolllled.
Feel a li’l sheepish at the thought of jabbing livestock with your sword in pursuit of resources? Shears can shave a sheep or trim a mooshroom of its fashionable fungi without hurting at all. How now, brown cow? Much comfier, I’m sure.
These green-skinned shamblers like the dark, so keep a torch handy while ‘mining’ your own business. There are loads of different zombie variants but the most common will be found sporting casual jeans and a T-shirt.
Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of another notable Update Aquatic feature - the Trident. This attention-stabbing sea spear is perfect for settling underwater quarrels. It also looks pretty sharp.
Mining and crafting is fun and all, but some folk just wanna smelt. It’s a perfectly justifiable life-choice. The humble furnace - taking your cool stuff and converting it into cooler, more useful, stuff.
OOPS. Technical fault. We’re posting this lupine lovely for the second ... lupine lovely for the second time... Happy Lunar New year, everyone! It’s the year of the dog! To celebrate, here’s a post about the woofiest mob we have - those adorable wolves.
The Underwater Ruins. How old are these mighty structures? Who made them and why? How many new bugs will the conjure up? Find out soon in a Minecraft near you!
It may not look like an ocean-going vessel but this trusty wooden dinghy will speed you from one continent to another without getting your feet wet. Oar-some!
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