A game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Create! Explore! Survive! And follow us for a few tips on how to go about it!

Have you ever built a cozy cottage, wandered off, then forgot where you live? Happens all the time! But don’t worry about building a new shack out of dirt (left all your good materials in the last place, naturally), because you can carry a map. Just don’t forget to mark your house on it! #minecraft #map
During MINECON Earth on September 29, you can vote live to pick the next biome we update! Jens and Agnes have all the details! #minecraft #minecon #biome #mineconearth
How many times has this happened to you? Your pig gets caught in a lightning storm and *bam*, turns into a Zombie Pigman. Typical. There goes your pork chop dinner. #minecraft #zombiepigman #zombie #pig #man
If you need to travel long distances or transport items, then rails are the non-solid blocks for you! Plus, you can use them to ride in a minecart, which everyone has wanted to try at some point (yes you have STOP LYING). But watch out for other players or abandoned carts on the tracks! #minecraft #rails #stoplying
Sure, everyone likes to hang out in swamps (right?), but watch out when the moon is full, because that’s when the Slime spawns! These grimy, gooey mobs also form in the darkness down below. Good luck slipping away!
Just like in real life, this sweet treat won’t quite satisfy your hunger, but just one… or two… or three won’t hurt. Screw it, let’s have fifty. #minecraft #cookies #omnomnom
The Ocelot may be a bit apprehensive, but once you befriend one (with a little patience and tasty fish), you’ll have a valuable ally. Sure, they’ll sit on your things, meow and chase chickens, but hey - nobody’s purr-fect. #minecraft #ocelot #purrfect
Have you tried fighting in Chainmail in real life? You can hardly stand from the weight, let alone swing a sword! Luckily, in Minecraft, this medium-grade armor is quite easy to wear while mining, fighting and building. Let’s see medieval knights do that! #minecraft #chainmail #medieval
Water isn’t only the building block of life, it’s a building block of Minecraft! This wet and wonderful cuboid can be used for farming, transporting loot and building traps for enemies. We’ll drink to that! #minecraft #water #beach2018
Very useful, especially if you’re a pyromaniac! This item is great for lighting fires and also useful for activating portals to the Nether. Not to mention, it can be quite handy when you need to incinerate a few annoying Creepers. #minecraft #nether
Are you tired of dyeing sheep to get your blocks in one flat colour? Well, concrete comes in 16 solid and bright colours - without inconveniencing any sheep! Plus, unlike wool, it’s non-flammable, which is generally a good thing if you don’t enjoy having your house burnt down. #minecraft
To say an Evoker is aggressive would be an understatement. These hostile mobs have some serious anger management problems. But we’d advise trying to shoot them with a bow from afar rather than trying to calm them with a nice cup of tea. #minecraft
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