A game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Create! Explore! Survive! And follow us for a few tips on how to go about it!

Carting is fun! Especially in a mineshaft full of hostile mobs. Actually... you go first Alex! #minecraft #thatswhatfriendsarefor
GHAST HP: 10 ATTACK: 17 TRAITS: Quick to tears, spits fireballs, makes things lit. STRATEGY: Bring a bow and all the water! #minecraft #ghast
Children's Day – a celebration so important that even Baby Zombie defies the burning sun! #minecraft #childrensday
The local hero, Steve, set out on a quest into the mines, to find ore to craft the legendary DIAMOND SWORD and save the Overworld. A true classic! #minecraft #jrpg #pixelart
Ready the hugs! An update packed with cuddly content is making its way into Minecraft! 🐼🐱 ##minecraft #catsofinstagram #panda
Do you feel that cold shiver running down your spine? Can you hear the ominous ghost trains moving through the mines, or the witch cackling in the night? Got the creeps yet? Good, because Halloween is upon us! Put on your most spooky skin, craft a jack-o-lantern and eat some cookies! #minecraft #halloween
What do cake, bread and baby sheep have in common? Nothing! Oh, wait, I mean - Wheat! It’s a key ingredient for making some of your favourite Minecraft foods, while also being useful in getting cows, sheep and mooshrooms to breed. Thanks, wheat! #minecraft #glutenfree ?
What is more adorable than your cat? Your cat in MINECRAFT, of course! Starting today, you have a chance to make your fur-tastic feline forever part of the game! To learn how you can enter the competition, visit ↣ https://redsto.ne/minecat ↢ #minecraft #cat
They bark! They moo! They oink! Yet we love them all equally. Today is the day to show our appreciation for all the world's amazing animals. Treat them to some wheat or feed them a well-deserved carrot. But above all else, be nice to them! #minecraft #worldanimalday
Sad that no one wants to come to your Minecraft house, just because you made it out of dirt blocks? Give it a wood plank makeover! These wooden wonders are perfect for making your dream house! Sure it’s highly flammable, but everyone’s house burns down once in a while, right? #minecraft #burningdownthehouse
Open fields, tall grass, and majestic acacia trees to rest against – what’s not to like about the Savanna? On September 29, during MINECON Earth, you can vote on Twitter to update this biome with even more great in-game features! #minecraft #mineconearth
The shadowy, boreal forest known as the Taiga is a hiker’s dream, home to cuddly and deadly animals alike! On September 29, during MINECON Earth, you can vote on Twitter to upgrade this biome with new and shiny in-game features! #minecraft #mineconearth
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