Sarah Taylor!

xoxo gossamer girl

The Captain does not have depression his face just looks like that
CAn u bElieVe that my boobs are actually this perky. Had 2 post twice.
A pic of Joe walking into a river
A pic of my work wife and me, a pic of me, and a pic of us as fish, enjoi 😘 Also thank u jackie for the panda pics i love you
3 sad pups waiting for a treat
Blue's a pittie but she kinda just looks like a chewed up lab lol
(Almond) milk maiden
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLEYYYYY. Heres a pic of u at 17 (your boobs surprisingly arent in the pic)
Happy mothers day to these legs. You are my role model and biggest inspiration (to dress like a huge hoe)
enjoyin the view
Dreaming of a life where I just sit and do nothing all the time what are you dreaming of
Me @ my dogs if they try to go over the fence and into the street again.
# yatted. Inspired by Gustav Klimt's Mother and Child. Thanks so much @scurvy_dan !!!
Went on a nice day date☀️
Today I watched pride and prejudice 3 times whats up
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