Sarah Taylor!

xoxo gossamer girl

This semester is tearing me apart and all I want to do is hang out with my dogs and not have to post sadly on insta at 1am about it
Listen i'm just saying that if anyone wanted to murder me I'd want it done via beautifully ornamented knife from from the Mughal period
Cropped my cheeks out ur welc
Its's Blue's first bday!!!!!!!🎉
We ate giant turkey legs together and Joe took a class on how to woo me. It was successful bc now hes my boyfriend.
spare ur breath to cool ur porridge
If ur wondering what Brain from Animaniacs looks like irl: behold.
This wall dedicated to decapitated Kings is a mood.
A good day!! (The last pic is my fave portrait from Vinny isnt he pleasant)
heard some shit, bitch
Took Joe to nyc so i could take more pics of him standing in front of things.
It's hard to take cute beach pics when u both have long thick hair
We asked an old man to take our pic and he really let me make a stupid face like that.
where u goin
The Captain does not have depression his face just looks like that
CAn u bElieVe that my boobs are actually this perky. Had 2 post twice.
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