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On this day in 1981 Me at the Grateful Dead show Hippodrome de Pantin Paris 10/17/81 After a sleepy train ride from Amsterdam, we arrived in Paris. It was a mad scramble to find a place to stay, and to find where the show was. There were other big events happening in Paris and all the hotels, at least the cheap ones were full... Ok, so no time for that, had to get to the gig. The Hippodrome de Pantin was a permanent circus-style tent venue located on the edge of Paris. Made it just in time for the show. I'll worry about a place to stay later. I was pretty fried from the previous two shows in Amsterdam so I didn't take too many photos and mostly hung back by the soundboard with some of the other Americans I had met on tour. I didn't think the band had anything left in them but they opened with Shakedown Street, the second set began with Trucking > Bird Song and I recall a great Morning Dew as well. I brought a box of about a hundred 8 x 10s, Dead photos to sell on tour. I broke those out after the show and sold a load of them to the European Dead Heads. With no hotel, after the show me and a few people found a deserted area that was covered and slept there. Spent the day in Paris walking all over, the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumph, Notre Dame... That night I joined up with the rest of the gang to catch the train to Barcelona, for the last show of the tour. To be continued... . . . . . #35mm #filmcamera #filmphotography #thirtyfivefuckingmillimeter   #grainisgood #minoltasrt101 #instafilm @jerrygarcia  @gratefuldead #concertphotographer #onthisday   #liveyouradventure #europe81 #ontheroad #deadinparis 📸 #minkinphotography
On this day in 1981... Happy Birthday Bobby Weir! Grateful Dead oops concerts Melkweg Amsterdam 10/16/81 After recovering from the previous night's amazing performance... it was back to the Melkweg for the second show. Word must have got out that the Dead were in town because the club was packed that night, about 400 people inside. I was saving some blotter I had with me for something special. Well I thought, it isn't going to get more special than this! When the Dead came onstage, Bob was welcomed with a bouquet of daisies. We also sang him Happy Birthday to which Jerry replied, “touching, touching.” The band opened with On the Road Again, acoustic, Jerry and Bob both standing as the band played. The audience and band were getting off on the intimate atmosphere with between song banter and beaming smiles as they played. They knew what they were doing to us, and we gave it back to them. This was raw Grateful Dead, stripped to the essentials. The second set was very electric. It was Bob’s birthday night as they opened with Playing in the Band. Never heard before Dead renditions of Hully Gully and Gloria were performed. During the jam after Gloria, an old familiar melody was heard and Bob haltingly sang, “without a warning, you broke my heart”. They played a kickass Lovelight, almost a decade after it was last performed with Pigpen. There was no encore that night, none was needed. They were literally dripping wet. The houselights came on at 2:00 am, and the Talking Heads "Take Me To The River" began playing on the P.A. (to this day whenever I hear that song it takes me back to this moment) and Rock Scully stepped onstage and told us, “ This was a very special treat for us (the band) and a gift to us from you guys”. The Music Never Stopped - It was no point sleeping that morning, as we had to catch an early train to Paris for that night’s show at the Hippodrome. To be continued... . 📷 Minolta SRT101, Kodak Ektachrome . #minoltasrt101 #instafilm @jerrygarcia   @gratefuldead #concertphotographer #ektachrome #onthisday   #liveyouradventure #europe81 #ontheroad @melkweg @bobweir #phillesh #telecaster @mattbusch28
Bob Weir and the Wolf Bros . . Bob Weir Don Was Jay Lane . . TRI Studios San Rafael, CA 10/15/18 . . . . . @bobweir @donwas #themusicneverstopped #longstrangetrip @tri_studios #marinmusic #marincounty #rehearsal #concertphotographer #musicphotographer #nikonphotographer #nikond810 📸 #minkinphotography
On this day in 1981, I woke up somewhere in Germany (West Germany then) after spending the night in this pop-top. The show ended the previous night in Rüsselsheim with Rock Scully stating that the next two shows on the tour, Nancy and Fréju, France were canceled. And the tour would resume in Paris, four days later. After the show we met up and hit the road. None of were particularly sleepy as it was a lysergic night. We pulled into a rest area and explored the surrounding woods under a full moon. The driver, Franz couldn't continue on the tour so he dropped me off in Aachen near the Dutch border where I boarded a train to Amsterdam. Rumor had it that the Dead were to play a small club there over the next two nights. To be continued... . . . . 📷 Minolta SRT101, Tri-X film . . . . . #35mm #filmcamera #filmphotography #thirtyfivefuckingmillimeter   #grainisgood #minoltasrt101 #instafilm @jerrygarcia  @gratefuldead #concertphotographer #nikonphotography #nikonphotographer #onthisday   #liveyouradventure #europe81 #ontheroad #livethelifeyoulove #ontheroad #poptop #deadtour #gratefuldeadtour #ontour #adventure #lysergic 📸 #minkinphotography
On the road, Europe 1981— After the Copenhagen show a few days earlier I decided to skip the Bremen show and spend more time in Munich. I got to visit the Dachau concentration camp memorial (suburbs of Munich) which was very intense. I also got to see one of my favorite paintings,"Self-Portrait at the Age of Twenty Eight" by Albrecht Dürer in the Alte Pinakothek museum. Of course then the Grateful Dead show. Here's Jerry Garcia at the Olympiahalle München. . 10/12/81 To be continued… . . . 📷 Minolta SRT101, Tri-X film . . . . . #35mm #filmcamera #filmphotography #thirtyfivefuckingmillimeter   #grainisgood #minoltasrt101 #instafilm @jerrygarcia  @gratefuldead #concertphotographer #nikonphotography #nikonphotographer #onthisday   #liveyouradventure #europe81 #ontheroad @munich.germany 📸 #minkinphotography
Grateful Dead 10/8/81 On this day in 1981, After arriving in Brussels the morning before, I took an overnight train to get to Copenhagen. I saw all the flags at half staff, I wondered what happened. Grabbed a newspaper and saw that Anwar Sadat was assassinated… so sad. He was a leader that worked for peace… The Dead played at the Forum. The Forum was a bicycle racing rink. I met a couple of Americans at the youth hostel I stayed at. They were going to the show well. During the day I went on beer brewery tours at Tuborg and Carlsberg breweries. Met a group of Israelis on the beer tour and convinced them to go to the show that night. The Danish audience was pretty reserved, remaining seated for most of the show and politely applauding at the end of each song. The security at the gig were Hell’s Angels! To be continued… . . . . . #35mm #colorslide #filmcamera #filmphotography #thirtyfivefuckingmillimeter   #grainisgood #nikonfm2 #instafilm @jerrygarcia  @gratefuldead #concertphotographer #nikonphotography #nikonphotographer #onthisday  #nikonphotographer #nikonphotography #liveyouradventure #europe81 #ontheroad #copenhagen 📸 #minkinphotography
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