Deanna Burton

Nov. 2018 moved back to AZ continue to follow @zona_burtons. personal digital journal to document our move from AZ to MN. 2016-18, were the MN years.

come follow my new Arizona account. ive move to AZ. not posting here anymore.
Good Bye
one more...then im done
come follow the adventure @zona_burtons
fern #3
fern #2
fern #1
it was 12 outside. so...this.
here's the fire we had today. Roger said it was, "to use up the lighter fluid" since it couldnt go on the semi.
just dont want to leave any MN unposted.
not sure how much sleeping will happen tonight. but, we're ready for morning.
movers are packed and loaded. we head west tomorrow morning.
@markw228 said; "point it at something sparkly"
all boxed up. movers are loading the truck. may be able to leave in the morning.
less than 24 hours?
family went to dinner in Stillwater last night. we decided our will miss most list was: fast internet, changing seasons, fishing, convenient location (Stillwater is adorable and close to everything good).
family dinner in Stillwater one more last time.
day 1 of packing is over. more packing tomorrow, loading
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