Girl gamer living in SF

My first time having crawfish #bignet .
Had amazing food with amazing friends
Amazing pizza in the city
Love the graffiti in Chinatown
🌯 or 🍣? Why not both?
Just started Mealpal and an option of 🍕! Love it!
Finally, I get to try the #eggtarts from.#goldengatebakery . My friend is the true MVP. 9th time is the charm (yes, I've tried nine times to get these).
Trying #bobaguys for the first time. Strawberry matcha green tea latte!
One of these days I'll ride one!
First egg tart here and it's amazing
Random sites on my way to class!
Is this a crossiant or a bagel? Why not both?! #cragel
We found #Burrito street! 🌯
First time having ramen in SF!
With my @twitch_hollywood fam. Thanks for the going away party!!
Crepes for days!
I asked for 2 scoops and got way more than I expected. #win
First purchase after trading in the Xbox. Thanks @mcammertime
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