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Happy birthday to my bestiest bestie. I love you so much Dee! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (also we need to take some more recent photos together like dang)
More pretty pictures that @amberedphotopdx took of me last Spring 🌱
Old video cuz I’m still outta commish. I was looking into competing this fall too. Don’t know if that’s gonna be an option anymore. Maybe next year instead. Song is Blue Boss by Sampa the Great . . . #poledance #poledancer #poledancing #poledancersofig #poledancenation #poledancersofinstagram #exoticpole #pdclubstyle #pdexotic #pdtwerk #pdsuperman #pdsupermanvariation #pdshouldermount #pdnosebreaker #pddeathdrop #pdnosebreakerdrop #missrocketshippole
My arm is still too busted to draw anything new so I’m sharing this pencil study from a few years ago. I’ve got something very exciting in the works, art-wise. Not gonna talk about it too much yet but I’ve got that anxious excitement going so that’s cool! I can’t wait til I’m healed up and can create and move again. . . . #skull #skullart #skulldrawing #moth #mothdrawing #mothart #skullmoth #skullandmoth #tattooflash #tattooart #skulltattoo #pencilart #pencildrawing #coloredpencil #instaartist #traditionalart
Old video because I’m still nursing this heinous injury. I’m trying to stay positive but I just need to vent about what a colossal bummer this whole situation is. Finally after a week and a half of pain and bed rest I got my ass to a pricey physical therapist who told me I had a rib out of place that was pinching a major nerve which is why pain was shooting from my back to my pec and all the way through my arm down into my fingers. I’m glad I finally have a concept of what’s wrong but it sucks not knowing how long it’s going to be painful for, how long it’s going to take to heal before I can function again. I’m so tired of laying around in bed because sitting upright hurts too much. I can’t even be productive with the time and work on some drawings because my dominant arm is the one affected. I’m going through old pole videos and I miss dancing and moving my body. I’m especially bummed about being stuck indoors this much since I’m missing out on the best weather for swimming and doing all the summer shit I look forward to all year. The one upside is that I am incredibly lucky to have my partner @the_no_face who is taking such thoughtful and tireless care of me when I have been super helpless and has kept the house running despite my immobility. I can’t wait for this to be over for both of us. Song is Boss by Tinashe (Ryan Hemsworth remix) . . . #poledance #poledancing #poledancer #poleinjury #pdballerina #pdballerinavariation #pdelbowgrip #pdhoodornament #poledancenation #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram #missrocketshippole
Welcome back to the ongoing saga of “What’s wrong with my body!” On today’s episode, I have muscle spasms in my back that are so bad I can’t sit or stand without the pain shooting through my pec and arm. It’s fucking terrible! 😑 I have to take the week off from work, the camping trip I was supposed to leave for this morning, and pretty much anything that doesn’t involve laying horizontally, so I’m super bummed. Tag me in cute animal and baby videos to help distract me from the pain, please and thanks 💗 Song is 1940 (AmpLive remix) by The Submarines . . . #pdfankick #pdshouldermount #pdmoonbeam #pdlibellula #pdedusplit #poledance #poledancer #poledancing #poledancersofig #poleforthesoul #poledancersofinstagram #thesubmarines #poledancenation #missrocketshippole
I don’t do many photoshoots anymore but for #tbt I did want to share an image from this amazing shoot I had with @amberedphotopdx. What a sweet and talented lady! And she made that gorgeous botanical crown I’m wearing too. I can’t wait to work with her more.
Hey guess what!? There’s an awesome benefit show and charity auction happening on July 17th (this coming Tuesday) at Dante’s in Portland, and I’m auctioning off a custom digital portrait for one lucky person. The proceeds go to SWOP, the Sex Worker Outreach Project. It’s going to be an awesome event, with some amazing performers hitting the stage and lots of items up for bid and in the raffle. You can swipe left to see some examples of my portrait work. Mark your calendars!! I hope you can all make it out ❤️❤️❤️
#transformationtuesday I found this pole video from 3 years ago. Sometimes it’s helpful to go back and look at your old self to remember how far you’ve come and how much more room there is to grow. Song is Be Together by Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle . . . #poledancing #poledancer #poledance #pdballerina #pdsplit #missrocketshippole
Some soft warm up flow from the other day. Warning: mini rant... I see so many pole studios that continue to advance their students and teach them increasingly harder moves without them ever learning proper technique, refinement of their movements, or how to flow fluidly through a combo. The former ballerina in me wants to scream!! In ballet (and most other traditional dance styles) you spend years doing the same basic moves over and over and constantly practice your technique so everything looks refined and proper. It bums me out to see studios just pushing students to advanced levels while they still have unpointed feet, legs never fully extended, or appear shaky and unstable getting in and out of basic moves. Fluidity takes confidence. Confidence takes practice. . . . #poledance #poledancer #poleflow #pdflow #poledancing #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram @poledancerka @poleactive #poleforthesoul #poledancenation #missrocketshippole
I don’t care about Independence Day but I do care about July 4th because it’s my anniversary with my dude 🖤 Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you Nick.
Note to self: tighten bra straps before hitting the studio. Friday’s practice was like a Janet Jackson halftime show. . . . #weekendpowerpoleproject #pdillusion @powerpolesports #poledance #poledancer #pdlevitation #pdarmpithold #pdarmpitgrip #pdfloat #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram #missrocketshippole
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