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Miss Alabama Teen USA 2018• @kennedycromeens

Happy Father’s Day to my main man! He’s definitely the goofiest dad by far, but he’s a real sweetie! I love you so much daddy!❤️💕 #cardig
Happy Birthday to this North Carolina Babe! I love you Caelynn🥑❤️ •in the last pic we were working on self defense😬
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today is YOUR DAY Kirby Wirby!! I love you so much, and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to get to know you this year❤️ you’re such a joy to be around! I love you forever, teen USA roomie💕
Wow, it’s been almost a month since Miss Teen USA, and as I look back at my time there I’m filled with such a big heart❤️ I can’t express how thankful I am for all of my amazing sponsors, who helped me prepare for the pageant. I am forever grateful to @rpmproductions who have me this opportunity to represent the great state of Alabama! Also I just wanted to say thank you to all of the miss teen contestants who voted me as Miss Congeniality!! I’m so thankful to have 50 new BFFS💕 I love each and every single one of y’all! AND go follow @haileycolborn the new Miss Teen USA!! She is so deserving of this and i look forward to watching you this year! Love you❤️
This campus is absolutely stunning! It really is the loveliest place on the plains💙 coming here for a tour made my childhood dreams feel all so real! I have been screaming WAR EAGLE since birth and I hope it continues🐯🧡💙
Alabama girls! Go sign up for Miss Alabama USA/Teen USA TODAY!! I promise that you will not regret this decision! Here’s how I got involved: so, I have never been a “pageant girl” I had never even been to a pageant! I had honestly never walked in heels😂 I had just gotten my braces off and I wanted to go and get my picture taken with fresh new, no chain teeth so I went to @frankcarnaggio he was the one who told me about the pageant and immediately called @rpmdirector @rpmproductions to get me signed up:) I did the pageant and placed 2nd runner up to the FABULOUS @claireascott (my bff and roomie the year). I signed up a week later to do that pageant again, because I met the most outstanding and beautiful girls ever, who will be life long friends💕 these girls are not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside! They have always been the friends that have shown up! The next year I went in with an open mind and I was COMPLETELY me! Long story short I won the title of Miss Alabama Teen USA, and won best interview and Miss Congeniality:) so, what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to be a pageant girl to do a pageant! Sign up and be apart of this AMAZING organization! I hope to see new and old faces on November 17-18
I loved getting to meet and talk to these girls about how important it is to take care of your skin! 😊
This June, in celebration of the United States international day of yoga, I’m teaming up with @smiletrain and practicing yoga to raise funds for children with untreated clefts. See how you can get involved by visiting http://smiletrain.org/yoga . And participate in our month long yoga challenge by using the following hashtag #yogaforsmiles
Just hanging around on a tree @theclothestree_ 🦋
Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸 @threadsbirmingham is having a Memorial Day sale❤️💙 they have a huge new shipment on new summer clothes! Go to the Summit and check it out:)
My favorite out on the town outfit🌟
Alabama, you are so beautiful🌅
Being able to represent Alabama was absolutely incredible! I hope I made my state proud❤️ I’m so honored to have taken home the Miss Congeniality award:) I loved every second of everyday with each of the sweet 50 girls I met💕 congratulations @haileycolborn for winning miss teen USA 2018!! You’re a star 🌟
Miss USA prelims✔️ I’m so grateful that i had the chance to see all of the girls SLAY💁🏼‍♀️ @missalusa you looked amazing❤️ #missusa #teenusa #rpmforthewin #chihaircare #sherrihill
What a fun day with an incredible organization @smiletrain 😄 always remember to •SMILE• everyone:) #teenusa #chihaircare #sherrihill #kennforthewin #rpmforthewin
Wow, what an incredible night! I am so incredibly blessed to have had my sweet miss, missalusa and my whole cheering squad! Sooo much love for everyone and all of y’alls support❤️ #teenusa #rpmforthewin #chihaircare #kennforthewin
Just a little happy selfie after prelims❤️ I loved every second! I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the sweet texts, calls, and photos💕 I truly have the best support system:) #teenusa #rpmforthewin #missalteenusa #kennforthewin #sherrihill #chihaircare
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