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Meet the very fuzzy Fozzie, the sweetest, snuggliest, most kissy pit bull you've ever met! This special boy wins everyone over with his soft, affectionate ways and his precious, smushy little face. He loves everyone he meets, lives to have a lap to sit on and a face to cover in smooches. This easygoing boy would make an incredible family dog, a sidekick for adventures, or just a best friend. He is going to make some lucky adopter out there the happiest person in the world. Learn more about Fozzie and apply to #adopt him at WagsandWalks.org. @wagsandwalks #adoptdontshop #bringinghappinesshome #rescuesofinstagram #fozzie
Stopped by my local @transwellnesscenter to say hi and see what they were up to. Made some new friends (as you can see) and got to take a peek inside their purple closet!! They are doing so many amazing things over there! A clinic, counseling, legal aid, name change assistance, so so much more. And of course, they more help we can give, the more help they can give! If you’re in the LA area and have done/are doing a spring cleaning, think about donating to them. Office is open M-F, 11am - 6pm in Korea Town. You can drop off during those hours. They need clothes, shoes, make-up, hair products, feminine hygiene products and anything you might have to help them organize that big purple closet. Shelves, clothing racks, bins and any closet organizing products. #transwellness #transwellnesscenter #bigpurplecloset
Had the very best night celebrating the stunning and always-fabulous Sally Horchow and her AMAZING musical version of Tootsie!! The cast is brilliant and we didn’t stop laughing!! I think i missed some jokes because we were laughing so hard!! Check it out if you’re in nyc!! It’s seriously so fun and so funny!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sally!! Thank you for including us. 🎂🎂🎭🎼 #shbdayonbway #tootsie @tootsiemusical @sallyhorchow
Wait, i can knit AND stand up against bullying?! IN!!!!! @lionbrandyarn #hatnothate
Hey Everyone! Meet Daphne, a slightly plump and scruffy 2 year old terrier mix! She is warm and engaging, always down for a walk or a belly rub and very outgoing. Daphne weighs 25 pounds and carries the air of a grand dame. If she had a hand, it would be on her hip! She is fun, engaging, intelligent, a great listener, adaptable and is ready to come home with you. Other than a soft bed, your love and the occasional salon appointment, this girl doesn’t require much to be happy! Learn more about Daphne and apply to #adopt her at WagsandWalks.org. @wagsandwalks #adoptdontshop #bringinghappinesshome #rescuesofinstagram
Introducing the beautiful Dakota, a 3 year old white pit bull mix. This sweet girl weighs 60 pounds and is as friendly as they come! She is very affectionate, has a playful and youthful energy and loves spending time with other dogs. Dakota is a smart pup who knows many commands, is crate trained and is working on her leash manners. She is quite the ambassador for her breed and will make an excellent addition to any loving family. Learn more about Dakota and apply to #adopt him at WagsandWalks.org. @wagsandwalks #adoptdontshop #bringinghappinesshome #rescuesofinstagram
My office today. ❤️
Very proud of us!!!!! Check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already. @storybots @netflix
Looking for a young, outgoing pup who will constantly keep a smile on your face? Find him at @wagsandwalks ! Phineas is 6 months old and although listed at the shelter as a pit bull, we're not sure what to call this super-mutt! He weighs 40 pounds and has scruffy fur, short little legs and a serious overbite. Phineas is a happy-go-lucky boy with nothing on his mind besides when he'll get his next meal or see his furry friends. He has been wonderful with every dog he has met and has such a fun spirit about him. Learn more about Phineas and apply to #adopt him at WagsandWalks.org. @wagsandwalks #adoptdontshop #bringinghappinesshome #phineas
This week’s eligible bachelor is the handsome and goofy Midas! Our 1.5 year old Shepherd mix. This 60 pound guy has soft tri colored fur, a fluffy tail and giant paws! Midas is a high energy pup who will thrive in a home that is as active as he is. He knows his basic commands, is very treat motivated and eager to learn. Midas is loving, affectionate and puts a smile on everyone's face. He will do best with a family that is willing to keep up with basic training and obedience. Midas is healthy, up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped. Please reach out to @wagsandwalks if you think Midas might be the man for you!! #adoptdontshop #bringinghappinesshome #wagsandwalks
Dear Vancouver, it’s MARCH! Please stop with the wet and cold. Thank you so much. Love, Judy. PS No little duckies were harmed in the making of this jacket!!! Thank you @save_the_duck for keeping me warm and stylish during the springtime in the Pacific Northwest. (Oh and i love that it rolls up into a little bag because overpacking is my superpower and this gets so small!!!)
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