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Flashback to a day when my eyes weren’t swimming in pollen! So stoked for summer days and alpine sunrises with a healthy side of allergy meds! 💁🏻
Happy Earth Day, friends. I hope you celebrated today and I hope the sense of awe and gratitude for this planet carries into tomorrow. We only have one Earth. We all have a duty to take care of it!
A few thoughts on silence, complicity, and social media. I'm a firm believer in speaking your truth into the world, no matter how small or large your audience. With this belief comes the recognition that my ability to do so is informed by my privilege. There are things that I can call out without fear of reprisal or true consequences because I'm an educated, white, cisgender female. That's not a universal condition and if you don't enjoy it, this post isn't about you. If you also enjoy this privilege, I believe you have a duty to use your voice to speak to issues that call to you. If you were about to chime in with a chorus of "but posting on social media is slacktivism" or "social media isn't real life" or "I go on social media to avoid politics" or my personal favorite "yeah, but I'm a volunteer in my private life so why should I raise my voice?” please refrain. History is marked with similar excuses from folks who failed to stand up when they were needed. Ask yourself this: if you think these gestures are so small, why not make them anyway? You never know who is watching or who you might empower by speaking up. Silence can become complicity. Silence allows the voice of the oppressor to become the dominant narrative, erasing hidden truths. Silence is not golden. I am not saying that you must wear your voice out by shouting every minute of every day. You must take care of yourselves. But, I am suggesting this: your social media presence should reflect the passions you pursue in real time, including those centered on social justice. Food for thought. Take it or leave it.
Happy happy birthday to @matthewfineman , my gorgeous, talented, hilarious, supportive love! I can’t wait for more adventures and summit selfies with you!
I tried thinking of a punny caption for these little nuggets but I didn’t want anyone to get bent out of sheep...
Every outdoor adventure holds metaphors for the seeking mind. The desert is no different. It’s easy to dismiss this wild landscape as desolate; uninhabited. That hasty assumption misses the complexity of the place and the life that persists and flourishes, even against the odds. It misses the history, rich with the stories of the Pueblo, Anasazi, and Moapa-Paiute people. It misses the petroglyphs they left behind, etched through the patina of ancient rock. It misses the beauty. But, if you come into the desert with an open mind and sense of curiosity, you’ll leave with a full heart and sense of wonder. There’s a lot to be said for that.
Surround yourself with powerful women. Uplift their stories and support them through the beauty and sorrow life brings. You will never regret it; they will make your life infinitely better. After all, we all shine brighter together.
Sunsets in Payahuunadü are a special thing. If you’re not paying attention, the colors will slip over the mountains before you notice them, bringing dusk rich with the scent of sage and pine. If you are, you’ll lose yourself watching the colors dance over the mountains. Trust me, it’s worth your time. HUGE shoutout to @jolievarela of @indigenouswomenhike who took time out of her insanely busy life (seriously, I don’t know how she does all the things she does) to share her knowledge of this special place with @paulinadao and me. I can’t wait to share more about our trip in a proper blog post, but for now I urge you to visit her pages for some background on the deeper issues taking place in the valley. Then visit the Pauite-Shoshone Cultural Center to deepen your understanding before you step foot on the rocks in Payahuunadü. As visitors who recreate on land stolen from Indigenous Peoples, honoring their history and culture by educating ourselves is the least we can do.
I was going to be super productive today, then I felt it. That faint, shaky eye feeling that can only mean one thing: migraines-a-comin’, girl, so find a dark spot and hide. I hope you all enjoyed a much less painful Monday! Here’s a photo of Matt, rapping off of the Shark Fin on our “rest day” last week, which somehow turned into a full climbing day because my god, that place was beautiful!
It’s been a wild couple of weeks, full of stunning scenes and amazing humans. Matt and I are on the way home and I’m excited to snuggle my nephew and sleep in my own bed for a few nights before the next adventure begins. In the meantime, I’m sending lots of love and happy thoughts to everyone who has made the last couple of weeks so damn good! Happy Sunday, y’all. I hope it’s treating you kindly!
I sat on a boulder and watched the sky catch fire over Tumanguya. I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking, but I remember the sense of awe and privilege that washed over me as I took it in. I hope those feelings never fade. I hope I never grow to take moments and sights like this for granted. 💜
One of my favorite parts about traveling is the human connection it inspires. My trip to Borneo wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing humans I traveled with or the kind souls we met along the way. It started with our Business Class flight with @singaporeair. As many of you know, I have Celiac disease, which is always tricky when it comes to long flights. Undeterred, they whipped up some delicious gluten free dishes and took amazing care of me while I caught up on movies and napped! We experienced so much kindness from Jeffrey, Dean, Sonny and the entire @stickyricetravel crew! Jeremy at the @hiltonkotakinabalu treated us to a feast, endless jokes, and some luxe accommodations, and everyone greeted us with smiles and laughter. Last but certainly not least, @rachelroams , @borderfreetravels , and @atwjustin kept the good energy flowing the entire trip, no matter how jet-lagged or sticky we became. I’ll treasure these memories and all the laughs for years to come! #borneostrong #flySQ #Malaysia drone 📸: @borderfreetravels (go check her out, she’s crazy talented!
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