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Watching these young bison skirmish in the softly falling snow was a highlight on our trip to West Yellowstone with @visitmontana. These beautiful creatures exude a sense of power and majesty unlike any other. I could watch them for hours. Have you seen bison in the wild? What did you think? P.s. remember not to approach bison or other wildlife if you encounter them. Keep a safe distance and use a long lens to capture the moment without interfering! #montanamoment #sponsored #yellowstonealpenguides
I’m still grinning from an epic day at @bigskyresort with @nickrlake , @marialovely_ , and @jack_lovely__. The resort has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re itching to drop into a steep couloir, throw some tricks in the park, or ride groomers in the sweet sunshine with the fam! Whatever you do, I highly recommend taking the Lone Peak Tram to the summit to catch the views before you go—they are stunning! #bigskyresort @visitmontana #montanamoment #sponsored
I’ve always wanted to try my hand at fly fishing and thanks to @visitmontana and @montanaangler it finally happened! @nickrlake and I spent the day cracking jokes and casting lines with Bill from Montana Anglers. We even managed to catch 7 fish between the two of us (spoiler alert: Nick won the fish off). I’m already scheming up a return trip because I’m hooked! #punintended #montanamoment #sponsored
We kicked off our trip with @visitmontana by hitting Hyalite Canyon for an epic day of ice climbing! Nothing makes you feel quite as powerful as swinging tools up a frozen waterfall! @nickrlake and I had the best of company in Sam, owner and guide extraordinaire from @montanaalpineguides and I’m already planning a return trip! Have you ever tried ice climbing? Would you? I want to know! #montanamoment #sponsored
I have written seven captions for this photo and erased them all. They all came off too humblebraggy and that obscures the quiet* joy that Alex and I felt in this moment, gazing out at the alps before reuniting with #teamteal ! *Okay, let’s be honest: sometimes it was not so quiet. It was more like me running around yelling but still, joy. Pure, unadulterated joy. That’s what this photo means to me. #engelberg #inlovewithswitzerland
I wish I had the words to convey the feelings sights like this inspire. There’s yearning. To get closer and explore more. To feel my crampons bite sharply into the ice while each frosty breath sends an electric thrill through my body. There’s awe, at the sheer scale and beauty of these places and my privilege to exist in them. There’s fear, of failing and factors outside of my control that could make the difference between life and death. And there’s love. A whole lot of love. How do they make you feel?
Remember summer? Yeah, me too! Throwback to this fun adventure with @drawntohighplaces , @natebbrown and @spunkythewitch ! I had so much fun sipping wine, painting with Nikki, and running around like happy goofballs when sunset hit. What summer adventures are you holding onto now that the cold has set in on the west coast?
I learned a lot in 2018; perhaps more than in any other year in recent memory. I wrote about it on my blog, link in profile if you want to take a peek. The biggest takeaways centered in growing intentional community with healthy boundaries and sparkling humans, practicing self care, and extending grace and forgiveness to myself and others. These are things I hope to carry into the new year. Wherever you are tonight, however you’re celebrating, stay safe my friends. We have a whole lot of work to do and love to give in 2019. 💜 P.s. I know this post isn’t my usual style but hey, I’m feeling sparkly ✨✨✨
I spent the morning introspecting on the way I’m showing up lately. To put it frankly, I’m not at my best and I have some deep internal work to do. My life has been punctuated by situations that demanded a certain level of grit and toughness to survive. I know a thing or twenty about putting up walls and drawing lines in the sand to keep myself safe. As a result, I can be tough, domineering, and unforgiving. When I’m feeling threatened or insecure, I have a tendency to revert to this mode; drawing my armor tight around me to hide my soft, vulnerable insides lest they ever suffer the same or similar traumas again. I have been stuck in this pattern lately and I can’t live that way. My softness is just as worthy of the light as my hard edges and it’s okay to show up with vulnerability and tear down those walls to let people in. So here’s to deconstructing and unlearning that which no longer serves us, and growing something new in its stead. What are you working to let go of right now? I would love to know, if you’re in a place to share. 💜
We sat around the dinner table tonight and set intentions for the coming year. Mine is one of abundance; of being willing and able to give and receive great things without questioning my worthiness. I hope the same for all of you. 💜
The first time I met @stephjagger , I cried. Not in a “look at those dewy eyes” kind of way, but in a splotchy, ugly kind of way. You see, she looked me dead in the eye and asked me what I needed. I gazed back, paralyzed with the realization that I had no fucking clue. There I was, 30ish tender years of age with no idea what I needed in life, and not in a “thanks I’ll have another coffee” kind of way. It was a brutal realization and initially I wanted to run away from it. But here’s the thing: it had its teeth in me and once you open that box, there’s no closing it. The only way out is through. So, I started asking myself hard questions and realized some hard truths. I’m not prepared to share all of them right now, but this deep internal reckoning was intense and so necessary. It’s also ongoing. We are the original alchemists. But we can only turn bullshit into gold if we are willing to go deep. As Steph would say, dive in and think pickle. So here’s my question for you on this stormy Saturday: what do YOU need? And what are you willing to do to get it?
Berlin has been amazing but I’m pretty ready to be home so I can give this sassy, handsome man a big ol’ kiss! Throwback to last summer on the summit of Eldo!
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