i’m driven by light and passionate about wild places and the people who seek them via human powered-travel.

The changing season has left me with a sense of heaviness in my body. Daylight hours already wane, signaling the grey days to come. Whether you’re a transplant to the PNW or a lifelong resident, this transition can be tough. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect any of us, even when we haven’t struggled with it before. When I start to feel down and out, it helps me to get outside, even if I only go on a short walk through the neighborhood. I treat myself to cozy things like hot soup, tea, and scrumptious socks and sweaters. I spend as much time in the snow as possible, letting its brightness wash over me. I lean on loved ones for support and the motivation to get out, even when bed beckons. If you’re feeling a little funky, you’re not alone. I linked to some resources in my bio for anyone looking for help and I would love to hear how you cope in the late Fall and Winter months! Chins up, friends. 💜
If you’re reading this, odds are pretty good that you have a passion for getting outside. That means your vote in the upcoming election is critical for safeguarding the places where we love to play. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the east or west coast, what outdoor activities you participate in, or what party you’re affiliated with, we can all find common ground when it comes to protecting wild places. The @outdoorindustry association put together a ton of resources about critical election issues on the ballot this November. I hope you’ll tap the link in my profile to learn more, then comment here or on your own page and pledge to #votetheoutdoors If we don’t, who will?
I hope this peaks your interest in the mountains. Orange you excited about getting into the North Cascades?
I like people with an unquenchable sense of curiosity and a whole lot of sass. @disco_booty knows what’s up! Be like her 💜
Bluebird day ✔️ Larch a-poppin’ ✔️ Killer company in @disco_booty ✔️ All the Adele ✔️ Today was a PNWUMPKIN SPICE DREAM!
It’s all fun and games until someone posts the outtakes! Seriously though, I have so many photos of these two cracking up and I’m pretty sure that means they are doing it right! 💜 #whysoserious #thispostbroughttoyoubywine #undertheinfluencer
Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day! Join me in celebrating with a few simple steps: 1. Support Indigenous-run accounts and honor their labor by listening to their stories, especially when they make you uncomfortable. @indigenouswomenhike , @nativewomenswilderness , @nativesoutdoors , @indigenouswomxnclimb , @caliwolf , and @naturechola are all doing amazing things! 2. Understand that the public lands we hold so dearly only exist because of the forced removal and slaughter of Indigenous People. Do some research on the lands you’re visiting, and honor the original inhabitants. Visit tribal or cultural centers as you travel. Be a good steward of the land and leave it better than you found it. It’s the least we can do. 3. Respect tribal laws, regulations, and voluntary closures of sacred spaces. Yes, my climbing friends, I’m looking at you and your mid-June ascent of Devils Tower. 4. Stop using “tribe” to describe your community, unless you were born or adopted into one. There are so many other words you can use that aren’t appropriative! To all my Indigenous friends who are celebrating today: I see you, I appreciate your labor, I hope today is healing and good. [North Cascades, home of the Skagit, Sauk-Suiattle, Swinomish, and Nlakapamux People.]
Hanging in the chilly Seattle air, daydreaming about the sunshine and laughter from my epic roadtrip with @visitcalifornia and @theoutbound over the summer! Click the link in my bio for some inspiration if you’re hitting the road and let me know how it goes! #visitcalifornia #theoutbound #seemonterey @seemonterey
@nickrlake and I visited Narnia yesterday! It was hard to leave so I plan on going back soon!
Something about these wild places gives me comfort like no other. Maybe it’s the brutal forces they withstand, occasionally bending but never fully breaking. Maybe it’s the cycle of death and rebirth that comes with every season. Maybe it’s the way life always finds a way, no matter how improbable or barren the landscape. Whatever it is, it always leaves me wanting more. Why do you seek places like this? I would love to hear more.
Ringing in Fall the best way I know how: in the North Cascades with @sassbridge and some tasty brews from @10barrelbrewing ! What did you do to celebrate this weekend? #drinkbeeroutside #10barrelpartner
it seems appropriate to share this again today, so here it goes. this one goes out to every woman who's been told she isn't enough you have galaxies strewn across your skin and keep worlds between your thighs remember that you hold the power to bring kings and queens to their knees you are enough—you glorious creature—you have always been enough
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