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Washington is channeling some serious California heat right now and it’s taking me back to this gorgeous sunset from my epic road trip up the central coast with @theoutbound and @visitcalifornia ! If only I could feel that cool ocean breeze and crack ridiculous jokes with @gleeabel and @paulinadao instead of melting. Who’s with me?!
We are all chasing something. For me, it’s light and places that make me feel alive, even while reducing me to a pile of sweaty, sore goo. What are you chasing?
To paraphrase the immortal words of Nina Simone, it’s a new day and I’m feeling moderately less itchy from my layer cake of poison oak and allergic reactions so we’ll call that good!
Alex, taking the final steps to the summit of Eldorado Peak! It was pretty sweet to watch him summit his first glaciated peak; he kept the stoke high and the pace brisk the whole way! It’s always fun to add a friend to the “would rope up with them” category and I’m excited to see what else he gets on in the years to come!
Can you say alpen-WHOA? Sunrise on Sunday was gloriously colorful with some of the most intense purple alpenglow I have ever seen! This is why I sleep on glaciers!
Yesterday was so damn dreamy. @matthewfineman and I summited Eldorado Peak with our buddy Alex, his first time roping up on a glacier! The knife edge was spicy, the views were insane, and the company was top notch!
The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes are nestled along the California coast, just minutes outside of Santa Maria. The walk to the beach takes you by Oso Flaco Lake and an abundance of wildflowers before winding its way to the ocean. Home to many endangered and threatened species of plants and animals, it’s a delicate environment that demands our respect. Tread lightly as you check it out, then prepare for some jaw-dropping views as the Pacific opens before you! I’m already ready to go back with a full picnic basket and a quality book. How about you? Would you visit this sweet spot? @santamariavalley #santamariavalley Oso Flaco Lake and the Guadalupe-Nipomo dunes are the ancestral lands of the Chumash People.
Perched on a wind-swept ridge, these tiny flowers have managed to put down roots despite the harsh environment they find themselves in. Perpetually in motion, they dance in the wind and persist through even the driest of days, bringing beauty and joy to those who take the time to notice them. I hope you’ll take the time. 💜 #visitcalifornia
Joy shared is joy multiplied. That certainly rang true over the last week as I explored the wonders of the California Coast with @paulinadao , @gleeabel and @abvolk thanks to a partnership with @visitcalifornia and @theoutbound ! I have so many new memories that I’ll treasure in the years to come and I can’t wait to go back and explore some more! #visitcalifornia #bigsur #theoutbound
I’m not saying we listened to “Bixby Canyon Bridge” by Death Cab when we hit this portion of the trip, but I’m not saying we didn’t! It was such a treat to see this spot with my own two eyes, thanks to the partnership between @visitcalifornia , @seamonterey , @kicker and @theoutbound ! Now to figure out how to build a glass-front tiny home on one of the surrounding ridges so I can watch the waves and flowers dance whenever I want! #bigsur #visitcalifornia #theoutbound
Yesterday was a dream come true! We explored the Channel Islands via kayak and foot in partnership with @theoutbound , @visitcalifornia , and @visitventura ! We saw three pods of dolphins, paddled through sea caves, and hiked up the hills to take in the stunning vistas and unique patterns that only the ocean can create! It was one for the books and I’m so stoked to see where else this trip takes us! #theoutbound #visitcalifornia #visitventura
It’s funny how something as regular as the setting sun can make grown women dance around in the clouds, oohing and aahing with delight. I hope to never lose that sense of wonder and I’m thankful for friends like @stephjagger and @stephwrighttt who are right there with me, fueling the fire! Solstice sunset was LIT, fam!
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