Una Solitaire

Hi! I'm based in Portland Oregon USA! Model, actress, and stripper! Dick pic = blocked from my profile. Business inquiries only please.

I'll be twerking at @marysclub tonight 9-close! . Bodysuit: @lainarauma
Check out this amazing full coverage skirted bikini from the latest @playfulpromises and @collectifclothing collaboration! I feel in love with the green palm print. More pics coming soon! But don't wait, it's available on the playful promises website now! Link available on their ig. . #pdxmodel #pinuphair #pinup #swim #retro #playfulpromises #collectifclothing #pinupmodel #tattooedmodel
Forgot to take a bts pic at my photo shoot today. Hopefully you caught my live story! Anyway here's a bath pic instead. 🍆
Catch me at @kitkatclubpdx tonight! Twerking 9-close . Robe and body suit by: @lainarauma
Sometimes I'm sexy and other times I'm. . . Really sexy! Haha!
Happy obligatory love day! Whether alone or with a sexy sweetie I figured a sudsy booty pic would be a welcome sight for all. I'll be twerking at @kitkatclubpdx tonight. Bring on the couples dances! Meow!
Just doing my taxes and other upkeep today. My butt looked great yesterday though! I had to wear my new handmade velvet tank onsie to my buddies birthday. The cut on these is perfect! Actually room for my booty and still fitted in the legs. . Velvet onsie: @lainarauma . #handmaderevolution #handmade #buyhandmade
Always a good time for a little classic budior fun! . 📸: @cody_augustine . Lingeire: @playfulpromises @bettiepagelingerie
I'm revealing it all tonight at @marysclub ! Twerking 9-close 😁 . Robe: @lainarauma
About yesterday. . . . Day off today. Don't fret though! I'll be back at @marysclub tomorrow night 😁 . Robe: @lainarauma #nofilter
Double today! If you're stuck in the snow downtown I'll keep you warm. @marysclub 4-9pm then @kitkatclubpdx 9-close! . Lingeire: @lainarauma
Candles and bubbles
@purrfectpineapples got me again! This vintage holiday pattern is toooo cute! . #buyhandmade #handmaderevolution #supportsmallbusiness #sweatshopfree
Twerking at @marysclub tonight 9-close! . Undies: @hot.mango.pdx
I had a great time shooting with @quantography for the first time yesterday morning! I got to brave the pdx mini snow adventure for our 9am shoot and it was very worth. What a pro getting images to me the next day, even while he's on the road! I hope you all enjoy 😄 . Lingerie and robe: @lainarauma . #buyhandmade #handmaderevolution #handmadelingerie #handmadeluxury
I can't wait to shoot in, or just Fu#%ing wear, these casual yet luxurious pieces from @lainarauma ! I've been looking for handmade velvet basics for a WHILE so when I found these I went a bit nutz. . #buyhandmade #handmaderevolution #sweatshopfree
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