Una Solitaire

Hi! I'm based in Portland Oregon USA! Model, actress, and stripper! Dick pic = blocked from my profile. Business inquiries only please.

It's starting! The lyric Project by @thechocolategiant showing at Star Theater tonight! . #pdxfilm #supportlocalartists
Another beautiful shot captured by @kickassdesigns . I start every morning with a cup of coffee. Whether I'm at home or on the go that morning cup of jo has to be with me. After self medicating my depression with alcohol for many years caffeine is the one feel good drug I allow myself to indulge in every day. Substitution, baby steps. I may appear glamorous, but there was a strong sadness behind it up until a year or so ago when I found an anti depressant that has been working for me. This photo series, for me, is about that journey. More to come. Love to you all 🤗 . Lingerie: @dottiesdelights . #sad #pinup #pinuphair #lingerie #soft #vulnerability #nevergiveup
What a splendid day off after my double yesterday. I went from one delightful nap to another delightful nap. Here's a pic from a day where I got purdied up and shot with @cody_augustine . . #summer #whycantitbesummer #whycantsummerlastforever
Double trouble today! I'm twerking at @marysclub 4-9pm and then off to @kitkatclubpdx from 9-close! . Lingerie: @jia_atelier . #punkhair #ilovemyjob
More #handmade goodies arrived today! Yeowee! 3 years ago my new years resolution was to completely cut out buying clothed made with unfair labor practices. I'm still not 100% there but I'm the closest I've ever been to this goal. Instead of a closet full of cheap fast fashion that I'm not proud of, I have a growing collection of quality pieces made by people who are passionate about their art. Thank you to all the independent fashion creators out there!
So stoked! My @purrfectpineapples set arrived! I can't wait to shoot in this. I've been lusting over this wolf pattern for a while. . #handmade #buyhandmade #handmaderevolution #shoplocal
Some days are great! Cherish all the triumphs of your day, even the tiney ones, because other days in the future will be hard. That's just the way of things. . 📸: @cody_augustine . #flamingo #floaties #triumph
#pinup calendar pre orders are still up! Snag yours now! Link in my profile stories! . 📸: @01ginomartino Lingeire: @malicelingerie Pasties: @purnapetals #booty #peach #tattooedgirls #inkedgirls #altmodel
Double today! I'm at @marysclub today 4-9pm and @kitkatclubpdx from 9-close! . Lingeire by: @jia_atelier . #handmade #handmaderevolution #ilovemyjob
Its @djpusssyfoot s birthday party tonight at @guiltyple ! I'll see you at 10pm
I'm twerking tonight at @kitkatclubpdx 9-close! . #ilovemyjob
I have such a soft spot for #handmade lingerie. I found this brand on etsy years ago and my how they have grown! 😍😍😍 who wants to shoot me in these 🙄😁
After many trials in the darkness of ig exile, I emerge anew. . 📸: @01ginomartino . Lingeire: @modministry . Pasties: @purnapetals . #handmade #handmaderevolution #pdxmodel #altmodel #lingerie #artphotography
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