Mital Patel

Vote or die
Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal
Fire, ice and everything nice
Happiness is...
(Happy + Hale)^2 @happyandhale
Big pond. Bigger fish.
A complete 180 #TooManyHashtags
Often imitated, never duplicated. There’s only one Original Glazed™ #NationalDoughnutDay @krispykreme
Almost full in a very full way #NorthHills #QualRidgeBooks #waxinggibbous 🌔
Being outside never gets old. Vitamin District
Turns out people from “shithole” countries make delicious food
@rimpz82 swears it was the rice congee from @brewerybhavana that helped her recover from her cold Saturday. So of course, today, she decided to make her own batch. I think we have a New Year tradition in the making.
For whatever may ail you. #BidaLife
Lookin’ real good, DURM. #WaxingCrescent #WinterSolstice
Her mug is bigger than her mug. And they grow up fast, indeed. #HotChocolateLover
Kid. Candy store. @gaggan_anand
Good morning, Bangkok!
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