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This is what it looks like when you go from model to #mogul . @chrissyteigen no one has worked harder than you to get to this point and I know it better than anyone. Keep setting that bar. Wow. CONGRATS. #thisiswhatputtingtheworkinlookslike #Repost @chrissyteigen ・・・ A dream come true. My #cravingscollection line at @Target is available NOW!! Thank you @paigewatson_vm for these beaaaaautiful photos!!
👫 repost @refinery29 ・・・ "What a beautiful sight in today’s @nytimes : a full-page ad taken out by 1,600 men in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (and Anita Hill before her)—inspired by the letter of solidarity 1,600 black women took out during the Clarence Thomas hearings. “We believe survivors, and we call on all men of good will to stand with us to ensure that Dr. Blasey Ford’s story is carefully and fully examined without bias or prejudice,” they write. “In the words of Anita Hill, ‘There is no way to redo 1991, but there are ways to do better.’ “ #AcknowledgeIsPower #NoMoreKnowMore #R29Regram : @cindi_leive
It’s like when your best friend marries someone extra dreamy. So happy for our friends at @time Hoping they live happily ever after.
BOSS MOVES BABE!!!!! Yay @kateupton for you and your new fitness program and line!! I know what a passion this is of yours and I’m so excited to see it come to fruition! So excited for this!!! #strong4mefit
Look at this #BOSSBABE that came to see me today!!!! Catching up with my love @iamjessicagomes on all the big moves she is making!!!!! @equal_beauty 😍
It never gets any easier. #neverforget
We all need someone to look up to. Woman, athlete, mom, wife, daughter, sister, working professional. You make it look easy @serenawilliams but we know it isn’t. We know the work you put in. We can relate in our own special way. Thanks for being that for us all. Keep fighting in all you do. Thanks @alexisohanian for making me cry today. Lol. Get it girl. Thanks for representing so many things to so many people.
Not quite sure how to put the past weekend into words. How I had the most incredible honor to marry one of my best friends in this lifetime to one of the most wonderful humans any of us know. I’m so proud of these two people and all of their people who are now all of my people who came together to have what is undoubtably one of the most magical weekends any of us have ever had. Pretty amazing that after traveling around the world like a queen and all of the other trappings that come with this job that the thing I value most over anything else is the people that I have in my life because of it. Ugh. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I MARRIED YOU TWO!!!!!! Thank you for loving each other and for giving me one of the most incredible honors of my life. 🌲💗🌲 Eternal love and happiness @darciebaum @markburroughs #fireinthehole2018
New blonde by @steve_amendola_hair_color with a special guest appearance by @steveamendola ‘s new ink!! #thereisnokoifishemoji Now I’m ready to go be high priestess of love for @darciebaum & @markburroughs this weekend!!!!! 🙊💗💗💗
I try to never respond to things like this because I’m aware that discussions like these will never be satisfied because folks think everything a brand like Swimsuit does is a “strategy”. NEWSFLASH!!!! A lot of times we are just doing what we believe in and what we feel is the right thing to do. One of the perks of my job is being able to act like a human being! Baby was nursing backstage, I breastfed 2 children so I GET IT! I happen to think it’s a beautiful and natural part of being a woman. Breasts can do lots of things! It was a 30 second conversation and I left it up to @_maramartin_ #TheEnd . After the fact, if it helps women in even the smallest way, I’m thrilled because I lived the breastfeeding life for 2 years and for many women it’s the hardest part of being a new Mom. But this decision was 100% for the sake of baby Aria in that moment. @dailymail @gmb
Sunday night vibes. Ringside with @joshosh18 at @wwe #summerslam #hescaresme #thedemom
Stages of the blood moon tonight with the good camera 🌖✨ #bloodmoon
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