MJ Day

Editor, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Happy Birthday @danielle_herrington_ Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!!! Love you!!! 🎂🎉🎁🎈
@steveamendola out cuted me so HARD in this picture I had to post it. Plus he gave me my blonde back so I owe him. 🤣 @steve_amendola_hair_color #blondeisback
@samanthahoopes running the @si_swimsuit world today from the captain chair✌🏻
The Mother’s Day OG. Love you Mom.
Our ode to tonight’s @vogue #metgala theme featuring @irinashayk shot by @alexcayleystudio in a #mantilla
Happy Birthday @hannahbjeter ❤️u!!!!! 📸 @ruvenafanador in #tulum #CincoDeHannah
#TBT to that time the world 🌎 woke up @theashleygraham @si_swimsuit 📸 @jamesmacari
I’m always a #fangirl for when my #covergirl @danielle_herrington_ pops by to say hiiiiiii!!! #DaniObsessed ! #wallofcovers
#tbt to that time @genevievemorton and the entire @si_swimsuit crew swam across the croc and hippo infested Zambezi river with our gear on our heads to shoot on the edge of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. #NBD . Jk. We are savage AF #devilspool #Zambia #zimbabwe
Throwing back to when the weather is better in Antarctica than spring in NYC. #anytimeyouarereadyspring #stopbeingabiatch #wtf
@agray35 I’m pretty sure when you walked into my office what seems like forever ago, this dude from SI working on #thevault , volunteering to run the @si_swimsuit website that didn’t even exist yet, I had no idea what an incredible asset and force you would be to the team here. I thought, hey, this guy knows how to research photos and he obviously knows how to write and he’s enthusiastic so let’s give him a try! Many years later not only have you driven the success of this brand in unimaginable ways, but you also have endeared yourself to not only the most protective and fiercely guarded group I know (myself included) but the revered and beloved group of women we celebrate on a daily basis here at SI Swimsuit. Andy you are our secret weapon and a tireless and brilliant champion of @si_swimsuit ❤️. It pains me to loose you but I am so thrilled and excited for this next step in your life. Cheers to you and eternal gratitude for all your work, ideas, efforts, and just being ANDY. Dude. I will miss you. Ps. Had to include a photo (#2 ) of the best day of your life at #Swim when you hung with @dannyamendola Everyone let’s toast (or roast 🤣) @agray35 !
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