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One of my biggest insecurity was my nose- since high school I noticed that my side view was a lot bigger than everyone else’s and I had this “horrible” bump. My insecurity with it only worsened when I went college and I would refuse to take side view pictures and even cover it up as much as I could. I use to get so upset about it that a couple of years ago I actually decided to get cosmetic surgery done and straighten out my nose. I even went as far to have a consultation and was willing to go through all the pain and money. Even when loved ones around me would tell me that I didn’t need it done- I chose to ignore and was adamant I needed it. Anyways after some thinking I didn’t go ahead with it. Why? Well the thing was I sat there and thought there’s a reason why I have this nose, there’s a reason why I was created to look the way I do. This is me- this is what differentiates me from looking like everyone else. This is what makes me unique. So slowly I started to accept it- to love it (I mean I’m still learning) but I’m growing to love this little part of me that I first despised more and more. I may not have the perfect buttoned nose- but what is perfect? Also I don’t have anything against anyone who has cosmetic surgery- if that’s what makes you happy then do you! But my biggest thing I want to encourage is to be happy and accept what makes you different from everyone else and love you for you! Our flaws are flawless 😌 Anywaysss dolls hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you! ✨ Turban-
Pretending I just parked up me bike & going about me business 🏍😊 #approved
There’s a new post up on the blog Modestmira (LINK IN BIO) talking about the reasons for going vegan! Give it a read and let me know your thoughts! #vegan Also this cute turban is from 💚 P.s. thanks @simrah.zafar for letting ya girl know about this vegan brownie milkshake 😭
I have really been after the right posters for my room and these definitely were what I had in mind! In collaboration with @desenio you dolls can use the code “modestmira25” which gives you 25% off posters* on all of their sites between August 7th and 9th. Also follow @desenio for more inspiration! *Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters. #Desenio
My shadow being a deception of how tall I really am. Hope everyone had a chilled out weekend- I know I did & really needed it tbh!
Since my decision on giving up meat and dairy products completely, I have got to say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made overall. I was never a big meat fan in general and would only eat it because I was told to butch up and to gain weight you needed to eat meat to increase protein intake. But I never felt right in doing so- but since being vegan I’ve never felt better with myself and how I feel. It’s had such a positive impact on myself and well being. I always get asked ‘but like how do you make up for the vitamins and proteins that you no longer get from meat?’ Well believe it or not a lot you can get from certain foods like vegetables, nuts and different types of beans. But also I’ve had the help of @vitabiotics which have launched their new vegetarian/vegan supplement that supports the nutrients you need and helps with Iron and B12 levels. | AD #ad #WellWomanVegan #Vitabiotics
Loving both the @muglerofficial Aura EDP and the new Aura EDT. They both smell divine and Aura EDT is definitely my go to summer scent! You can get hold of your own fragrance on (link in bio) and you can use the code ‘AMIRAAURA’ to get 10% off your purchase. |AD #ad #listentoyourinstinct #makeitbeat #mymugler #💚
Even though I do try and eat as many veggies and fruits as possible to maintain a well balanced diet. I do take a vegan/vegetarian vitamin supplement once a day to keep me going! @vitabiotics maintains those Iron, Zinc and B12 levels which reduces fatigue and tiredness and gets me through my day! |AD #ad #WellWomanVegan #Vitabioics
Had such a great evening last week spending it exploring the city centre in the @muglerofficial taxi for the launch of their new Aura Mugler EDT perfume! Be sure to keep an eye out for their taxi around your area. You can also receive 10% off your purchase on when using the code ‘AMIRAAURA’. |AD. #ad #listentoyourinstict #makeitbeat #mymugler #💚
Looking out for my Chuck Bass.. Rewatching Gossip girl & it be giving off some major fashion inspo. Best part about rewatching a series is you can skip to the last episode.. 🌝But on that note wishing everyone a lovely week!
A Saturday of doing literally nothing and it felt good 😊 I’ll probably regret it later but Imma just enjoy the moment.. how’s everyone else’s weekend kicking off? ✨
Thank you @footlockereu for inviting me to the @reebokclassicsuk ‘Alter the Icons’ event! You can see more of what I got up to on my stories! Give it a check guys! |AD ❤️💙 #ad #approved #altertheicons
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