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Back with a bang! Your favourite seasonal Limited Editions have arrived online and in-store. Click the link in our bio to shop the post. #MerryMuddlement
NEW Limited Edition Muddled Plum - the surprising spirit of Christmas, brewed with a bang! Now available online and in-store. #MerryMuddlement
"Molton Brown candles cannot be beaten! It is the only candle that gives off such a fantastic relaxing aroma and it is so long lasting... I find it quite decadent." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Review of our Ylang Ylang Three Wick Candle. Click the link in our bio to shop the post.
For the daring and the curious, this fragrance is for you. Deep notes of black tea, woody birch and aromatic vetiver take you to the depths of Siberia's wilderness for an unforgettable experience. Click the link in our bio to shop the post.
Enrich your bathing experience with a generous pouring of Rosa Absolute. Click the link in our bio to shop the post.
Decisions, decisions... which one would you choose? Click the link in our bio to shop the post.
Experience our fiercely feminine NEW Jasmine & Sun Rose Collection through a complimentary Hand & Arm Massage at your nearest store. #OwnYourBold
Indian maringa oil mingles with a haze of rich aromas from the east, restoring your senses and leaving skin feeling silky-smooth.
From full-size fragrances, hand creams, and baubles to mini candles, washes and lotions; our NEW Opulent Infusions Advent Calendar will certainly not disappoint. Click the link in our bio to shop the post.
A balance of fresh and warm notes invigorates the senses; nourish hands with our iconic Black Pepper fragrance.
Crafted like a beautiful painting, blushes of raspberry and peach play with floral brushstrokes of jasmine and osmanthus with labdanum and musk creating a smooth canvas; exquisitely delicate yet exceptionally powerful. #OwnYourBold
Congratulations to our hotel partner @GreatFosters on winning AA Hotel of the Year for England 2018-19. Located just outside of London, it's the perfect countryside retreat featuring our luxury amenities in each room.
Our Limited Edition scent is a heady brew: Succulent Victoria plums, homegrown in Sussex, ferment in a honeyed cordial, which trickles into a distillation of dark, rich rum. The final touch to this tantalising liquor is a sprinkling of spicy saffron for a comforting, lingering warmth. #MerryMuddlement
Tantalising. Opulent. Intoxicating. Indulge in our Limited Edition Muddled Plum body care luxuries from our most grown-up collection yet. #MerryMuddlement
Sprinkle your home in glittery mayhem with our NEW Limited Edition Muddled Plum Scented Glitter. Click the link in our bio to shop the post. #MerryMuddlement
“Muddled Plum is a celebratory fragrance filled with festive spirit. Oak-aged rum notes give this scent its signature: playful, yet grown-up. Indulgent liquor-drenched plums, muddled in luxurious spices and dusted in frosted sugar, set the tone in the opening. Oriental accents and refreshing orange mingle with the rich warmth of sandalwood, leaving a sophisticated yet intoxicating aroma.” Carla Chabert, Master Perfumer. Click the link in our bio to shop the post. #MerryMuddlement
Online Preview: NEW Limited Edition Muddled Plum Intoxicate your senses with the tantalising liquor-drenched notes of our new collection. Click the link in our bio to shop the post. #MerryMuddlement
The pressure is building: prepare to decant an infusion of mature opulence. A new Limited Edition is on its way and is bound to get you all in a muddle... #MerryMuddlement
"I absolutely love this fragrance – It feels classic with a contemporary edge to it and one that I think would work so well for all age ranges. Enchanting and Elegant – it really is like a fine work of art." @HouseofPaperDoll Click the link in our bio to shop the post. #OwnYourBold
Sundays were made for long steamy soaks... Drop a generous amount of our Orange & Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel into your tub, lie back and savour the scent of Sevillian orange. Once dry, massage our Body Oil into your skin for a silky-smooth finish. Click the link in our bio to shop the post.
This picturesque jasmine flower is plucked from the banks of the Nile Delta at dusk in order to capture its peak intoxicating essence. We chose to source our Jasmine flowers from Egypt, as they're more floral and less fruity than those from India. #OwnYourBold
Colder nights call for cosy candles and sophisticated scents. Infused with Italian rose oil, blackcurrant and rich patchouli, our Rosa Absolute fragrance is perfect for date night dining.
Begin your deeply rich bathing ritual and enjoy FREE UK delivery on every order this weekend. (T&Cs apply)
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