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Make me feel weightless... when all my life I’ve felt so heavy... . . . Photo by @aranka_israni
Put together this look with my stylist @khyatibusa and @shibanidandekar ... sometimes life on the road is so hectic... pressure to always wear something new... to SHOW UP - when really you wanna wear PJs and eat cookies in bed (just me? Or any of you too?) - shit gets fun when I can play with my clothes for gigs. Also borrow your besties clothes and save a dime amiright??? But wearing riotous colours and exploring and being a little me life. I love that being a musician really allows me that. #dmoney #mondog #style #jaipur (jacket by @_purple_paisley_ )
When no one ain’t around... I think I think too much... when ain’t nobody watching.... I feel it fade.... I just fade away... #kanye . . . Photo by @rosh93 . Hair by @reenadutta123 . Makeup by @anishaachhabriamakeup . Styled by @khyatibusa
Photo by @rosh93 . Styled by @khyatibusa . Hair by @reenadutta123 . Makeup by @anishaachhabriamakeup . . . Whenever people ask me how I am... I answer honestly, “yeah good! But so tired! Feeling over worked.... just don’t feel peace in my head...” . But I’m reminded today of how my uncle would always say “honey I’m fantastic. Not a complaint in the world!” - he was the first to truly “make it” in his family. Coming from extreme poverty... and working his way up the corporate ladder in America as an immigrant from india. So now, I’m going to try his tactic. Let’s be fantastic today. Without a complaint in the world!
Music on. World out. . I said it once and I’ll say it again . This one is gonna be fire 🔥 . Honoured to be a part of The Fastrack Music Run fam! Grab your one-way ticket to the FITTEST party of the year. It’s going to be a LIT December folks. Do you have what it takes to #LiveTheBeat ? #FastrackMusicRun #TheMusicRun #Fastrack @nikhilchinapa @fastrackworld @vh1india @zevenworld @myntra @boat.nirvana @fitternity @saavn @clarksexotica @thedharaviproject @redfmindia . . . Photo by @flyingparatha
I found my winter wonder! Neutrogena recently launched its hydro boost water gel in India and I cannot be happier. This winter, my skin will always be hydrated. Be it heavy make up or just a rough day of traveling, my skin is soft and supple. I love how bouncy it becomes after I apply this water gel. Check out my review and go grab yours at @mynykaa now! #hydroboostmyskin #hydrateovermoisturise #marathonmoisture #neutrogenaxnykaa
Got my superhero vibe on for this one! To all my peoples who run sh**! A shout out to all you fitness seekers and music lovers to hit Asia’s FITTEST party running! So pumped to be a part of this shoot with The Fastrack Music Run! Get ready to face the music, conquer the track and #LiveTheBeat . Use promo code RunMonica for 20% off tix. #FastrackMusicRun #TheMusicRun #Fastrack @nikhilchinapa @fastrackworld @vh1india @zevenworld @myntra @boat.nirvana @fitternity @saavn @clarksexotica @thedharaviproject @redfmindia . . This one is gonna be 🔥
Grateful for how the heart heals... for the malleable spirit...for internal compasses... and a developing benevolence towards material success... grateful for true soul connections...and being equipped with a resilience that sustains.... . . Grateful to collaborate with artists like you . . Photo by @rosh93 . Styled by @khyatibusa . Hair by @reenadutta123 . Makeup by @anishaachhabriamakeup
Had such a good time at #SaturdayMorningLive with @nbaindia and these beautiful folks @menacesingh @rannvijaysingha @simrankaurmundi . . PS - I’m wearing a dress by @dhruvkapoor and bum bag by @gucci
Because when your heart breaks . It is mine that will be shattered . I can’t ignore it because it chases my own shadow . And if my thoughts become... I am the sole creator . But I still pray to turn my fate around . . #shaairandfunc #lyrics . . . Photo by @rosh93 . Styled by @khyatibusa . Hair by @reenadutta123 . Makeup by @anishaachhabriamakeup
“I need a good thing... been needing something sweet.... (I’m going to) save all my loving... for someone stronger than me...” . . Photo by @rosh93 . Hair by @reenadutta123 . Styled by @khyatibusa . #makeup by @anishaachhabriamakeup . . Wearing #vintage robe by @dior #femalegaze
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