Monroe Organic Farm

We are one of the oldest organic farms in Colorado. Since 1936 we have been growing fruit and vegetables. We believe in being caretakers of the land!

First #snowfall on the fields.... #solongsummer #seeyanextyear . #greality
Colors ofautumn! #cheddarcauliflower and #acorntrees !
It's #pepperday @longmontfarmersmarket ! Come and get your peppers in Longmont and Cherry Creek @coloradofreshmarkets from 8 until 1pm, in @boulderfarmersmarket from 8am until 2pm and in Cheyenne WY from 7am until noon! It's not just peppers today! We have broccoli, tomatoes and melons along with other favorites! Don't forget to check out our GoFundMe, link is in the bio....
Weโ€™ve got cauliflower at the farmers market today! Come see us at #boulderfarmersmarket #longmontfarmersmarket #cherrycreekfarmersmarket and #cheyennefarmersmarket
Still sharing some snaps of our first #farmtotabledinner . You all make the hard work worth it! Love your #smilingfaces !
#flowers and #food make for a #fabulousfeast . Thanks to everyone who came out to our first #farmtotabledinner ! Thank you @healthyharvests and everyone else who contributed to making the evening a magical one!
Thanks to all who came out for our very first #farmtotabledinner last night! It was a magical evening!
Market day! Come and stock up on organic goodies at your local Farmer's Market today! We will be in Longmont and Cherry Creek until 1pm, Boulder until 2pm and Cheyenne WY until noon.... #comeandgetit We are also still running our GoFundMe campaign.... if you are interested in learning more, click the link in our bio!
Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach over $5,000 so far for our fundraiser for a no- till planter! We are also selling hats, t- shirts and cookbooks, with all profits going toward the purchase of the planter. Contact jacquie at today to get yours! Link in bio for our go fund me campaign๐ŸŒฝ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒถ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ‰๐ŸŒฟ
#sundayvibes , if you're gonna be naughty, at least do it well ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ˆ. And if you are in the #greeleycolorado area and you enjoy #donuts and you haven't tried #spudnuts at #redsdogsanddonuts you HAVE NOT been living! #bestdonutsever ! #bestorganicproduceever ! #itscalledbalance #greeleyunexpected
@healthyharvests unleashed this infused magic on us...using chilies from the farm! YUM
All #smiles for #farmersmarket Saturday. Come and see us in @boulderfarmersmarket from 8 until 2pm, @longmontfarmersmarket and Cherry Creek @coloradofreshmarkets from 8 until 1pm and Cheynne WY from 7am until noon........ Also, don't forget that you have 1 week to sign up for our farm to table dinner that we will be hosting at the farm next Sunday. If you can't make it to the dinner, but want to donate to the cause, check out the link in our bio. Have a fabulous weekend!
Howdy partners! We will be hauling #organicgoodies to a town near you tomorrow! Catch us in @longmontfarmersmarket and Cherry Creek @coloradofreshmarkets from 8 until 1pm, and @boulderfarmersmarket from 8 until 2pm #farmergirls #farmersmarketfinds
Jacquie Monroe snapped this photo on an early morning walk this weekend, she mused... "some people see weeds, but I see beauty..." #letemgrow
#farming is a #familyaffair . We love and appreciate all of our members, but our working members hold a place near and dear to our hearts! Thanks for #lendingusyourhands !
More #scenesofsummer from the farm. #summersquash
To the person who wrote this jingle and sang it to me at market last year.... thank you! And also, damn you.... ๐ŸŽถ I like watermelon for breakfast, but #honeydew is my fav-oh-rite, #cantelope is also acceptable, but honeydew is my fav-oh-rite๐ŸŽถ
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