Monroe Organic Farm

We are one of the oldest organic farms in Colorado. Since 1936 we have been growing fruits & vegetables. We believe in being caretakers of the land!

We are all set up at #farmersmarkets across the state! Come see us @longmontfarmersmarket and @coloradofreshmarkets in Cherry Creeek from 8 until 1pm and @boulderfarmersmarket from 8 until 2pm.
"The only difference between a weed and a flower is a judgement." -unknown #letemgrow
Making their debut this week! #eggplant !
#tomatoes in early morning sunlight.... #atreatfortheeyesandthetummy
People at market often stop to peep our purple peppers. "What's a purple pepper taste like?" They say.... well.... green peppers start as green and when they ripen and develop more sugars, they turn into #redbellpeppers . Purple peppers, when they ripen they turn into yellow or orange. A #purplepepper is sweeter than a green and not as sweet as a red or yellow or orange pepper. Our purple #bellpeppers are outta this world tasty and the perfect balance of sweet with a bit of spice.
Our resident Mistress of Melons showing off a beautiful rare cantaloupe the Greeley Wonder ! #greeleywondercantaloupe #seedsaversexchange #4thgenerationfarmer
It's #tomatotime ! Heirlooms are coming on strong and we will have several varieties of tomatoes at market tomorrow! Come see us in @longmontfarmersmarket and @coloradofreshmarkets in Cherry Creek from 8am to 1pm and @boulderfarmersmarket from 8am until 2pm. In addition to tomatoes we will have: Beets Cabbage Carrots Fennel Purple and Green bell peppers Red and Yellow Watermelon Muskmelon Summer Squash Cucumbers Pickles Broccoli And More! See you tomorrow! Stylish sunprotection by @wallaroohats
My oh my, it's #melontime !
Orange and yellow #bellpeppers begin as #purplepeppers and then morph into sunsets. #prettypeppers
Pretty #pattypan !
Awww #hailnah ! Wicked weather strikes again, but spared the farm. #quailegg sized #hail fell from the sky, but only fell long enough to scare the bejezzers out of all of us. No more rain dances on the farm, the side effect of a good rain is icy destruction. Whew. Crops are spared. Back to work.
Introducing #greenbellpeppers , Heirloom & beef steak FIELD tomatoes!!!!Red & yellow watermelon, musk melon, slicing cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, summer squash, red & Yukon gold potatoes, garlic, gold & red beets, carrots, yellow, red & white onions, popcorn, & dried beans.... we will be selling all of the above at #farmersmarket tomorrow..... @boulderfarmersmarket from 8 to 2pm tomorrow and also @longmontfarmersmarket and @coloradofreshmarkets in cherry Creek from 8 to 1pm.
Another distribution day and this is how one of our members prepares her #CSA share.
Sundays are for #mealprep . Preserve your #veggies now to eat healthy all winter long.
#farmersmarket and #muskmelons it must be Saturday! Come on out to @boulderfarmersmarket until 2pm and @longmontfarmersmarket and @coloradofreshmarkets until 1pm to get your hands on some of our #melons . #organicbeforeorganicwascool
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