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Home of Monsters of HipHop + Monsters A-List Coming to a city near you! Register now for our #XVtour LA Finale!

Our Tuesday is going smoothly how bout yours?? 😏 Grooves by @fefe_burgos Dancing with @deniza_5 @katiemino and some Orlando beasts, tag em in the comments! #ALIST #XVtour #orlando
You already know the Alumni piece in this year’s Monsters Show is gonna be LIT 🔥 Shoutout to @kassdidybright for this choreography 🙌 Danced by @taylerreeff @phivoba @katherineiheke @joshchavez777 @seeee26 #ALIST #XVtour #vancouver
Because who doesn’t want to let it go this summer with @chonique ? 😏 #XVtour #LAfinale #exclusivesneakpeak @creatingopps
Little #flashback for your Friday featuring some of our faves @petedzoo and @delisha_williams 🙌 Choreography by @tatiparker !! #ALIST #XVtour #chicago #fbf #flashbackfriday
🚨CALLING ALL LA DANCERS | Early rates for our #XVtour #LAfinale expire TOMORROW at midnight! Book your spot to train with the best (at the best price available) NOW @ 👈 #seeyouthere #losangeles #ladance
Who else is ready to party at our summer finale 🙋‍♂️🏖🏄‍♀️🏐☀️🎉 Choreography by: @anzeskrube Dancing with: #kidscast @jenemarie_ @lilmack_5678 🎵 @chrisbrownofficial PARTY #ALIST #XVtour #nashville
As if you needed another reason to book your LA Finale / Monsters Show tickets 👀👀👀 Get em now before it sells out! #XVtour #LAfinale #exclusivesneakpeek @parrisgoebel
#flashbackfriday to when @mrkudelka brought us this amazing Faculty performance. Dancing with some allstar Alumni @seeee26 @dom.ruiz and @taylerreeff 🙌🔥 #XVtour #santaclara #fbf
Mooood cause school’s almost out for summer 😎 Also shoutout to @Fefe_burgos going undercover in this crowd of little monsters 🙌 #ALIST #XVtour #orlando
We haven’t posted a dance vid in a while ... so here’s @lylebeniga to bless your timeline today 🙌✨ #ALIST #XVtour #nashville
Los Angeles you are in for a treat this summer. Got a lot in store for the 15th year anniversary Legacy Show + LA Finale! This weeklong event may or may not go down in history as one of the best ever. So sign up TODAY if you haven’t already! Show tickets going quickly!! #monsterslegacy #XVtour #themonstersshow
Introducing...THE LIMITLESS TOUR ‘18-‘19 👊🏼 New Cities. More Opportunities. Bigger and Better than ever before. ARE YOU READY?! 💥 Registration opening next week 👀 Comment below the cities you’re coming to and tag a friend who will come with 🙌🏼 #Monsters #LimitlessTour #BecomeTheFuture
Because the young talent these days is TOO GOOD 🙌 Say hello to our 2018 KIDS CAST! Come see these little monsters kill it this summer in Los Angeles in our Monsters Legacy Show, July 27 & 28 at the Marriott Burbank. Get your tickets now because Friday’s show is close to selling out already! 😱 • • • MEET THE KIDS CAST | @sass_ci2005 @maggipritzkau @jj_pincince_ @sgates_thedancer @goosie11 @jhai_jhai_fab @j.t.007 @myah_dances @therealatrain @kk_rose_official @jt_church @phoenix_phreestyles @devyboy @lihicatriel @aldenjase @kahl_ill • • • #XVtour #XVCAST #kidscast #themonstersshow #monsterslegacy #lilmonsters
LET’S KEEP THE HYPE GOING ⚡️ Please give a warm welcome to our #XVCAST ! Come see these dancers join the Monsters Legacy in our 15th Anniversary Show, July 27 & 28 in Los Angeles ➡️ TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE • • • MEET THE CAST | @rob_bynes @amvndamay @bonguno @young.christian4real @emily_imagna @khalilmcneil @ami_takashima @gabedofficial @ludwiczak @jadaa.28 @nataly__santiago @sasha_fierce132 @alekzsamone @kebahb @lilkerriceb @amanda_grind • • • #XVtour #XVCAST #themonstersshow #monsterslegacy
From @monstersdance owner, Andy Funk | #repost @afunkofficial ・・・ This year’s Monsters Show Cast is complete and as many of you have said, it is unreal! Our 15th Anniversary Show is about to be our biggest to date! This cast deserves all of the hype and I hope you all get your tickets in time to see them “go awfff” before we sell out! That being said, there are any number of nominees who could have been named who were equally deserving. I know you can’t possibly know the feeling yet, but ask any of the Show alumni who were nominated multiple times and they will tell you that they wouldn’t have it any other way! Their cast was the one they were meant to be other. As much pride and excitement as we feel today, I know there is also tremendous disappointment for those of you who were not selected this year. There are a lot of cliches I could use to try to make you feel better but at the end of the day, I understand your disappointment. Only YOU can determine where you go from here! The one fact that I would like you to keep in mind is that this year’s Cast has more previous nominations than any cast before... some individuals as many as SIX! They never gave up! Timing is everything and you have to trust your path. Go back to work, keep training and networking and continue to be great! At the end of the day, you were recognized by the industry’s top choreographers as one of the most talented dancers out of thousands who attend Monsters each year for doing something that you love to do. Keep your passion, drive and desire and I’m sure you will find the success you strive for. Two of Monsters biggest success stories, JaQuel Knight and Nick DeMoura were originally not even selected to be part of their casts and look at them now, two of the industry’s absolute best! In the words of Kanye, “poop idy scoop, scoop diddy woop, woop di scoop di poop” or whatever he says. No, but for real, “Lift Yourself”!
That’s a wrap you guys. Our #XVCAST ............ just get your tickets now is all we can say 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Welcome @kahl_ill !!! 15th anniversary show bout to go downnnnn. #XVtour #XVCAST #kidscast #themonstersshow #monsterslegacy
Legit gonna be an INSANE CAST. WELCOME TO THE FAM @amanda_grind !!! ⚡️ But wait....we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for ONE MORE KIDS CAST ON THE WAY 😱 #XVtour #XVCAST #themonstersshow #monsterslegacy .
HE’S IN! Congrats @aldenjase ! Come watch this little beast kill it in LA this summer. Gonna be one amazing #kidscast ! 🙌 #XVtour #XVCAST #themonstersshow #monsterslegacy
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