Montana Tucker

💃🏼🎤❤️ #imnotalone “I’M NOT ALONE”official music video is OUT! Click link to watch⬇️

Music is the universal language @andreaespadatv @leaelui 🇨🇴🇫🇷🇺🇸 •Comment what language or languages you speak!
Every single one of you light up my life 🎇💥 •Who or what lights up your life?
Hi my loves! I’ve partnered with @goodhyouman in honor of my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s to raise awareness and support for individuals with #Alzheimers disease. Proceeds from my NOT ALONE limited-edition good COLLAB will benefit The S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village and the important work of Dr. @marcagronin •It would really mean a lot to me if you visited and click where you see me on the main page for the options of what you can buy! There are 2 different shirts and a hat! All of your support on this would mean to world to me. (Go to my story and swipe up!) •I love you all so much!! #imnotalone
SOLO 😫🤷🏼‍♀️ (WAIT FOR THE END) •Are you single or in a relationship? •💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼- @montanatucker @leaelui @kristenhancher •🕺🏻🕺🏼- @mattsteffanina @joshkillacky •🎥- @rudeboydonovan @tmillytv
Baby Montana vs. Big Montana •Should I bring back the bangs? 🙈
WOW. How good was @lelepons last night hosting the @teenchoicefox awards?! •I am seriously SO proud of her! She worked so hard and it all paid off! I always got your back and will always be here to support you Lele! Love you!! •TAG your bestie! 👯‍♀️
Who wants me to call them? ☎️ •ALSO, I think it’s time we name my fans/followers/family! Think of a name, comment below, and I will choose a winner to call,go live with, and send a Montana t shirt in the mail! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
It’s a NO BRAINER...Don’t judge a book by its cover (WATCH UNTIL THE END!) •Do you prefer wearing sandals or sneakers? •W/ @shadysrour @hannahstocking •🎥- @bay_visions
You can turn anything into a song/dance these days....🍔🥤 •What song should we do next ? •👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️- @markdohner @joshkillacky •🎥- @mattlesss
Hi!🖐🏼Orange you glad to see me?🍊😂 •What’s your favorite fruit?Comment with the emoji below! 🍊🍏🍎🍋🍌🍉🍇🍓🍈🍒🍍🥥🥝🍑 •📸- @brightong •BTS from this shoot up on my #igtv !
What an honor having the most beautiful and amazing breast cancer survivors dance with me on stage for almost 10,000 people while performing my song #imnotalone at #zincon this year! •Comment as many pink emojis, line by line , and I will be commenting back! #partyinpink 💕💞💓💗💖💘 •Thank you @zumba #zumba and @g2dance for everything!
It’s been SO hot in LA lately. 🔥 All I want is for it to be cold again so I can wear this coat!😫 •Do you like HOT or COLD weather??? •I posted a new YouTube video with my grandma!! Go check it out and subscribe to my channel!!!!!
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