Montana Tucker

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I’M A BAD GUY...DUH😈 •TAG @wherearetheavocados & comment as many 😈 emojiz as you can! •🕺🏻- @jakekodish @gabedofficial @alexbullon23 •💃🏻- @itsabiperl @gabibbarra •Choreo- @jakekodish •Fits- @sophodes_ •🎥- @directedbyjon •📍- @tmillytv
The world lies in the hands of those that have the courage to dream🙏🏼❤️🌎 •What is YOUR dream? •✨- @gogetglitter •📸- @mr_feathers
I got them horses in the back🐴🤠 @kingbach •This song mixes country and hiphop. Do you like country, hip hop, or both? 🤔 •🎥- @isaiahshinn
Life is like a Ferris Wheel🎡. You have to get past your fear to enjoy the view❤️ •What’s YOUR biggest fear? •📸- @marksingerman
CON ALTURA 👆🏼💃🏻💃🏼💃🏻👆🏼 •So happy I got to dance with my 🇨🇴 girls @calleypoche !I hope to visit Colombia one day! •What’s one country YOU would like to visit? •Choreo- @catrendic •🎥- @isaiahshinn
NASA🚀👽🌟 In honor of @arianagrande unreal #coachella performance!!! •Can you spell out NASA letter by letter without being interrupted? •🕺🏽- @alexander.chung @michelpsian @and.venn •💃🏻- @trinityinay @maasaishihara •🎥- @isaiahshinn •FX- @jessmelx
My weekend @revolve ‘d around a lot of music 🎶 and dancing 💃🏼 but it’s time to get back to work •What is one goal you have for yourself this week? Comment below!
Coachella Day 3! 🌴🎶💃🏼 •Which outfit did you like the best? Day 1,2,or 3? Check out my other 2 posts and comment the winner!
COACHELLA DAY 2 BABY!🌵🎶💃🏼 •Which photo do you like better? 1 or 2? SWIPE LEFT
So excited for Day 1 with my @harleydavidson jacket! •What does this look remind you of? #hdvampped #partner
So excited to be driving around this weekend in this amazing custom @thegr8khalid #freespirit @bmwi #bmwi8 ! •What’s your favorite car? 🚘 @bmw @bmwusa #bmwi8roadster #roadtocoachella
So excited to be headed to the desert today! 🌵 @vampped #vamppedevents •Would you rather live by the desert or the beach?
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