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There's a new steakhouse in Boucheville you need to discover. It's called @rougeboeuf and it's a ''bring your own wine & beer'' even for brunch 👌. This Thursday you can try it for the first time at 8pm. More on MONTREALGOTSTYLE COM [Cc @kosicreates ] thank you @felipe_del_pozo for the discovery #montrealgotstyle #steakhouse #montrealrestaurants #montrealsteakhouse #montrealfood
Thursday Dec 13th at @phicentre , @houseofyouth.studios is throwing a dope showcase with the one and only @bailemusic , @forrest & more. Free entry and many surprises to come 👌 [via @houseofyouth.studios ] #montrealgotstyle #houseofyouthstudios #bailemusic #centrephi #montrealevents
Have you seen BAD Blood on @netflixca yet? It's a new show on the life and times of Vito Rizzuto and one of Montreal's most infamous mafia family. Intense, raw with a hint of Narcos-Like drama. More details on MONTREALGOTSTYLE.COM [Cc @kosicreates ] #montrealgotstyle #badbloodnetflix #vitorizzuto #mafia #montrealmafia #crimestory #netflixshow
Are you currently rushing for your Christmas gifts? Here are 5 ideas for you: . 1-The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**ck by Mark Manson . . 2-A light therapy session at @centrehelight . . 3-A pair of sneakers with 70% off even on high end designer brands at @brownsshoes . . 4-@wisemenscare natural & eco-friendly men's grooming products . . 5-@google new range of home gadgets & tablets such as the Google home mini, Pixel Slate and more . . Details on MONTREALGOTSTYLE.COM [Cc @kosicreates ] #christmasgiftideas #chridtmastime #christmasgifts #giftguide #montrealgotstyle
''Tag Heuer is a pioneer brand from Switzerland that has set the standards for luxury watches and accessories since its inception in 1860 . More than a century of craftsmanship and innovation were instilled in their products and on December 5th, they’ve partnered with the luxury retailer expert @maisonbirks  to remind Montrealers what greatness is really all about.'' More on MONTREALGOTSTYLE.COM [shot by @cid_merisier edited by @kosicreates ] #museuminmotion #tagheuer #dontcrackunderpressure
You need @duodechef in your LIFE. Here's a teaser of ''The Experience'' that they've put together a couple weeks ago [Cc @kosicreates ] #montrrealgotstyle #montrealfood #montrealfoodie #montrealrestauranrs #montrealcook
Prayers up for @adonissuperman . An humble man and above all a champion at life. We send positives vibe to you and your family. Come back stronger. No BS will be allowed in the comment section . . 🙏🙏🙏🙏
We're currently in Qc to cover the big fight for @adonissuperman Dec 1st. Do you think Superman will keep the belt? Thank @sisigod for having us 👌 [cc @kosicreates ] #montrealgotstyle #adonissuperman #adonisstevenson #boxing #quebecboxing #centrevideotron
#whatsup the new lion king movie is the most watched trailer in a day! You could be 5 years or 30 that movie will always be impactful right?! [Via @hypebeast ] #montrealgotstyle #lionking #simba #movie #disneymovie
Just a regular night with good people, good laughter, food and some @peroni_ca to make it perfect 👌More information about our new favorite Italian beer coming soon... [Cc @kosicreates ] #montrealgotstyle #peroni #peronicanada #montrealevents #italian beer
Yesterday we were invited by  @ashgrxphics & @mirolaflaga  to the private opening of Bulma Bar in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal. It’s one of those nights where you get to hangout, exchange, drink, eat and take mental pictures of a place that might soon become your new sanctuary for the following months if not years. '' Learn More about @bulmabar on MONTREALGOTSTYLE.COM [cc @cid_merisier ] #montrealgotstyle #bulnabar #oldportmtl #montreabar
🚨🚨🚨🚨 Tomorrow at 10 AM we have something very special for ya'll a live talk/interview with @alianalohan and @iampetronajoseph about her career, music, keys to success and MORE. . . MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN ON OUR IG LIVE! #alianalohan #montrealgotstyle #arewelive
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