Moroccan Lounge

The Moroccan Lounge is a brand new intimate music venue in the Downtown LA Arts District from the veteran team behind Teragram Ballroom

Cubensis teams up with The Great Divide to celebrate The Grateful Dead and Phish at the Moroccan on 3/22 🌀 Tickets on sale now! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #cubensis #thegreatdivide #gratefuldead #phish #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict #dtla
Mija is capable of striking the balance between futuristic textures and immediate emotional states, grounding even her most experimental sounds in vivid reality. She has her eyes on the moroccan and her heart in the present. Her show at Moroccan 3/28 is on sale now! 💕 LINK IN BIO. ~ ~ ~ #mija #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
Northern Irish singer-songwriter, SOAK, stops by the Moroccan on 2/5. Her music has been described as ‘a vivid portrait of teenage deep thinking.’ Tickets go on sale tomorrow, 12/12! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #soak #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
J.S. Ondara grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, listening to American alt-rock and creating his own songs. After discovering the music of Bob Dylan, he moved to Minneapolis and there he began making his way in the local music scene, continually writing songs about what he saw, felt and experienced in a place far different from home. The Moroccan stage becomes his home on 4/10. Tickets on sale this Friday, 12/14! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #jsondara #americandream #revolutionblues #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
Role Model draws influence from R&B, world music, neo soul, surf rock, dream pop, synth pop, avant garde, and more, injecting his own introspective fervor and synthesizing a characteristically soft flock of unforgettable new-age tracks. Tickets for his show on 1/31 go on sell this Wednesday, 12/12 at 10AM PST. Link in bio! ~ ~ ~ #rolemodel #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
A unique blend of excellent songwriting, bluegrass roots and the sheer raw energy of a rock band. The Lil Smokies weave seamlessly through genres, leaving behind melodies you’ll be singing to yourself for days. Tickets on sale now for their show on 4/18! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #thelilsmokies #moroccanlounge #losangeles #bluegrass
With a live show that’s described as an “Electronic Hydro Funk Experience” that is different each time, SunSquabi is a melting pot of a variety of musical genres and represents the future of music. This experience hits our stage on 2/16 🌀 Tickets on sale now! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #sunsquabi #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
The 1st @sadurdaynightz of the year will be 1/5. Come get emo with us! 💀 Tickets in sale now. Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #emo #emonite #emonight #covers #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
‼️SECOND SHOW ADDED‼️ tickets for Ryan Beatty’s show sold out immediately. Tickets for his second show on 1/28 go on sale at 1PM PST today! These will go fast. 💥💥 LINK IN BIO. ~ ~ ~ #ryanbeatty #moroccanlounge #losangeles
With seven distinct personalities, Juice distills rock, r&b, and hip-hop into a signature sound with a distinct kick of electric violin, rich harmonies, honest lyrics, and festival-worthy choruses. Tickets for their show on 1/24 are on sale now! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #juice #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
Toronto singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist MorMor plays our stage on May 7! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, 12/7. Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #mormor #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
LA artist Yoshi Flower blends all of his influences into a mix of glitchy beats, hip-hop rhythms, indie rock and electronics to create a sound that is uniquely him. Catch him and @kennyhoopla on 2/13! ⚡️ Tickets on sale now!! Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #yoshiflower #kennyhoopla #americanraver #moroccanlounge #losangeles #dtlaartsdistrict
💕EXTREMELY LIMITED AMOUNT OF TICKETS OPEN FOR SASHA SLOAN TONIGHT💕 .... no really, go grab them now! These won’t last long. Who’s ready for night 2? ~ ~ ~ #sashasloan #moroccanlounge #losangeles
Musician, poet, and visual artist Daniel Romano comes to Moroccan Lounge on 2/15. 🎟 Tickets on sale Friday, 12/7. Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #danielromano #finallyfree #moroccanlounge #losangeles #concert
KOKOKO! is the DIY collective pioneering an inspiring alternative scene from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Don’t miss this incredible live show on 3/16! Ticket go on sale this Friday, 12/7. Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #kokoko #moroccanlounge #losangeles
Sometimes whisper soft, sometimes tenaciously resolute, Prateek Kuhad’s voice is mesmerizing as it floats out over gently fingerpicked guitars and ethereal synthesizers. Tickets for his 3/20 show go on sale this Friday, 12/7. 🎟 Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #prateekkuhad #moroccanlounge #losangeles
With their most recent work SÜDA, The Last Bison have stampeded down from the mountaintop and landed in the wild lands, where they inhabit world rhythms, ambient oases, and crystalline stone-cathedrals with music that echoes out into the night. Tickets for their show on 3/24 go on sale this Friday, 12/7! ⚡️ Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #thelastbison #suda #moroccanlounge #losangeles
☄️The Comet is Coming☄️ is the soundtrack to an imagined apocalypse. You don’t want to miss this show on 3/12. Tickets on sale this Friday, 12/7 🔥 Link in bio. ~ ~ ~ #thecometiscoming #apocalypse #moroccanlounge #losangeles
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