Morristown N H Park

Commemorates the sites of General Washington and the Continental army’s winter encampment of December 1779 to June 1780.

Meet the Interns! The Cultural Resources Division is teaming with academics this summer. We’ve been lucky to recruit high caliber scholars to help with our programming. In order of picture: 1. Jariah Rainey is helping develop our Backpack Explorer program, an initiative for safe, fun, family hikes on our historic trails. 2. Sarah-Jane Matthews is going to be bringing a new gallery talk on the Society of the Cincinnati to the park. 3. Phoebe Duke-Mosier is working on our Cobb Family Papers and working on a gallery talk about religious sermons. 4. Bridgit Wolf is preparing a summer exhibit on voting rights as they changed with NJ legal history. Stay tuned! 5. Emily Surman is developing a gallery talk on Martha Washington and parlor politics. #meettheinterns #interns #morristownnhp #gallerytalks #studentexhibit #backpackexplorer #citizenscience #collections #primarysources #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #studentscholars ... . . . [Image Description: This post features an image of each of the interns: Jariah Rainey, Sarah-Jane Matthews, Phoebe Duke-Mosier, Brigit Wolf, and Emily Surman in that order.]
#wheresbuddybisonbeen ? 🌲 Can you guess by this image where our friend Buddy visited this week? Hint: it’s one of our park units. 📸 Jariah Rainey. #buddybison #morristownnhp #findyourpark #encuentratuparque ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a close up of Buddy Bison, our plush toy icon for kids in parks, sitting atop a cannon. Buddy is wearing a Morristown NHP junior ranger badge. The cannon is on a hill and in the distance you can see trees and the town of Morristown all the way to the horizon. The sky is blue and billowing, white clouds fill the opening between the trees.]
Wishing you a safe and happy 4th 🇺🇸💥! #morristownnhp #july4th #americanindependence #2nj #morristowngreen #generalwashington ... . . . [Image Description: Featured is our annual reading of the Declaration on the Morristown Green. This image shows Ranger Thomas Winslow portraying General George Washington, while the 2nd New Jersey reinactors stand at attention].
It was a hot one ☀️, but that didn’t stop us from prototyping some fun activities for our backpack explorer program 🎒. Intern Jariah Rainey and museum educator Sarah Minegar had the help of three young citizen scientists, Julie 👧🏻, Ruby 👧🏼, and Emma 👧🏻! Today we explored the Primrose trail and walked over 1,500 steps! We practiced trail safety, environmental stewardship, and got some exercise too! We learned to leave only footprints 👣 and take only memories 💭🌿. We even brought #buddybison along for the journey! These kid experts are helping us develop fun, family tools for the trails. 🔍🦋🌳🚶🏾‍♀️🐿#healthyparkshealthypeople #citizenscience #kidsontrails #familyhike #findyourpark #jockeyhollow #juniorranger #encuentratuparque #wheresbuddybisonbeen ... . . . [Image Description: This post features eight pictures from our kids’ hike. Image one shows Ruby, Emma, and Julie standing in the stream that runs along the trail. The girls are wearing backpacks and watching the water run over their shoes. Image two shows Julie holding up her forest scavenger hunt. She is using a marker to indicate what she has found on her picture list. Image three shows Jariah bravely crossing the stream over wet rocks. Image four is of Emma holding a green color sample and playing a game we call ‘color museum.’ She is trying to match her color sample to leaves in the forest. Image five shows Ruby examining a fleck of mica from the forest floor with a magnifying glass. Image six is of the crew hiking. Image seven shows the girls cooling off in the stream. They sit on a fallen log with their feet dangling into the water. Image eight shows the girls examining a pit that a fallen tree has left. The recent rain has filled the pit with muddy water and the girls touch the water with a long stick.]
JUNE 28th Events: 🔍Join us for a lecture with Dr. Richard Veit, archeologist and professor at Monmouth University. Veit will share his findings at our Fort Hill site. 7:00 PM at Headquarters Museum. 🇺🇸 Our Chief of Interpretation and Civil War scholar, Phillip Greenwalt, is giving a book talk for his work, Bloody Autumn: The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864. 7:14 PM at Frelinghuysen Arboretum. #summerevents #phillipgreenwalt #richardveit #archaeology #civilwar #forthill #jockeyhollow #morristownnhp #findyourpark #encuentratuparque ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a slideshow rotating between images of Dr. Richard Veit and Phillip Greenwalt. The first slide is Veit and it alternates between him and Greenwalt. Veit’s image shows him kneeling at a dig site. Greenwalt’s shows him at a book signing, holding his book.]
Going on a hike this week? 🌿Biologist Bob Masson has a visual tip about identifying ivy and staying safe on the trail. To the untrained eye, many of these plants are similar looking, but the leaf configuration provides valuable information. Ranger Masson first highlights poison ivy (a three-leaf configuration), then a non-poisonous vine called Virginia creeper (a five-leaf configuration). When in doubt... ☝🏽Leaves of three, let it be! Watch closely to notice the subtle difference between the plant varieties. #virginiacreeper #poisonivy #jockeyhollow #primosetrail #morristownnhp #trailsafety #parkwellness #plantidentification #safetyminute #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #parkrecreation #parksafety ... . . [Image Description: This short video clip features one of our park rangers identifying poison ivy and Virginia creeper. The video is a (silent) visual guide, but you will hear feet rustling and birds chirping in the background. The camera is directed at a tree trunk that has two vines growing on it. Both plants are bright green and have ridgy edges. He first pans to a grouping of three-leaf configurations identified as poison ivy, a noxious plant that causes a troublesome skin rash on most who touch. He then pans to a five-leaf configuration, identified it as Virginia creeper.]
🦅 Bird watching is a popular activity at our Jockey Hollow unit. Whether you're casually taking note of your surroundings, or traveling the nation in search of life-list birds, people of all ages can enjoy identifying birds by sight and sound. 🐦 Interested? Here’s how to get started: 📓 1. Bird Guides are the most essential equipment you will need. Guides are available in all shapes, sizes and formats. The simplest kind of guide is an ID card (physical or digital). A paper ID card will help you train your eye to recognize species and provide space for you to record your observations. An app ID might also offer GPS location services, sample bird calls, and web research tools. 🔍 2. Binoculars come in all shapes and sizes, like bird books. And like bird books, you really need to try them out to find out what the best fit is. The main tradeoff is magnifying power versus weight. Binoculars each have a specification, such as "10x50." This number gives you useful information about the optics of the binoculars. The first number tells you the magnification. For example, a "10x50" binocular will magnify an object 10 times its actual size. The second number tells you the size of the lens at the far end of the binocular, called an objective lens. 🧘🏾‍♂️📝 3. Curiosity and patience are the final supplies you'll need. First, a sense of curiosity will help you take note of your surroundings and urge you to keep trying. Patience will help you when a bird gets away before you can ID it. | ❗️Remember: Respect wildlife and keep a safe distance! | Pictured here is a Wood Thrush resting in the forest in Jockey Hollow. 📸 LE Ranger Jenn Raido #wildlifewednesday #findyourpark #birding101 #morristownnhp #jockeyhollow #encuentratuparque #woodthrush ... . . . [Image Description: Pictured here is a Wood Thrush, a North American passerine bird. The small brown bird is perched on a stick in the middle of a grassy lawn. The Wood Thrush has a cocoa brown head wings, and tail feathers and a fluffy white chest with brown spots. The bird is nestled in tall grass and rests with its wings closed. It cocks its head to the right (our left as the viewer) as if it might have noticed the photographer.]
Today the Morristown community comes together to honor, reflect, and remember, the news received in Galveston, Texas (the last state to still hold slaves) 🔗✊🏾June 19th of 1865 that the Civil War was over and that those still held in slavery in Texas were no longer considered property. Over five years of war, nearly four million enslaved Africans received freedom from bondage. It would not be until December of 1865, with the adoption of the 13th Amendment, that slavery would be removed from the United States Constitution and render null and void nearly a century of statutory law permitting slavery in the United States. 🔔 With celebrations on the Morristown Green, Historic Speedwell, and several area churches, this joyous day was commemorated with speeches, re-enactments, and exhibits. ♦️ As part of the recent June 9 events, Morristown NHP looked deep into its museum collection and provided two artifacts to loan to the exhibit at Speedwell: a canteen and a shot flask. Both artifacts, dating to the Civil War period and reminiscent of the awful struggles entailed with ending slavery, were expertly and professionally curated in collaboration with our colleagues from Drew University special collections. #juneteenth #civilwar #emancipationday #slavery #canteen #shotflask #historicspeedwell #drewuniversity #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #19thcentury #ushistory #featuredartifact . . . [Image Description: This post features a series of six images, highlighting three civil war era military artifacts: a bullseye canteen, a shot flask, and a bag of lead shot. Image one is a close up of the top of the canteen cork and cord. The rusty tin canteen is covered in canvas, now visibly worn. Image two features the canteen and cord in its entirety. The round canteen is resting in its white archival storage box and the bullseye pattern of the tin is visible through the worn and tattered canvas. Image three is a close up of the cork in hand for scale. Image four features the teardrop-shaped, brown leather shot flask. Its ‘measure’ (the funnel spout for ammunition) is brass. Image five is a closeup of the measure in open position. Image five features a bag of round, led shot.]
Student artists from Westside High School spent Friday afternoon discussing their IFC art collaboration, museum collections, and Park careers with NPS educators. Special thanks to Ms. Marinaro for letting us partner with her class of future poets, artists, historians, and naturalists! Happy graduation week, seniors! 🎓| 📸 Intern Emily Surman. #artinthepark #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #IFCprojects #parkcareers #whatisacollection #museumeducation #parkpartners #studentartists #westsidehighschool #newark #newjersey #gardenstate ... . . . [Image Description: This post features five images from our recent visit to Westside High School. The images feature students, in their art studio, working on various collections-based activities. Image 1 shows a small group of students completing a collections exercise whereby they decide which artifact goes into which museum category. Two students lead the activity, posted on the whiteboard behind them, while their classmates help them decide where to place each artifact. Image 2 shows a male student looking closely at a replica of colonial currency. Image 3 shows four students and our museum educator gathered around a box of replica artifacts. The students examine the replica artifacts which have been cataloged and housed as genuine artifacts. One student holds a magnifying glass to his eye while another student opens a bag containing an apron. Image 4 is a close up of the completed collection activity. It features a central circle labeled ‘collections’ surrounded by four other circles labeled ‘historic structures,’ ‘library and archives,’ ‘natural specimens,’ and ‘museum artifacts.’ Students placed bright-colored triangle-shaped post-its, labeled with different collection items, in the appropriate categories. Image 5 shows students sitting in front of projected images of their IFC artworks, discussing their vision for their work.]
The fog has a way of reinterpreting the landscape. 🌬🌳The Wick Orchard looks simply serene this morning, blanketed in a dense summer mist. 📸 Ranger Eric Olsen. #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #fog #jockeyhollow #wickhouse #wickorchard #serene #morningwalks #morristownnhp #historicallandscape ... . . [Image Description: This photo features the Wick Orchard at our Jockey Hollow unit, in the fog. At the forefront of the image, the lush green lawn stands out in contrast to the soft grey-blue fog consuming the landscape. A split-rail fence divides the lawn and the orchard, which is barely visible through the mist. A large, round tree fills the upper right corner of the frame.]
We are excited to announce Morristown is participating in the 2018 IFC art collaboration! 🎨This year, our show runs from June 1-Sept 4, 2018 and our theme is ‘Innovation in the Face of Adversity.’ Our artists hail from Renaissance One School of Humanities, Leona Middle School, Pottstown Community Arts, Panther Academy, Smith Valley School, Schuyler Elementary School, Hackettstown High School, Riverdale School, Westside High School, Ronald Reagan Academy School #30 , and the Beth Hartmann Family. 🌳This exhibit is on display at the Visitor’s Center, at our Jockey Hollow unit. Be sure to check it out on your way to the trail! 🔗Link to virtual exhibit in profile. #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #artinthepark #morristownnhp #jockeyhollow #studentartists #innovation #adversity #morristownbeard #IFCprojects #collaborativeart #publicart #buildingcommunitythroughart #dreamrocket ... . . [Image Description: This post features five images from our newly opened student art exhibit at Jockey Hollow Visitor Center. Each square artwork is assembled in a vertical arrangement with two other pieces, forming three panel vertical tapestries. They are hung in succession on a brown, carpeted wall. To the left of each work is their description and artist information. The first image features the exhibit’s informational poster and nine artworks (three panels) on a curved wall. Image two is of our Morristown Beard intern, Jill, assembling a description card next to a panel. The third, fourth, and fifth images show the exhibit from different angles].
🎶 Be sure to join us this Sunday, May 20th, @ 1:00 pm as we kick off our summer concert series with pianist, Peter Toth. 🎹 Toth will play the Park’s 1873 Steinway grand, featuring selections from 🎼 Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt. | FREE admission. #petertoth #musicinthepark #morristownnhp #chopin #liszt #pianorecital #pianist #findyourpark #encuentratuparque ... . . . [Image Description: This photo is a professional headshot of Toth. We are featuring it here in black and white for artistic impact. In the image, a softly grinning Toth leans over an open grand piano, revealing the strings and hammers. His fingers touch the mechanisms inside. This is a close up of Toth so only a small section of the open piano is visible. The musician is wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and white bow tie].
If you’ve walked around the Ford Mansion or Headquarters Museum in the past few weeks, you might have noticed an unusual number of tiny green sprouts. 🌱 We appear to be experiencing a ‘mast year’ and our biologist has identified these as Norway Maple tree sprouts. ‘Mast’ is a botanical term for the tree seeds, nuts, flowers, and fruit that are consumed by wildlife. A ‘mast seeding’ is when a community of trees synchronously produces an unusually high seed yield. 🌱 During a mast year more seeds are produced than are consumed by wildlife, thus a larger number of tree sprouts. Scientists believe these variable production cycles are an evolutionary survival strategy. 🌳🌲🌳Although our lawn also contains Red Oak, Sugar Maple, and Pine trees, our Norway Maples (an invasive ornamental variety) have winged seeds or samaras (🚁helicopter seeds) which help distribute them widely. Our Norway Maple sprouts currently number in the tens of thousands! 🌱Now for some practice in plant identification. We’ve identified three different plants here (clockwise from the top): a Norway Maple, a Sugar Maple, and Garlic Mustard (an invasive wildflower). Note the similarities and differences in appearance of each young plant. Images 📸 Sarah Minegar #mastyear #norwaymaple #sugarmaple #redoak #garlicmustard #plantidentification #treesprout #samaras #invasivespecies #fordmansion #morristownnhp #findyourpark #encuentratuparque ... . . . [Image Description: This post features two images. The first image is a close up of Norway Maple tree sprouts. At the bottom of the frame and in detailed focus is a tightly packed grouping of sprouts. Each sprout stands roughly three inches high and contains two tender green leaves with soft ridgy edges. Some of them have an orange-ish hue at their centers. In the background the trunks of large Red Oak trees and the historic Ford Mansion are visible. The second image features a bed of gravel and rocks with various sprouts, clovers, and ground cover popping through. In this picture, we have circled a Norway Maple, a Sugar Maple, and Garlic Mustard as examples].
What is that?! Archaeological finds can be tricky at first glance. 🔍Often lost or intentionally buried (sometimes as garbage), cultural artifacts begin to deteriorate underground. Materials that are unearthed are sometimes broken, oxidized, or fragmented. In this case, this powder mill rake (circa 1770) has likely lost part of its handle and is no longer the shape it once was. This particular rake was used for stoking fires at the Ford family’s gunpowder mill. Part of the process of gunpowder making involved drying it slowly over hot coals. The wrought iron rake was used to keep the coals even. This artifact was retrieved on the site of the Ford mill on the Whippany River. Scroll through the images to see how the rake has weathered and for a hypothetical rendering of the once intact piece. #powdermill #fordfamily #whippanyriver #powderrake #gunpowder #archaeology #materialculture #morristown #morristownnhp #iron #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #featuredartifact #acornhall ... . . . [Image Description: This post features four images of a rusted wrought iron gunpowder rake, dating to the 1770s. The first three focus on the artifact itself and the fourth is an artistic rendering of the archeological find and its assumed original composition. 1. Highlighted is the crooked handle of the rake. The rake itself is thin (about 1/2 inch wide throughout). In this image, the rake handle is shown from the top, curving to the left like a wide horseshoe, and being supported by a curator wearing a white cotton glove. In the background the table is visible. 2. This image is nearly identical to the first, but it is taken further back, revealing the full length of the object. 3. Image three is a close up of the rake’s hook. This image highlights the rusty, bumpy texture and the slightly angled hook. 4. The final image is an artist’s drawing of two powder rakes. At the top is the artifact as it currently looks and below is the artifact as it may have once appeared. The main differences seem to be that the handle might have once been circular and the stoking hook formerly bent at a 90 degree angle].
What is your favorite spring flower? 🌳 The dogwoods are in bloom near the Wick Orchard, at Jockey Hollow. 📸 Ranger Eric Olsen. #dogwoods #springblooms #morristownnhp #wickhouse #jockeyhollow #findyourpark #encuentratuparque ... . . . [Image Description: This picture was taken near the Wick Orchard, at our Jockey Hollow unit. The focal point of the image is the large, flowering dogwood tree. This tree, with its white flowers, fills the right side of the frame. In the distance, the apple trees in the orchard and the mowed lawn are visibly separated by a split-rail fence. Beyond the orchard the dark green treetops of the forest meet the skyline. The lawn is bright green and the sky a pale blue].
Ready for a hike? 🏃🏾‍♀️ Looking for a zen backdrop for relaxation? 🧘🏾‍♂️ Need a place to take your best friend? 🐕 Jockey Hollow is in full bloom and waiting for you to enjoy our 27 miles of trails! While you’re there, stop by the historic Wick House. The lilacs are a fragrant pop of color! #jockeyhollow #wickhouse #morristownnhp #takeahike #yogainthepark #barkranger #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #lilacs #historichouse 📸 Image Ranger Eric Olsen... . . . [Image Description: This photo features lilac blooms next to the historic Wick House, at Jockey Hollow. At the forefront and to the bottom left of the frame, a full cone-shaped cluster of lilac (colored) lilac flowers protrudes. Above them are dark green leaves and another cluster peeking out. In the background, the deep rust-red wooden siding of the Wick House contrasts with the delicate blooms. In the upper right hand corner of the frame, we get a peek at a window and shutters. The shutters, also deep rust-red in color, are open, revealing the six over six paned window].
If you haven’t visited our Washington’s Headquarters unit recently, you are missing out on a stunning exhibit. We are currently featuring the work of the talented Xiomaro. Part of a Ford Mansion photo book project, this artist captures the details that aren’t visible to the average visitor. @thestarledger recently interview Xio about his work, inspiration, and artistic process. | Visit for Mark Di Lonno’s article entitled, Behind the Velvet Ropes at Washington’s Headquarters. | Join is for a lecture and reception with the artist Saturday, May 19 @ 2:00 pm, Free Admission. | Image courtesy of @thestarledger 📸Amanda Brown |#artinthepark #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #fordmansion #morristownnhp #xiomaro @xiomaro_art_studio ... . . . [Image Description: This photo features artist Xiomaro. Xio is centered in the frame, smiling, and holding his camera. In the background and out of focus are several large prints of Xio’s interior shots of the historic Ford Mansion].
Today we say farewell to our spring curatorial interns! 👩🏻‍🎓Pamela is graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University, 👩🏻‍🏫 Amanda is an FDU rising senior, and 👨🏻‍🏫 Nick is a rising FDU junior. 🎉Thanks for an amazing semester! | Please check out their fabulous work on our blogs: & | #interns #morristownnhp #museuminterns #historycareers #findyourpark #museumintern #encuentratuparque #discoverhistorycenter #fdu #museumeducation ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a series of six images. The subjects of each picture are our current interns Pamela, Amanda, and Nick. In the first five photos, the interns are posing and smiling in our new Discover History Center, in the replica log cabin. Pamela and Amanda are wearing navy-colored officer’s coats with red detailing and brass buttons. Nick is wearing a white soldier’s button up and a tricorn hat. 1. The three interns pose, hands on hips outside the replica hut. 2. Nick sits in-front of the fireplace, pensively placing his hand on his chin. 3. Amanda stands inside the hut next to a uniform description chart. She grins widely and gestures a peace sign with each hand. 4. Pamela lays down on the bottom bunk of the hut, arms open and smiling. 5. All three interns pose near the replica fireplace in the hut. 6. The final picture is of the interns opening their thank you gifts in the research room. Each smiles and holds up their history-themed bobble head doll. Pamela received Teddy Roosevelt, Nick received George Washington, and Amanda received Rosie the Riveter.]
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