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Commemorates the sites of General Washington and the Continental army’s winter encampment of December 1779 to June 1780.

🐎 For this week’s #TempeTuesday we join the legend in 1905, when Temperance’s name undergoes a mysterious name change... ▪️ Source: Historic Morristown, New Jersey: The Story of its First Century by Andrew M. Sherman pp. 350-353 ▪️ Sherman writes: A mile, it may have been, below the Wick house, on the road to Mendham, lived Dr. William Leddell, a brother-in-law of "Temple Wick." On a certain day in the spring of the year 1780, while preparations for the removal of the patriot army were in progress, Temple Wick saddled and bridled her horse, and rode down to Dr. Leddell's for a social call. The call ended she mounted her horse to return home. Nearly in front of the residence of her brother-in-law, she was accosted by several American soldiers… ▪️ We do not know why Tempe’s name is changed here to “Temple”—otherwise, the rest of the account is nearly identical to the 1871 account by Tuttle. The horse was taken… “through the parlor into the spare bed chamber at the northwest corner of the building. The single wooden window shutter was at once closed, and the horse, after a caress or two from its rider, was left in the darkened room. The soldiers, unwilling to be baffled in their endeavor to procure the horse, hastened on foot up the hill to the Wick house, and after searching the premises in vain for the coveted prize, they departed crestfallen.” ▪️ As does Tuttle, Sherman has the horse hidden three weeks in the spare bed chamber, until the soldiers depart. He is the first to mention the horse leaving hoof prints… “The prints of the horse's hoofs upon the floor of the bed chamber in the Wick house were visible for many years after the occurrence of the incident related. They disappeared when, a few years since, a new floor was laid in the room.” ▪️ Later in his book, Sherman mentions that he included this version due to “consideration for fondly cherished local tradition.” He then adds another version “more in accord with reason” and based on “extant documentary evidence.” ▪️ Photo source: ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #morristown #newjersey #locallegend #nps #horse #snow
🍄 It’s #FungusFriday at Morristown NHP! Pictured first are the unique Inky Cap Mushrooms, or Coprinus atramentarius (meaning “shaggy mane.”) These #mushrooms are edible, but only before their gills turn black. Next, we can see a tiny cluster of fiery orange mushrooms, which appear to be Amanita parcivolvata. In the final photo, you can see their size compared to that of an acorn! ▪️ 📸: Photo credits to Sarah Minegar and Joni Rowe. ▪️ #fungus #plants #science #nature #naturephotography #nps #nationalparks #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #mushroom #inkycaps #wildlife #newjersey #morristown #plantlife
Yesterday @morristownnps partnered with @nationalparktrust , @everykidinapark , @newarkyogamovement , @greatswampnj , and @rei to host 90 scholars from #fairmountelementary for a day of outdoor fun! Kids enjoyed learning about macroinvertebrates, colonial games, outdoor survival, and yoga. Our pal #buddybison joined them at every learning station and each 4th grader went home with their own plush buddy bison and an EKIP pass, getting them and their families into parks and public lands free for one whole year!! Thank you Park partners and thanks Fairmount Elementary! ▪️ #wheresbuddybisonbeen #kidstoparks #kidyogis #optoutdoors #findyourpark #nps101 #everykidinapark #greatswampnj #morristown #citizenscience #colonialgames #rei #newarkyogamovement #nationalparktrust #4thgrade #kidsrule #encuentratuparque
For the next installment of #TempeTuesday , we learn of Tempe Wick and her horse - from 1889. ▪️ Source: The Story of an Old Farm, Or, Life in New Jersey in the Eighteenth Century by Andrew D. Mellick, Jr.(Plainfield, NJ) The Unionist-Gazette / Somerville, New Jersey p. 526 ▪️ Among the stories preserved of that time is one illustrative of the spirit displayed by farmer Wicks’ daughter, Tempe, on the occasion of a sudden and unexpected emergency. This young woman was a fearless rider, and the owner of a valuable saddle-horse. When the regiments were on the move, some soldiers attempted to steal her favorite, claiming hem to be wanted for army purposes. Horses being scarce were much needed, and this spirited animal, even were this not so, would have been a tempting bait for careless campaigners not over-particular as to the rights of property. Miss Wicks, when mounted and a short distance from home, was surrounded ; but with a bold dash she escaped from her captors and rode rapidly up the hill to the house. Springing to the ground, she led her steed through kitchen and parlor into a rear spare bed-room, which had but one window guarded by a closed wooden shutter. The disappointed soldiers repeatedly searched the farm in vain for the coveted horse, but the courageous young lady kept him secreted in the house until the last of the troops had left the neighborhood. ▪️ Mellick’s account does not vary greatly from the first known version--the 1871 Tuttle article. This account indicates that the incident occurred after the British returned to New York after the battle of Springfield, which took place on June 23, 1780. Mellick calls Tempe “Miss Wicks.” There is no mention of the specific amount of time the horse was kept in the house— three weeks in the Tuttle version. ▪️ Image source: ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps101 #nps #horse #locallegends #tempewick #newjersey #morristown #wickhouse
Happy Veterans Day Weekend! 🇺🇸 Morristown NHP is FEE FREE this weekend, November 11th and 12th. Come celebrate our soldiers, past and present, by taking a tour of the Ford Mansion and viewing the museum galleries for free. Tours begin on the hour, from 10-4. The Washington’s Headquarters Museum is open from 9:30-5, and remember - tickets are first come, first serve. We’ll see you there! ▪️ Photo credits to Scott Jung ▪️ #veteransday #veteransdayweekend #soldiers #morristown #fordmansion #celebrate #free #feefree #nps #nps101 #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #weekendplans
🇺🇸 On Veterans Day, it is worth remembering how our first veterans, those of the Revolutionary War, were treated after their service. In the words of Joseph Plumb Martin, who served nearly seven years of the eight year war: ▪️ “When the country had drained the last drop of service it could screw out of the poor soldiers, they were turned adrift like old worn-out horses, and nothing said about land to pasture them upon. The truth was, none cared for them; the county was served, and faithfully served, and that was all that was deemed necessary. It was, soldiers, look to yourselves; we want no more of you.” ▪️ It was not until 1818 - thirty-five years after the official conclusion of the Revolutionary War- that Congress passed the Federal Pension Act , the first to extend financial help due to a veteran’s military service, not because they had died or been disabled due to combat. However, applicants had to be “in need of assistance.” After some abuse of the legislation, a substitute law required that veterans must submit documentation of their poverty to a court of record. ▪️ Finally, in 1832, Congress passed the first comprehensive pension act, granting partial or full pay to every man who had served in the war for at least six months, with only proof of service required. ▪️ It is unfortunate that assistance for the first American veterans was so delayed—and even more reason to thank a veteran today! 🇺🇸 ▪️ Photo: Grave of Joseph Plumb Martin, Sandy Point Cemetery, Sandy Point, Maine ▪️ From Find a Grave ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps101 #nps #veteran #veteransday #🇺🇸 #revolutionarywar #tombstone #soldiers #maine
As a continuation of #TempeTuesday , this week’s installment includes the earliest known version of Tempe and her horse. ▪️ When: June 1871, although the author claimed the article originated from two lectures prepared in 1854 ▪️ Source: An article in the Historical Magazine by Reverend Joseph F. Tuttle entitled “Washington in Morris-County, New Jersey” p. 369 ▪️ “On the North side of the parlor, is a door leading into the spare bed-room, with which is connected an amusing incident. Great difficulty was experienced, in the Spring of 1780, in procuring teams to remove the army stores, and horses for cavalry. Mr. Wicke’s daughter, Tempe, owned a beautiful young horse, which she frequently rode, and always with skill. She was an admirable and a bold rider. One day, as the preparation for removing the Army were progressing, Miss Wicke rode her favorite horse to the house of her brother-in-law, Mr. Leddel, on the road to Mendham; and, on her return, was accosted by some soldiers, who commanded her to dismount and let them take the horse…” Appearing to accept her fate, Tempe asked the soldiers to return him to her if possible and, either way, to treat him well. Caught off his guard and supposing she was about to dismount, the soldier holding the bridle loosened his grip, allowing Tempe to speed way “like an arrow.” She led the horse though the kitchen entrance…. “…thence into the parlor, and thence into the spare bed-room, which had but one window, and that on the West side. This was secured with a shutter. This soldiers, shortly after, came up, searched the barn and the wood, in vain. Miss Wicke saved her horse, by keeping him in that bed-room, three weeks, until the last troop was fairly off. The incident, which is authentic, shows the adroitness and courage of the young lady…” Tune in next Tuesday for the next rendition of Tempe’s life! ▪️ Photo credits to Eric Olsen ▪️ #tempewick #history #morristownnj #morristonnhp #wickhouse #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps #nps101
🍂Feeling the temperature drop? So did Washington’s men, over two hundred years ago on their way to Morristown! On this day, November 4, 1779, Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene wrote to Col. James Abeel the following: "The weather begins to get cold and puts us in a mind of Winter quarters. Count de Estainges being detained so long to the Southward renders the expedition against New York very precarious and uncertain. It therefore becoms necessary to look out for a proper place to hut the Army in. I think from the conversation I have had with the General and other reasons I have for such a belief, the Army will hut not many miles distant from Morris Town. I would wish you therefore to examine all the Country within eight or ten miles of that place, and see if a good tract of woodland is to be found with sufficient quantity of water for use of the Army. You will begin away down below Chatham to Boontown. Taking particular care to minute down on paper the particular circumstances of each place, the relative distances to Morristown. Noting water, wood, and make of the ground, together with the Roads leading too and from each place; and the number of Houses there may be found in the Neighbourhood." ▪️ Source. ▪️ Photo taken by Eric Olsen. ▪️ #crossestategardens #jockeyhollow #morristownnj #morristownnhp #autumn #revolutionarywar #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps #nps101 #scenic #onthisday #otd
🍁 Closing time at Morristown NHP! Enjoy your afternoon in the autumn breezes. Grounds are open until 6PM. ▪️Photo taken by Abby Parsons. #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #sunset #morristownnj #morristown #newjersey #washingtonsheadquarters #nps101
🎃 Happy Halloween from all of us at Morristown NHP! Here’s an except is from Friday, October 31st, 1777... ▪️ John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, says goodbye, adios, au revoir, etc,etc. After two years and five months of serving as President of Congress, Hancock is forced to say farewell to that esteemed body. As he stated at the time, "my health being much impaired, I find some relaxation absolutely necessary after such constant application." Much went on in those hallowed halls under his watch during those years. ▪️ Congress moved to give Hancock "..the thanks of Congress...for the unremitted attention and steady impartiality....of the various duties of his office as president..." The interesting part of this "thanks" is that earlier that same day, the members resolved that it was "..improper to thank any president for the discharge of the duties of that office." Sort of a trick - and treat! The very next day Congress elected the honourable Henry Laurens of South Carolina as the new President. ▪️ Source: Journals of Congress, Volume 3, 1777 (from Archive.Org) ▪️ John Hancock, painted by John Singleton Copley. ▪️ #happyhalloween #halloween #johnhancock #onthisday #otd #revwar #findyourpark #encuentratuparque
Happy Birthday Tempe Wick! 🎂 Temperance Wick Tuttle was born on October 30, 1758, the youngest of five children. As Henry and Mary Cooper Wick moved from Long Island to Jockey Hollow around 1750, she was the only one of the family born at the Wick House, now part of Morristown National Historical Park. Her parents owned one of the largest farms in Morristown. After her mother's death in 1787, Temperance inherited the family home and a portion of the farm. She married William Tuttle, a veteran of the Continental Army, in 1788. Temperance and William lived on the Wick farm until 1798 when they moved to a house they built on South Street in Morristown. The farm was rented to tenants but remained in the family until Wick descendants sold it in 1871. Temperance Wick Tuttle died on April 26, 1822 at the age of 63. She was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Morristown. ▪️ The fame of Tempe Wick is mainly due to a story regarding her, her horse and some mischievous soldiers. The earliest version of the story is found in an 1871 magazine and has reappeared in many variations, some of which will be reviewed in subsequent posts. Stay tuned in the weeks to follow for #TempeTuesdays ! ▪️ Photo credits to Eric Olsen ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps101 #nps #onthisday #otd #tempewick #temperancewick #tempetuesdays #happybirthday #october30th #morristown #morristownnj #wickhouse #jockeyhollow
Ever wanted to know more about the galleries in Washington’s Headquarters Museum? Ranger Scott Jung will be offering three unique guided tours of each gallery: 1:30 Military Gallery, 2:30 Lloyd Smith Gallery, and 3:30 American Style Gallery. Join us tomorrow to learn more of the treasures of Morristown’s collection! ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps #nps101 #washingtonsheadquarters #morrjstownnj #weekendplans #gallerytour #museumlife
Join us TOMORROW at the Washington’s Headquarters Museum in Morristown as Gordon Thomas Ward presents his paranormal findings of the Ford Mansion and beyond! Gordon Thomas Ward, a respected researcher of paranormal activity, will present through the Morris County Tourism Bureau from 10–11:30 in the auditorium. Admission is $15. ▪️ For more information:,+2017&utm_campaign=Regular+Eblast&utm_medium=email ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps #gordonthomasward #paranormal #👻 #paranormalresearch #ghosts #fordmansion #weekendplans #morristown #newjersey #georgewashington #spooky
Time to open up the Ford Mansion! All part of the morning routine at Morristown NHP. Have you seen the park in its autumn beauty? Join us by taking one of our hourly guided tours, starting at 10 and going through 4, on Wednesdays through Sundays. ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps #nps101 #nationalparks #morristownnj #newjersey #historichouse #revolutionarywar #fordmansion #georgewashington #autumn #fall #morningroutine
🌺 Here’s a glimpse of the last pink cockscomb during the autumn season in the Wick House Garden ! Cockscomb bloom in many colors, including yellow, pink, red, orange, and white. Cockscomb are often called Brain Celosia - Celosia is derived from the Greek word ‘kelos,’ meaning burned, for their bright appearance! ▪️ Source: The Flower Expert ▪️ 📸: Eric Olsen ▪️ #cockscomb #flowers #flowerfacts #wickhouse #garden #morristownnj #newjersey #plantlife #jockeyhollow #nps #encuentratuparque #findyourpark
One of Morristown NHP's best kept secrets is our collection of oddities and curiosities! 🔳 This small bottle supposedly contains the dust from the graves of soldiers who fell at the battle of Lexington. 🔳 About This Series : This insta exhibit series shows the type of objects the Washington Association of New Jersey collected in its early years; including all Washingtonia and attributed artifacts. Collecting before any standards existed, the museum accepted donations based on the donor’s word and collector's interest. Today, the museum would conduct thorough research about the history and authenticity of these objects and then make the decision whether or not to accept them into the collection based on the institution's strict collecting policy. This is a prime example of how standards changed as the museum field became professionalized. Although we adhere to different standards today, we are happy to share these oddities in our collection. 🔳 #odditiesandcuriosities , #believeitornot , #strangecollections , #morristownnhp , #museumlife , #weirdnj #findyourpark #nps101 #encuentratuparque #georgewashington #gravedust #battleoflexington
Good news for all who collect National Park stamps through our NPS Park Stamp Program! Union County Historic Sites have joined the Passport system to unveil nearly 30 unique stamps. Looking to purchase a Passport? Morristown NHP, Thomas Edison NHP ( @thomasedisonnhp ), and Paterson Great Falls NHP (@patersongreatfalls ) offer a variety of passports in their bookstores. ▪️ For more information, click here: ▪️ #union #unioncounty #newjersey #passport #npspassport #historicsites #nps #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #stamps #collectablestamps #nationalparksstamps
Ranger Scott Jung captured shots of Pam Dobben and Eric Olsen in their 18th century dress ! Want to be a part of the history? The Wick House is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 9:30-4:30. Swipe left to see both images. ▪️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #nps #reinactment #18thcentury #wickhouse #morristownnj #jockeyhollow
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