Morristown N H Park

Commemorates the sites of General Washington and the Continental army’s winter encampment of December 1779 to June 1780.

Morristown NHP Headquarters Museum on the fall cover of Urban Agenda. @urban_agenda_magazine #washingtonsheadquarters #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #discoverhistorycenter #morristown ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a picture of the most recent cover of Urban Agenda magazine. The cover features the front of our Headquarters Museum building and a Park Ranger, SCA, and Eastern National employee and pays mention to our new Discover History Center.]
Paranormal specialist @mr.gordont.ward stopped by the historic Ford Mansion to conduct some readings in preparation for his October 27th talk. If you’d like more information about Ward’s program, visit @morristourism event page. #fordmansion #hauntednps #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #gordontward #parkspirits #paranormalactivity #morriscounty #weirdnj #ghosts #👻 #morristownnhp ... . . . [Video Description: This post features a short video clip of Gordon Ward using his electromagnetic field reader. The camera is focused on Ward’s hand and the device. The lights on the dial fluctuate between green and red, indicating an energy reading.]
Special thanks to Dr. Michelle Iden for bringing her @ccm_nj Honors US History students in for an artifact lab. HIS166 closely examined original artifacts and primary documents and practiced the difficult task of cataloguing! 📜🔍 #CCM #communitycollegeofmorris #artifactlab #museumlife #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #studentarchivists #publichistory ... . . . [Image Description: This post includes a slideshow of seven images of students during their visit. Image one features a student examining the texture of a map with a archival light. Image two shows a group of four students, each studying a different physical artifact. The students wear protective nitrile gloves to prevent oils from their hands from transferring to the historical objects. Image three is of a student examining a penknife in its storage box. In the background her classmate looks at an iron smelting spoon. Image four a student touches the silk fabric of a pair of eighteenth-century women’s dress shoes. Image five features our Museum Specialist, Joni Rowe, explaining catalog nomenclature to two students. Image six shows students exploring our Colonial Life gallery. Image seven features our Archivist, Sarah Minegar, discussing exhibit design with a student in our Discover History gallery.]
This time of year is perfect for afternoon walks around your favorite park sites! The leaves will be turning soon and you might even spot a few fairy tail mushrooms 🍄, like these yellow-orange fly agaric (amanita muscaria) but don’t nibble, they are toxic. 📸 Sarah Minegar. #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #wildlifewednesday #fordmansion #toadstool ... . . [Image Description: Pictured here is a close up of a yellow-orange mushroom, likely an amanita muscaria, an iconic variety known for its distinct shape and toxicity. The mushroom is the center of this photo and in the background (and out of focus) is the back view of the historic Ford Mansion. It’s early fall, so the grass is still green but a fallen red maple leaf rests near the specimen in the lower right corner.]
For the past 18 years Steve has volunteered at Morristown NHP. 🔔Steve started as a volunteer through the 2nd New Jersey Regiment at special events offered at the Park, and began to develop relationships with the Park Staff. 🇺🇸 During his years of service, Steve has recruited re-enactment groups for each of our spring encampments, including our 225th anniversary of the Continental Army's arrival in Jockey Hollow. Twice he has been selected to participated in the Park's Teacher -Ranger-Teacher program. 🦅 In the past 3 years alone, Steve has donated over 1,000 hours of service. 🔍 Included is this year's service hours, in which Steve volunteered 69 hours with the Cultural Resource Division assisting in making special mounts for the bayonets, swords, canes, pistols, powder horns, buttons and items in the archeology collections. Additionally, he assisted with re-housing archeology collections into secure cabinets. #volunteerspotlight #VIP #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #morristown ... . . . [Image Description: Pictured here is volunteer, Steve Santucci. He is up in our curatorial storage room, wearing green nitrile safety gloves, measuring an artifact for rehousing.]
You might have noticed some changes at our headquarters unit. We are in the process of updating the fabric in several of our galleries. Most recently we’ve begun temporary removal of artifacts from the Lloyd W. Smith Rare Books and Manuscripts Gallery. 📜 Dr. Jude Pfister explains the process here. #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #lloydwsmithcollection #museumpreservation #morristownnhp ... . . . [Image Description: This videoclip features Dr. Jude Pfister, our park curator, discussing the removal and replacement of exhibit fabric that has been determined to no longer be up to museum standards. He is standing near an opened exhibit has containing historical pamphlets. The camera stays primarily focused on Pfister and occasionally pans to some of the artifacts he references.]
Autumnal equinox is nearing! How will you spend your last day of summer? You might consider hiking at Jockey Hollow this weekend! ☀️🚶🏾‍♀️🌳 📸 Ranger Eric Olsen #lastdayofsummer #fallequinox #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #jockeyhollow #ihike #optoutside #morristown #morristownnhp ... . . . [Image Description: This picture features the Wick Orchard at our Jockey Hollow unit. The morning sun filters through the trees and mist, casting a warm glow over the orchard. The long shadows project the split rail fence lines across the lawn. The sky is bright blue and a leafy tree fills the right side of the frame.]
Today we celebrated the naturalization of 24 American citizens. 🇺🇸 This is Morristown NHP’s tenth year hosting this ceremony and we take pride in welcoming our newest citizens each year! 🔔Special thanks to our event sponsors: The Washington Association of New Jersey, Morristown DAR, and the US Department of Homeland Security and to our keynote speaker, Governor Thomas Kean. (Thanks to our Park event coordinator, Anne Degraaf) 🦅 #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #naturalizationceremony #citizenship #wanj #DAR #morristown ... . . . [Image Description: This post features images from our 2018 naturalization ceremony. The first picture is a close up of two newly naturalized citizens ringing their freedom bells in honor of Constitution Day. The second image features three participants citing the US National Anthem. The third images is the token flag the immigration office has gifted each participant. Image four is of Governor Thomas Kean and our Park Superintendent, Thomas Ross. In image five, a newly naturalized citizen stands proudly with his family. The sixth images features the program speakers and immigration and state officials. Image seven shows naturalized citizens, hands over hearts, reciting the US Pledge of Allegiance. The eighth image shows two smiling citizens, joyfully ringing their freedom bells. The final picture is of a family proudly displaying their naturalization documents!]
We wrapped up another great Teacher Ranger term. Just a day before her school year began, our TRT Kristen Trebbe hosted a teacher prototyping workshop for her fellow 4th grade teaching colleagues. Trebbe has been bringing her students to Jockey Hollow for a few years now and she was excited by the chance to work directly with Park educators to fine tune her field trip experience. 👧🏻🧒🏽 She and her Hillside Elementary colleagues developed their on-site program but also worked to enhance their pre and post visit curriculum to include more contextual history and preservation content. 📜🔍🇺🇸 We hope to continue our prototyping workshops as teacher planning opportunities. Teachers have used these sessions to plan visits to Jockey Hollow and our newly opened Discover History Center, at our Headquarters location. Interested teachers, contact our ed team! 🌳Thanks for all your creativity and energy, Kristen! #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #TRT #parkstewardship #parksasclassrooms #lessonprototyping #kidsinparks #jockeyhollow ... . . [Image Description: This post contains eight images from our recent teacher prototyping workshop. 1. The first picture features three teachers discussing lesson ideas. The visitor center replica hut is visible behind them. 2. The second image is a close up of a teacher’s mock up activity. She includes a diagram of how student groups will be arranged and an outline of the activity parameters. 3. In the next picture, a teacher demonstrates a visual literacy exercise, utilizing a painting in the visitor center. 4. The forth image features an historical deforestation activity. Teachers have used paper plates and modeling clay to demonstrate the concepts. 5. Image five shows lead teacher, Kristen Trebbe, leading an ice breaker near the replica hut. 6. The sixth image is of the group’s rapid ideation planning. This picture features our ‘sticky wall’ and post its categorized by pre/post and on-site activities. 7. Image seven is two teachers modeling a lesson. 8. The final photo is a close up of a ‘place-over-time’ activity, highlighting the differences between the historical land use and how the park is set up today.]
The pollinators are a-buzz at the Wick garden! Our sunflowers and echinacea are going strong this summer and we can’t help but notice how happy our bees seem! 🌻🐝🌸 Check out this great close up 📸 Ranger Eric Olsen took! #summerflowers #pollenators #bees #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #jockeyhollow #wickgarden ... . . . [Image Description: This picture features a yellow and black bumblebee resting atop a pink echinacea flower. The flower is centered in the frame and its purplish-pink petals drape downward. The fuzzy bee rests with its wings closed on the spiky, cone-shaped head.]
What’s that leaf walking up the wall? 🍃 Oh, it’s a #katydid or leaf bug! We get a lot of fun visitors on east side of the museum building. The chirping katydid is related to crickets and grasshoppers and has evolved to blend in with its surroundings. [ZOOM in for a closer look 👀]. They have wings and can fly when they sense danger. Happy (belated) #wildlifewednesday ! #microcentrumrhombifolium #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #funbugs #leafbug #buglife #camoflage ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a close up of an adult katydid or leaf bug. The insect is at the center of the frame and has attached itself to the white stucco wall on the side of the museum building. The six-legged katydid resembles a bright green rounded leaf, complete with markings that imitate veining. The insect is facing downward and the camera is focused so closely that you can see water droplets on its back.]
Did you know your shoes are vehicles for invasive passengers? 👣 #invasivespecies , like native plants 🌱 and organisms, follow us via the treads on our shoes 👟, our clothing👖, and even our cars 🚗 ! Check out this infographic for ways you can help limit the spread of invasives and protect the local ecology of your favorite parks and public lands! 🌲❤️ #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #invasivespecies #parkecology #hiking #naturelover #parkstewardship | 🔗 to learn more! ... . . . [Image Description: This post features an infographic about protecting parks from invasive species. The primary imagery is a hiking boot surrounded by tips. ‘Your boots carry more than you into Parks.’ What can you do to curb the spread of invasive species? 1. Learn about invasive species that live in your region 2. Brush off your pets if they have been romping in the parks 3. Wash your vehicle if you have been driving on unpaved roads or off road 4. Do not bring firewood from outside the immediate area 5. Throughly clean your camping gear after each visit 6. Volunteer at a park to help remove invasive species 7. Always clean your shoes or boots | Did you know? 70% of documented invasive species are invasive plants. Over 65,000 non-native species have been documented on park lands. Around 5% of park lands are dominated by invasive plants. | An invasive species is a non-native organism whose production causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm, or harm to human, animal, or plant health. | Invasive species are a complex challenge in the National Park Service, but the good news is that you can help prevent their impacts by making a few simple choices, whether in national parks or in your own backyard.]
ON THIS DAY | In a letter to her brother in law* just after her return to Mount Vernon from Morristown NJ, Martha Washington provides a unique personal glimpse into her visit to the Morristown encampment—especially regarding her concern over the emotional state of her husband during the “Hard Winter” of 1779-80 📜 | Martha Washington to Burwell Bassett Mount Vernon July the 18th 1780 Dear Sir When yours and my dear Fannys letters came to my hands - I was in expectation of leving Camp every week – I left the General about the Middle of June – the last I heard from him he was going up the North river – I got home Fryday and find myself so much fatique with my ride that I shall not be able to come down to see you this summer and must request you to bring Fanny up – as soon as you can – I suffered so much last winter by going late that I have determined to go early in the fall before the Frost set in - if Fanny does not come soon she will have but a short time to stay with me – we were sorry that we did not see you at the Camp - there was not much pleasure thar the distress of the army and other difficultys th’o I did not know the cause, the pore General was so unhappy that it distressed me exceedingly I shall hope to see you soon after the assembly rises, with Fanny – please to give my love to her and the Boys who I should be very glad to see with you – my compliments to Mrs Dangerfield Mr and Mrs Davis and all Friends – I am dr Sir your affectionate friend & hmble sert Martha Washington | . . . ✒️Letter from the Lloyd W. Smith Collection/Morristown National Historical Park | *Burwell Bassett was Martha Washington’s brother in law. His wife, Anna Maria (Nancy) Dandridge Bassett, Martha Washington’s sister, had died in December, 1777. #onthisday #morristown #marthawashington ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a close up of Martha Washington’s signature, taken from the July 18, 1780 letter transcribed above.]
Have you ever seen such a tiny toad? One of the great parts about working at an historical park situated in a forest is all the adorable wildlife we encounter. This little guy was carried to safety by law enforcement ranger, Jenn Raido, at our Jockey Hollow unit. While it’s not usually a good idea for patrons to handle park wildlife, our rangers know how to do it safely and with respect for the animal. Can anyone help us identify this species? 📸 Jenn Raido (coin for scale). #wildlifewednesday #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #tinytoad #jockeyhollow ... . . [Image Description: This post features a close up of a tiny brown toad, sitting on a US quarter for scale. The toad is centered in the frame and facing to the left. It is resting on the hood of a black vehicle and the reflection of the trees and sky above are visible. The toad appears to be approximately 3/4 inch wide and is sitting directly on the coin. The toad has a brownish-khaki body with orange-brown spots. Its eyes are open and it sits, poised to jump.]
Meet the Interns! The Cultural Resources Division is teeming with academics this summer. We’ve been lucky to recruit high caliber scholars to help with our programming. In order of picture: 1. Jariah Rainey is helping develop our Backpack Explorer program, an initiative for safe, fun, family hikes on our historic trails. 2. Sarah-Jane Matthews is going to be bringing a new gallery talk on the Society of the Cincinnati to the park. 3. Phoebe Duke-Mosier is working on our Cobb Family Papers and working on a gallery talk about religious sermons. 4. Bridgit Wolf is preparing a summer exhibit on voting rights as they changed with NJ legal history. Stay tuned! 5. Emily Surman is developing a gallery talk on Martha Washington and parlor politics. #meettheinterns #interns #morristownnhp #gallerytalks #studentexhibit #backpackexplorer #citizenscience #collections #primarysources #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #studentscholars ... . . . [Image Description: This post features an image of each of the interns: Jariah Rainey, Sarah-Jane Matthews, Phoebe Duke-Mosier, Brigit Wolf, and Emily Surman in that order.]
#wheresbuddybisonbeen ? 🌲 Can you guess by this image where our friend Buddy visited this week? Hint: it’s one of our park units. 📸 Jariah Rainey. #buddybison #morristownnhp #findyourpark #encuentratuparque ... . . . [Image Description: This post features a close up of Buddy Bison, our plush toy icon for kids in parks, sitting atop a cannon. Buddy is wearing a Morristown NHP junior ranger badge. The cannon is on a hill and in the distance you can see trees and the town of Morristown all the way to the horizon. The sky is blue and billowing, white clouds fill the opening between the trees.]
Wishing you a safe and happy 4th 🇺🇸💥! #morristownnhp #july4th #americanindependence #2nj #morristowngreen #generalwashington ... . . . [Image Description: Featured is our annual reading of the Declaration on the Morristown Green. This image shows Ranger Thomas Winslow portraying General George Washington, while the 2nd New Jersey reinactors stand at attention].
It was a hot one ☀️, but that didn’t stop us from prototyping some fun activities for our backpack explorer program 🎒. Intern Jariah Rainey and museum educator Sarah Minegar had the help of three young citizen scientists, Julie 👧🏻, Ruby 👧🏼, and Emma 👧🏻! Today we explored the Primrose trail and walked over 1,500 steps! We practiced trail safety, environmental stewardship, and got some exercise too! We learned to leave only footprints 👣 and take only memories 💭🌿. We even brought #buddybison along for the journey! These kid experts are helping us develop fun, family tools for the trails. 🔍🦋🌳🚶🏾‍♀️🐿#healthyparkshealthypeople #citizenscience #kidsontrails #familyhike #findyourpark #jockeyhollow #juniorranger #encuentratuparque #wheresbuddybisonbeen ... . . . [Image Description: This post features eight pictures from our kids’ hike. Image one shows Ruby, Emma, and Julie standing in the stream that runs along the trail. The girls are wearing backpacks and watching the water run over their shoes. Image two shows Julie holding up her forest scavenger hunt. She is using a marker to indicate what she has found on her picture list. Image three shows Jariah bravely crossing the stream over wet rocks. Image four is of Emma holding a green color sample and playing a game we call ‘color museum.’ She is trying to match her color sample to leaves in the forest. Image five shows Ruby examining a fleck of mica from the forest floor with a magnifying glass. Image six is of the crew hiking. Image seven shows the girls cooling off in the stream. They sit on a fallen log with their feet dangling into the water. Image eight shows the girls examining a pit that a fallen tree has left. The recent rain has filled the pit with muddy water and the girls touch the water with a long stick.]
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