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I created two collages for yesterday’s Sunday Times Style mag 🗞
This follows on from last month’s collage ‘Go with the flow’ 👉 Swipe to the end to see that piece
This collage is 2 years old but I’ve just created a second piece to accompany it 👉 Head over to @the.daily.splice ✂️
Collage disguise
An old favourite 🔪 ‘Fashion Victim’
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! There were about 25 really good answers so I opened it up to 3x runners-up who will get a set of small kiss-cut vinyl stickers each. 👇 The winner of the original signed collage (pictured in my last post) is @whatamilookingatt for the title: ‘Bearly Drinkable’ 👏 👇 Runners-up: @markperini for ‘Bear’ly edible’. @lexieosher for ‘2 bears one cup’. @monaghan_gary for ‘Tell the big hand to bear to the left’. 👇 Be sure to follow @the.daily.splice + @mr.splice for future giveaways
This original signed collage is up for grabs. Visit @the.daily.splice to enter the giveaway ✌️ ❌ EDIT: Comp is now closed!!
Process-shots for today’s collage 🛶 @the.daily.splice
Growth rings
Process-shots for my latest collage ‘Stoked’ 👉 @the.daily.splice
Packs a PUNCH 🌶
🎣 Fresh
If the eyes fit, wear them
Visit @the.daily.splice and enter the giveaway to win this tiny original splice ✨ EDIT: Giveaway has now closed ❌
Wedgie 😉
✂️ Here are all the process shots of the ‘Elixir of life’ collage. Swipe to the end for the final piece ✌️
Straight to the point
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