Mike Rosenthal

Director | Photographer Booking: Travel photography: @mistervagabond Snap: mrmikerosenthal

Decisions, decisions💭 @ Liquors Hasegawa. More from #Tokyo on my travel page @mistervagabond
Named “Piss Alley”, it’s actually a collection of incredible and incredibly tiny restaurants and bars, all with the feeing you’ve gone back in time - it’s one of the most unique places in #Tokyo !
Grandfather’s Bar, Tokyo - the owner stands proudly in front of his personal album collection, and while his staff tends to the bar, he plays his favorite tracks hanging the “currently playing” on the wall. #tokyo
Reflections 〰️ ft. @alexpettyfer
Under The Tuscan Sun ☀️
Heatwave x 4.
Love @jennadewan and love how this turned out 😍 New cover story for @elleaus - thank you to everyone involved! 📸 #mikerosenthal Hair @jenatkinhair Makeup @dendoll Styling @rachelwayman Nails @_michellesaunders #jennadewan #elleaustralia
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