This is God given @thealexandrafirm Eric Stern • Wilhemina models

If there is room to imagine, there is room to become ✨
you have a choice; to evolve or to remain..
bound for a certain destination
Something about a strong woman that changes everything thing.. #internationalwomensday
more or less..
Back 2 business #monday
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Heroes can save the world. Villians can change it 🦋
@oscar_odstudio definitely gave me a blast of cardio + core this morning ☀️ Feeling amazing now that it’s over 🤣
How I feel when its over 45 degrees in New York 🙉☀️❄️ #butitwassnowingyesterday #february #nyc #globalwarmingornah
Some times things happen for no reason at all..
tell you about it later 🔮 @soleil_magazine
January issue @soleil_magazine
Wish I was here finishing this workout with @elphibolombo instead of New York in a snow storm ☹️ #badgirlsbihhh
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