Jasmine JUSH Masters

Rupaul Drag Race Season 7 Twitter @jasmasters76 First Sunday Movie ( Mordecai)w/Ice Cube YouTube videos: Jasmine Masters I have something to say

May 25Friday, May 25th at 10:30pm @DynastyTypewriter at The Hayworth Tickets are available here: Tickets are $20, general admission. Any age can attend! There is valet right out front and there is a parking garage right up the block behind the theatre.  They're both $8 cash only.  @TyeBlue1 @dynastytypewriter @MsJasmineMasters @PandoraBoxx @BorgiaBloom @vancievegan
Tonight jush S4 10pm
I'm in Dallas
Wait she's kicking everybody asses. What happened
Well she dont no her words.
Omg Talk about a throwback!!! couldn’t even say how many years ago this gem was taken-maybe 16 or more- me, @deltawork @jewelslongbeach and @msjasminemasters !!!
Lol omg
Aww this is cute and wishful thinking. I luv my jushies for believing in me.
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