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Happy Birthday Chris! Eyes have not seen!!! @mr.udomi Stay amazing Bauchi Boy...The world is waiting.
Beautiful Anita! @anitaaiyudu Happy Married Life Mami! May you and Ife always know LOVE and JOY and PEACE and FAVOUR. #meetthecroods19
Christian are a city set upon a hill, and you shall not be hidden. A year and a couple weeks ago, i met this young man in Bauchi state. It was his very first time on a film set and he was drafted into the Art Department. Watching Chris work, i knew i would have him on everything I worked on. It was purely selfish tbh, because I've learned that if you lead a team, the best way to look like you know the work is staffing a great and capable team. He will forever be Bauchi boy to me, because asides the beauty of that state, and the growing Up North did for me, Chris is our greatest testimony. A year later, Chris is still a great guy and has found a home in the Art Department and what a super amazing fit it has been. God keep you and continue to grow you Bauchi Boy!
Best Girl....Happy birthday!!! @blessingjessicaobasi You've had a phenomenal year so far...and the rest of it will be even more amazing. I pray for growth, favour and joy over your life. God bless you loads mami....😘😘😘😘
Mastery only develops with constant and consistent PRACTICE. You cannot theoritize your way into becoming a master at anything. You only become a master by doing the thing repeatedly. Perfection will come with PRACTICE. And yes the first few times you do something, it probably won't be any good, but if you continue to learn and improve with every iteration, you will get better. Prolific thrumps Perfect.
Words to LIVE by...
Up Next! Via @inkblotpresents - When we promised you 3 films this year, we meant it and we are not about to fall back on our promise. We are happy to announce our collaboration with @omonioboli and @dionivisions on this new project titled “Love Is War” This is indeed something different and we can’t wait for you to see the magic we are about to create. The question is, is this our 10th film? Maybe, maybe not. You are just going to have to sit tight and follow the conversation using the hashtag #inkblot10 . Love is war was written by @nazonuzo Directed by @omonioboli and produced by @inkblotpresents and @dionivisions. Spread the word!! #loveiswar #inkblotpresents - #regrann
Like fine wine...aging gracefully. The classiest of them all. Happy 52nd Aunty Ireti @iretidoyle God bless and keep you. Love and Light!
Hey there! Are you interested in being on a movie set? Or are you looking to make some extra cash? This opportunity may be perfect for you! We have openings for 100 background actors on our upcoming movie project starting this Friday (May 3rd). You just have to be available to be on set for 10full days between May 3rd to May 22nd. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to stating your interests and we will get back to you with more details.
Happy Birthday Adult! @jemimaosunde May you always be a bright and shinning light. May favour and grace never depart from you. May your heart desires always come to fruition. Love and Light Jemima!
Happy Birthday Dear Okey! @okeyuzoeshi Super duper talented actor and amazing friend. I pray for Grace, Favour and Joy for you today and always.
Just felt the need to celebrate my Peter @blossomchukwujekwu .....the Rock on which my house @agency106 was built. When Jade said she needed him to add weight for a role, i thought small weight...then I saw a Fat Blossom, pot belly and all, walking and standing like a man who had carried the extra KGs all his life, it blew me away. Your committment and dedication to this craft is as fresh as when I saw you at Afriff 2013 in Calabar, and knew immediately that our fates were intertwined. Chukwudi Echezona Chukwujekwu...Blossom, it's a pleasure to journey with you in Nollywood and life! #MeetEric #BlossomChukwujekwu #Actor #NollywoodRising
Inkblot Productions is looking for you. Reposted from @inkblotpresents - The opportunity to star in our 10th film still awaits you. Make a video of you recreating a scene from any film by Inkblot Productions. Upload your video on Instagram. Follow and tag @inkblotpresents and use the hashtag #inkblot10 . Entry closes on the 28th of April. Tag your friends. #inkblotpresents - #regrann
EXPO! See previous post. Via @inkblotpresents - Hey guys, so here’s a compilation of 9 Inkblot films to help you get creative with your videos. Don’t forget to follow and tag @inkblotpresents in your videos and also use the hashtag #inkblot10 . Don’t forget to also be entertaining. All the best! #inkblotpresents
Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. So here is some good old fashioned opportunity for aspiring actors! Via @inkblotpresents - Do you want to star in our 10th film? We are ready to grant you that opportunity. It’s simple! All you have to do is create and upload a video of you recreating a scene from any Inkblot Productions film. Upload your video on Instagram, follow and also tag @inkblotpresents and don’t forget to use the hashtag #Inkblot10 . The final 10 will be selected and reposted. The three videos with the highest number of likes on Inkblot’s Instagram page wins. Note: You have to be in Lagos as the production will take place in the state. It is also not open to existing actors. So, get creative and entertaining. For ideas, please check out next post. #inkblotpresents - #regrann
I've known Nike for a few years now ..and one thing has remained constant....she shows up. I pray that this smile on your face shall be constant. You'll know joy and love and favour. Kings and Queens and Helpers will show up for you. Everything you touch will prosper and the desires of your heart will manifest. God bless and keep you today, tomorrow and always. @nikefagbule Happy 18th Birthday. You are loved and deeply cherished.
Conscious Living. Over the past couple of years, I've become extremely deliberate about what i feed my mind, because it all starts from there. A few days ago, someone shared an article, it was such a delicious read and so i stayed on the site.... Goto You're welcome.
She is a force of nature. Constantly shattering glass ceilings and conquering new territories. Giving us all the audacity to dream the impossible. Congratulations Ma'am @moabudu on receiving a Medailles D' Honneur #MIPTV2019 #Cannes
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