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Hey LA family! I’m coming into town tomorrow and will be laughing my face off with my Queen @theredheadheidi Let me know if you want to join! I have at least 5 tickets- shoot me a message if you want to link up! Love y’all 💋
💛🧡💚 🚑🚒 #wcw @karebearacares @annieilonzeh
We’re back on TONIGHT!!! This is easily one of the most epic episodes of television I’ve ever been a part of and I could not be prouder. This crew, this cast, our production team.... it’s a miracle that so many masterful people are working on the same set and I’m amazed to be included! 🙌🏾😆 Do not miss us tonight!!! @joeminoso stars and will take your breath away. SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT!! @nbcchicagofire #chicagofire
“Please Dare to Disturb” 💚🖤 Love these Queens @yayadacosta @annieilonzeh @karebearacares Thanks again for bringing us together Papa @dickwolf
WE OUT HERE. Sincerely, your favorite green lipped alien. 💋🐲👽
#heroes Can we all agree that strong, brilliant, forward thinking women make the world go round?! It’s hard to express how fortunate I feel having had the opportunity to collaborate with these Goddesses. For the past week (and every day with @karebearacares and @annieilonzeh ) they’ve shown me how to be stronger, more brilliant and forward thinking every time I step on set and for that I am forever grateful. I love y’all Cheers to the powerful women who continue to inspire us all 💋 Xoxo
BIRTHDAY ALERT!! It is my godfather @lestercrawford ‘s birthday today, so please leave a comment giving some love to one of the most talented, loving, generous men I know. I’m proud to be yours, poppy. Happy birthday ❤️
The solution to everything, Ms. Tuesday, the PERFECT dog. 😍 (Next to Shanti of course)
I love you and your Spanish. #chicagofire Come tweet with us!
✨AN EVENT IS HAPPENING TOMORROW! ✨ Link in bio to sign up This is my Aunt Netta. (@janette_freeman ) Aka Dr. Janette Freeman, author, speaker, Goddess with over 20 years experience as a consciousness transformation and global meditation teacher. I would not be who I am or have experienced many of the incredible things I’ve been fortunate enough to experience if it weren’t for her influence on my life. She is teaching a workshop tomorrow on the principles and tools that have shown me how to create a spiritual foundation which has been the backbone of any and all success I’ve experienced this lifetime. (Relationship, career, familial, ALL THE SUCCESSES) Plus, she’s letting me help facilitate! 😆 If any of this appeals to you I strongly encourage you to take 2 hours out of your afternoon tomorrow and come hang out with me and Aunt Netta. Our time together could very well be a catalyst for monumental transformation in the way you create your life. 12:30-2:30pm @bodhichicago 1012 N. Noble Childcare is available!
Trying so hard not to break down in this picture 😂 I failed. I can’t believe it’s done. We did that, Chicago💪🏾 Thank you @mr.patton for putting this whole thing in motion and the whole Nike family for supporting me in my crazy dream to run an entire marathon without stopping. #missioncomplete Thank you so much to everyone who came out to show love, that was so insanely special. Especially my family that flew in from Cali!❤️ Thank you coaches, thank you Abrams family, and a MAJOR Congrats to all the runners today. Y’all are insane and I’m proud to be in your club. We #justdidthat @ashp527 @zesodee @kristinnava
#HERO Go on and inspire this first time marathoner Marjorie!!😩 #Repost @nikechicago ・・・ Dreams don’t have an expiration date. #justdoit
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