Tanya Chilova

Made it to the top of the Giant this year! (1401m) So thankful for my #immigrantfam and the good weather we had.
Thanksgiving in the Adirondacks
I'm considering a half-marathon #inktober this year. (A half marathon is a drawing every *other* day, since I've never done it before, and I like to take my time). Also considering an Insta that's just for my art. Suggestions? Maybe someone wants to be marathon buddies? Here's a piece from this Saturday.
The no-nonsense girl with the silver tongue and wits to match 😙😙😙 happy birthday @marcelaslinin , keep on being #weird
#yellow #ink dangerous choice of workwear today
Practicing some #brushcalligraphy in preparation for a #crafts course I'm teaching. Sometimes my job aint so bad.
Dream catcher for a snake slitherer.
#catchandrelease at camp today
#BrucePeninsula with my #immigrantfam for the long weekend
Happy Birthday to one of the most rad people I know. This girl is equal parts misanthropy, fashion sense, common sense, smarty pants, and of the oldest and closest friends, lucky to know @nancysitupaterson !
What I do when these damn stairs and inclines get the best of me #idlehands #nonotsellingthanksforasking / что делать когда устала гулять
Thank you @magnolija_three for a lovely last weekend in Lisboa! (Not pictured: the most delicious shrimps and coconut rice she made for us tonight).
Photo #2 is particularly close to my heart.
Did I find Lisbon’s #chinatown ?
So this happened today // Как завершилось путешествие в #cascais . #счастьесть
So apparently Lisbon was completely destroyed by a 1755 earthquake, which happened during mass on All Saints Day. The subsequent fire was a direct result of so many candles burning in all the churches, and it made a lot of people much less religious!
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