مدثر راجپوت

5'6" But u can still look up to me Energetic Host🎤 WhatsApp:0304-7298854📲 My day17Dec🎂 Hajverians🕺 Ex Nishatians🎓 Ex Punjabians🎓 Pakistani🇵🇰

کچھ تو ہوا بھی سرد تھی کچھ تھا تیرا خیال بھی
Blessed day❤️
Confidence is the best outfit but wear it with the smile on ur face😊👊
I'm a Sagittarius. I have different mood swings🔥
Happy Birthday Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah! ❤️ 1876 to Forever
بچپن میں میں نہیں کھیل سکا اب کھیلو گا..!!!
#144kids #144dreams #144families #144leaders All gone within an hour 144 Futures were erased Won't forget Won't forgive Never Forget The Martyard of APS peshawar school attacK
خود غرض! انا پرست! جفا پسند _ بد اخلاق ! فتنہ گر ، گستاخ ہوں میں...!!
never reveal your next move !
#czns cuties📷
Best in town Shah je ka Mirchu wala Piece ❤️ . Tikky mesali wali roti or chest👌👌😋 . . #oldmultan #androonmultan #shahjee #mirchiwala
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