'٣ Psycho I do things Heavydirtysoul

يمكن كل ده كان حلم وهصحي زي مانا
اتأخرنا بس بنسبق
You got that bad, bad love And I just can't get enough🔥✨
أوتوبيس الجدعنة اتقلب عشان السواق مكانش سالك
Last moments before turning into a party animal 🔥 #etisalatbattleofthebands
Ba7ebak yabo 3areeda 😂💗
Did you know i'm utterly insane?
We lost ourselves but we find it all
Where is my mind Way out in the water See it swimmin'
You can't sit with us 🔥✨
Birthday selfie..
I was me but now..he's gone
Nothing last forever and we both know hearts can change
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