Mujtaba Humayon

Stars🌟never die,they just fade away😎 4 june is my day🎂🎈 My life😍my style😜my rules😉 Chakwalians Perfectly imperfect😂 To be a Doctor😘 PTI👍 ⚽ 🎧 👕👟 (Muji)

Royal college of sciences Chakwal. 😍
Eating zinger 🍔🍟🍗
Eating pizza 🍴🍕
My life 😋My style 😜my rules😉 Perfectly imperfect 😂😂
Ab Sirf Imran Khan Balay pe Nishan 😍 PTI
Eating dinner 🍴🍲
CR7 & VK18 😍
Eating dinner🍴🍲🍢
#Eid 2nd day😍
#Eid first day😍
To 🐝., or not to🐝:that is the question...To take💪against a 🌊 of trouble, and by opposing, end them?to 💀,to😴.
Friends forever😍😍
👉Life is not perfect bur your hair can be👈.😜😍
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