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Gray skies getting you down? Let Kenton Library brighten your day! #sunshine #books #cheer #rainydays #portlandweather #makingitbetter
For those interested in volunteering their time and expertise at the library, Volunteer Coordinator Liza Dyer works diligently as a “matchmaker,” pairing people with the volunteer position and library location that best aligns with their interests and skills. In her role, Liza supports the library’s 2000 annual volunteers, along with more than 100 library staff across Multnomah County who work directly with volunteers. With her colleagues, Liza interviews incoming volunteers to learn about what they like to do, their work styles, and their goals for volunteering. She works hard to ensure that each volunteer is matched with a role that will be meaningful for them. “We want to make sure the experience is amazing for both our staff and volunteers. When we have everyone working together towards our shared goals it makes us a stronger library system.” Library volunteers help with everything from shelving books and fulfilling holds to teaching computer literacy classes and delivering books to homebound patrons. As library services evolve, so does volunteer services. “We all are in this together. Whether it’s a staff person who is in every day and getting paid or a volunteer coming in two hours once per week, we’re extending the impact for the greater community,” Liza adds. #volunteering #matchmaker #inthistogether #community
A new bulletin board display at Fairview-Columbia Library celebrates Valentine’s Day and Black History Month — both right around the corner! #valentine #love #blackhistorymonth
Using the book Fizz Boom Bath! by Isabel & Caroline Bercaw and our vacuum form mold, teens in the Rockwood makerspace made custom bath bombs. #bathbombs #makerspace #fizzboombath
Join us for Everybody Reads 2019 featuring the work of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (@chimamanda_adichie ). Extra copies of Americanah are now available at all neighborhood libraries, and e-books are downloadable from the library catalog. We also have unlimited copies of Americanah in downloadable audiobook format! Discussions and events are underway: Everybody Reads 2019 is made possible in part by gifts to The Library Foundation with author appearance made possible by @literaryarts. #communityreading #americanah #chimamandangoziadichie
"One of my favorite tasks is creating new library cards," says Bilingual Library Assistant Rudy, who works at Troutdale Library. "Look at those illuminating smiles. This is one of the things that makes working at the library so fulfilling!" #firstlibrarycard #karate #family #happyday
From a Woodstock Library patron who took a class called Setting Intentions: Page-by-Page Art Journaling: “I love Portland libraries. I just moved back to Portland after living here in the early 70s to 1989. This class helped to inspire me to get out into the community, do more art and writing! Thank you!" #artjournaling #librarylove #newyear
Northwest Library Assistant Jason read the book Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington at preschool storytime recently. “In the middle of reading it,” he says, “I realized a) some kids didn't know what a cookie cutter is and b) I had some from a previous program. So I stopped reading, grabbed the cookie cutters and showed them to the kids. When we finished the book, they asked if we could make real cookies? I had to tell them we didn't have an oven, but we could trace and decorate cookies on paper!" #cookiecutters #cookieart #storytimefun
Winter fun at Manualidades / Family Craft Hour ⛄️✂️❄️🖍 #artsandcrafts #winter #snowman #family #manualidades
This Hillsdale Library patron made a vision board for 2019 at the New Year Gratitude Memory Jar workshop yesterday. #2019 #newyear #visionboard
Here comes 2019! Just a reminder that all libraries will close at 6 pm on New Year's Eve and be closed on New Year's Day. Have a happy New Year! #ringinthenewyear #2019
A reminder that all libraries will be closed on December 24 & 25 for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. We wish you #peace and #joy this season.
Rockwood Library patrons create soap of different shapes, colors, and fragrances as a gift for friends and family. #soapmaking #homemade #handmadegifts #librarymade
It's so great when someone gets a new library card and it makes their day. #congratulations #welcome #whatagreatday
Using plants commonly found in northwest backyards as the base, these Holgate Library patrons created some beautiful #tableflowerarrangements for the season. Presented in Vietnamese by @fleurcopine. #floralcrafts #librarycrafts #bouquets
A #danceparty broke out after #familyplaytime
Photo 1: When Grey brought his creation from Lego Club to Kenton Youth Librarian Bobbye, he whispered sadly, "I don't like this," followed by the exuberant exclamation, "I LOVE it!" According to Grey, this is his best creation yet! Photo 2: Levi made "Lego Man" on his birthday at Lego Club. Thanks for spending your birthday at Kenton Library, Levi! #legosofinstagram
As the "person in charge" (PIC) coordinator at Central Library, Stephanie White works to achieve a delicate balance. "Every day, our goal is to ensure access," she says. "But ‘welcome’ looks different to every population, so I work closely with our patrons to see how the library can be welcoming for everyone." To help achieve this goal, Stephanie aligns the work of 17 Central Library PIC staff members with the individual needs and circumstances of the nearly 13,000 people who visit the historic downtown building every week. All libraries have a person in charge on duty during every open hour. Those staff members interpret and apply library rules, address building maintenance needs, respond to medical emergencies and make numerous other decisions to keep the library safe and welcoming. Stephanie also serves as a scheduler, an advisor, a problem solver and one of the primary trainers for the library’s safety and security program. Stephanie joined the library in 2016 after an 18-year career at Powell’s City of Books. As a manager there, she had similar duties, but she points to a fundamental difference regarding the library’s end goal: access. In Stephanie’s role, she sees opportunity to help people whose situations compromise their ability to be prosocial. "While I considered myself compassionate and empathetic, I just didn’t have the tools to understand the minute-to-minute struggles people experiencing homelessness encounter every day,” Stephanie says. “If I had to think constantly about where I was going to use a bathroom, charge my phone, get something to eat, or avoid people stealing my things or assaulting me, I don’t know how long my own prosocial skills would last." Read a longer version of this post under "blogs" on our website.
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