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It's #InternationalYogaDay ! Check out this #FlexibilityChallenge video made by @kingsoulboy and join the challenge, show us how flexible you are! . #musicallyIndia
It's #WorldMusicDay ! Check out this video made by DJ @candiceredding , and follow her on! . #musicallyindia
White pants, white shoes...Will you do this for your friend? Check out this #FriendshipGoals video made by @mdalimirajkar and @anamdarbar97 ! Full of love! And don't forget to share with us your #friendshipship story by shooting! . #musicallyindia
Here‘s @vrushyy recreating the classic scene of #Friends ! Do you like her performance? Go follow her on and show her your loveeeeeeee💕💕💕 . #musicallyindia
Here‘s how @yashikakothari celebrated #fathersday ... with #SpinningTransition ! Invite your family to join this fun challenge as well! . #musicallyindia
This #PrankInPublic video made by @c_p_sharma_up57 is epic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Show your level prank ideas on, chances to be shoutouted by us! . #musicallyindia
The one and only @ipoonampandey is now on! Want to see more of her videos? Follow her on and show her your loveeeeeee!😍😍😍 . #musicallyindia
Congrats to @mrunu for reaching 1M fans on! Who would be the next? Shoutout that name in the comment! . #musicallyindia
C'mon c'mon… turn the radio on and join #BellyDanceIndia like did! . #musicallyindia
How did @dr.lony_videomaker defy gravity? Check out this #FakeWallClimb video, watch it til the end and you'll besurprised, too! Give it a try yourself and have fun! . #musicallyindia
You can’t always fool your pets, but @kankadas aced it!! Have you tired the #MagicFakeOut challenge yet? . #musicallyIndia
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