Ae cc 2018 β€” #ethonicgrp

β€” thiccita dragun my audio | cc mine @kevinsliars @versadox @versadoll [#ethonicgrp #omgpage ] PLEASE TAG @nikita_dragun MUAH
β€” Did someone Call for the best rookie kpop group? Ac Excallin (sc) | cc mine for @loonauwu @loonagrls @loonafied @loonathesky @loonamemes @loonafocus @loonaorbits @loonadoll [#ethonicgrp #omgkpop ]
- XMAS GIVEAWAY πŸ’— - Merry Christmas everyone!! Here’s a lil giveaway of my colourings and presets. These presets are blurmocurves, so you have to turn on reflect. You may also need to adjust the preset to fit your clips :) - No rules but I would appreciate if you shared this to your story and tagged a few editors πŸ’œ - Don’t forget to credit me for my colourings and dt me if you use my presets, I would love to see your edits!! - Link: !vSIDWIgT!_k8dES9ed9nUhQcsA5Mo_Q
β€” Merry Xmas πŸŽ„β„οΈπŸ’— surprise I’m your secret santa!! Hope you have an amazing xmas ILY πŸ₯° for @escteria My audio | my colouring [#ethonicgrp #ethonicsecretsanta #omgpage ]
β€” the biggest dork πŸ₯°πŸ™ƒ my audio/cc | rm mysmarvel for @screamingpetrova @krypton.mp4 @multixdanvers @notanotherfandomacc @sxpersara @mysmarvel [#ethonicgrp , #omgpage ]
β€” that was so powerful 😒 ac piratewolf (ed) | cc mine for @sxpersara @screamingpetrova @luthor.edits @luthorly @notanotherfandomacc @emiliasbastard [#ethonicgrp #omgpage ]
β€” you’re all I need πŸ˜• my audio | cc voidgold | rm evilherself for @evilherself (josh) @devilishpetrova @bonenstial @screamingpetrova [#ethonicgrp , #omgtvd ] Ignore the ugly glitch at the end πŸ’€
β€” I can be her meal πŸ€ͺπŸ₯΅ ac yaboicomics | cc voidgold dts tagged + @screamingpetrova [#ethonicgrp , #omgpage ] Insta really killed the quality, I’m sorry
β€” me vs loving a demon πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ€ͺπŸ₯΅ ac erikasediting | cc pvtsch for @lying.vervain @reyesradio @xatlok @belxrke @pupil_art Sorry for the shitty quality [#ethonicgrp #omgpage ]
β€” MORGANA PENDRAGON πŸ–€ ac evilherself | cc voidgold for @angelicorigin @ililusion @fxrmality [REPOST] #ethonicgrp
β€” β€œYou guys are more important” ac ephemeral | cc voidgold dt tagged <3 [#ethonicgrp #beacongp #omgpage ]
UWU πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’– β€” she was soft when she wasn’t being a total Bitch ac ephemeral (edited) | cc voidgold for @h2omakolove @jaimeysedits @crystalmaiid @delirioustrash @wistfuldale @magixoceans @mermaiid.magic @makodiaries [#ethonicgrp #beacongp #omgpage ] ⚠️PLEASE TAG @brittabyrnes ⚠️
β€” β€œIs this bitch for real!?!” ac emiliasbastard | cc pvtsch for @suggs_tbh @httpsugg @inefaxble @multi__love @traceysugg @pewdiezugg @lisacaird18 [#beacongp #ethonicgrp #omgpage ]
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