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Traveller­čî┤ Animal-lover. Got a little compass from my ex colleagues to always find the way back. #my_little_compass . I use this camera (affiliate):

That's still the Railay Beach area. Definitely one of the places that impressed me the most in Thailand. Even if you don't spend a holiday there, you will be able to see it from the boat when you take the ferry from Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi. Railay Railaybeachthailand RailayBay RailayBeach Krabi Thailand cliffs cliff Beautifuldestinations passionpassport ilivewhereuvacation
This photo was also taken in the Railay Beach area in Thailand. It's such a beautiful place. I had my first try with Lightroom today. Any tipps and tricks are appreciated.
#Pilehlagoon belongs to #Kohphiphileh and is very close to "#TheBeach " #MayaBay . A lot of tours stop here to do some snorkeling or kayaking. Something very strange happened to my last Instagram picture. For some reason it disappeared after a little bit less than 24 hours and didn't reappear until now. Did someone of you experience something similar? This never happened to me before #KohPhiPhi #KohPhiPhiislands #Thailand #longtailboat #longtailboats #beach #natgeo #lonelyplanet #travel #travelgram #wanderust #followme #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #bestoftheday #picoftheday #asia #asien #ilivewhereuvacation #sea #ocean #water
Seas the day! That's a #longtail boat on #KohPhiPhiDon , the inhabited island of the #KohPhiPhi islands. #longtailboat #my_little_compass
"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you" - Walt Whitman #Kohsamui #kosamui #my_little_compass
Some of the beaches on #KohPhangan in Thailand are really nice for sunbathing but not for swimming because there's too little water. #my_little_compass
Empty #HaadThanSadet beach. A great contrast to the crowded beaches on the other side of #KohPhangan . #my_little_compass
I read an article on a blog yesterday about the positive and negative effects of #travelinfluencers . About how they lead to inequality when recommending a luxury villa over a small local guesthouse, about how unknown beautiful beaches are destroyed when influencers drive traffic to them, but also how beautiful landscapes can be saved from industrial usage if they become touristattractions. I never really thought about the power of travel influencers. What do you all think about it? #my_little_compass
Incredible #bridge at Haad #ThanSadet #beach on #KohPhangan in Thailand! The bungalows on the other side seemed uninhabited and broken. #my_little_compass
Life's like a swing: You can only move upwards if you have been down before. #my_little_compass
Palmtrees are the best! Tag someone with whom you want to lie under a palm tree on the beach. #my_little_compass
If this boat could take you anywhere in the world, where would you go? #my_little_compass
Such a beautiful beach in Koh Phangan and hardly anybody there. It's incredible that people just stay crowded on the same few beaches while there are other ones that are almost empty and not less beautiful. #my_little_compass
I thought I'm gonna switch to my Asia pics again since there are still so many that I want to show you. This was the Subway-cat in Georgetown/Penang (Malaysia). She was extremely slim and half her tail was missing. She spent her days on the terrace of the local Subway, so at least she had some shade, but the heat was still extreme. She obviously only chose to stay there since around 2 weeks before I arrived and the staff of the Subway assured me that they give some leftovers to her in the evenings. So I hope she is better now. I really liked that nobody was ever chasing her away.  So if you're heading to Georgetown soon, think about giving her a bit of food. #my_little_compass
This lake is in walking distance of my hometown. There are two swans staying there. One of them is very shy and always stays at the back of the lake, but this swan is brave and doesn't care about humans taking photos. #my_little_compass
The #watercastle "HauszumHaus" in Ratingen is absolutely worth a visit. There is a restaurant inside as well as some offices. #my_little_compass
The balloons were a lovely spot of colour between the buildings of D├╝sseldorf. #my_little_compass
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